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Good morning! 😊 How are you? 😀 Here is an older photo with darlinggirlcosmetics makeup pigments and guangorenabrand jewelry. 😊 Corset dress: burleska_corsets I hope I can do some new content today 🤔 Ill see! ^^ Yesterday I was at my parents,👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 trying to make my Twitter more usable plus trying to edit a makeup explanation video📷 Since I cant do a proper makeup video, it needs a lot of editing, if I want to even try and make a point. 😅😔 Tags: goth gothic gothgoth instagoth gothstagram gothsofinstagram gothicstyleandmusic ravenvonstrange promoter influencer guangorena guangorenabrand darlinggirlcosmetics dgcosmetics makeuplook makeupbyme choker gothicchoker makeuppromoter gothicjewelry gothicjewellery gothjewelry gothjewellery ombrehair redhair alternative gothicfashion

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Y’all Melanie’s story about the album makes me so upset she had to post that. When I read the comments on her post and saw all the shit she got from people yet alone FAN PAGES for releasing the album at the end of summer, it made me sick. Y’all should know better. This is her life, her project, her work, and her tour. Why do people feel entitled to tell her when to release things, or to hurry up. Enjoy creators art all you want, but don’t you dare act like they fucking owe you something. Thank you to everyone who was supportive in her comments as well, she needs our kind words. 💘 • • • • • • • • • melaniemartinez crybaby dollhouse sippycup carousel alphabetboy soap trainingwheels pityparty tagyoureit milkandcookies pacifyher mrspotatohead madhatter playdate teddybear cake melanierares melmartinezx3 melaniemartinezisnotoverparty sfs perfumemilk mm2 fanaccount alternative littlebodybigheart yungelita herecomescottontail riowarner

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Lynchland - A Foggy Day (In London Town) A David Bowie Tribute 1 Today’s Bombshell (Bombshell Radio) Bombshell Radio Lynchland – David Lynch Archivist 8am-9am EST 2pm-3pm CEST 1pm-2pm BST davidlynch , lynchian, lynchland, bombshellradio, alternative, experimental, Classics, Jazz, Soundtrack DavidBowie Tribute Our first tribute to the great David Bowie, whose last persona is now that of a legend. For such an essential artist ó digging into his work is like opening an endless encyclopedia ó, this homage could have gone many different ways. This page being dedicated to David Lynch's universe, we chose to focus on his involvement in the movie world. Our mix thus features 20 tracks related to Bowie's cinema career, be it as an actor or as a singer. This mix includes "Revolutionary Song", a rare song from "Just a Gigolo" co-written and sung by Bowie, ripped right from the vinyl so you could listen to it; "When the Wind Blows", that he co-wrote and performed for the movie of the same name; an impressive remix of "I'm Deranged" by JCRZ; and one of the tracks David Julyan composed for Christopher Nolan's "The Prestige", "Angier Meets Tesla", not featured on the official soundtrack.

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Take a deep breath and let Grace VanderWaal enchant you with her unique musical talent.

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🖤wish y’all a balanced and wonderful upcoming week😚 Swipe to see all angles of the Yin Yang ~ swirly ~ bracelet with two letters that I made for Rita last week ☯️ Thank you! Volarink

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I will follow you into the dark just having a very lazy day. trying to concentrate on my studies. it would be great