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2 hours ago

Yuja Wang ❤️plays Schumann’s “The Smuggler” 🎶 - - - message us for a paid shout out on our channels👇🏻 classicalpianocovers qualitymusiccovers chopinpiano beethovenclassics - - - - - - - DoubleTap & Tag a Friend Below⤵ 💋 😍 💟 🙏 Plz Follow us - PianoLover_ * Tag your love 😘 * ✅ Turn Post Notification on 📣 ✅ Follow, like and comment ✏ ✅ Tag your friends 👥 * 🎥🎞 classicalpianocovers pianolove pianoplaying pianomusic pianosolo pianoteacher pianolessons amazingmusicians pianopractice pianokeys pianotime talentedmusicians

3 hours ago

System Of A Down - Prison Song Full video link in my BIO! Here's one that I like to jam. I teat the track as a metronome and just wail along with it. Let me know what you think! 😊

4 hours ago

Ladies & gentlemen, introducing the amazing Michael Tanenbaum - you may have heard some of his mesmerizing compositions in films such as the local food movement film "Ingredients Hawaii" (2012), the giant wave surf film "Finding Aloha 2" (2010) and the documentary "Hawaii: Long Story Short" (2009) which explores Hawaii's geological emergence from the ocean floor. ✨🌏🎸🌱🤙🏽🌊🌈🎶 • • • goodvibesonly guitar highonguitar amazingmusicians slackkeyguitar guitarists guitaristsofinstagram originalmusic brilliantmusicians theperfectwave

4 hours ago

📽 syydanooldarina • • • • • Уйгум читти из репертуара Юнико Ондар yunikondar Эту песню услышала и сразу влюбилась😍♥ теперь у меня на повторе 🤗 dailymusicians guitarist talentedmusicians talentedmusician guitaristsofinstagram violinists violinistsofinstagram pianistsofinstagram pickupjazz amazingmusicians musiciansofinstagram bassplayer singersofinstagram drummer drums drummersofinstagram тывакавер guitarcover guitar acoustic acapella cover coversong myvoice music musically

4 hours ago

Sometimes it’s theaters, next day it’s a dive bar, and others it’s performing well within the conifer line at fabulous ski resorts. That was a particularly fun weekend of shows, thanks to jessicamalonemusic for inviting me to join her for a few dates last winter tour.

6 hours ago

It’s late but idc

7 hours ago

“War is coming. Soldiers marching. God is falling. Your politics will never corrupt me”. Sng: Dictator - scarsonbroadway Drctn: vickitowria

8 hours ago

Sorry I didn’t post last week. Now I’m back to work💪🏻🎻

9 hours ago

It’s rare that I post full outfit looks but I was servin up some hot Sunday sass with this ootd biiiiiiiiiiitch 💁‍♀️🔥⚡️

9 hours ago

Tomorrow✨🙌🏼catch me at the Bathurst Street fest! I’ll be performing a 30 min set at 5:00PM at the Just for Stage, located on Bathurst between Delhi Avenue & Southgate Avenue, closest to Southgate Avenue. Hope to see you guys there 🥰♥️

10 hours ago

Created this new beat today feat. the London Bear & an empty cup of water 🐻🥤

10 hours ago

Chillin wbu? 🎸 Backing track by ytjamtracks 🤘🏻

10 hours ago

“For I can’t help falling in love with you” 🌠 THANKS TO THAT WHAMMY BAR, THE WHOLE THING SOUNDS ATONAL🐷

10 hours ago

Most Sunday evenings I'm coming live on Instagram, taking requests; tonight Yesterday by The Beatles was requested so I played it!

10 hours ago

I Should Tell You- RENT🎶⭐️ • • This is what we decided to do during lunch break at rehearsal today:,) Can’t believe we did this show over a year ago even though he’s notmyroger I love Julian so much and he’s so talented and he’ll be playing my Tommy June 8 in Carrie The Musical so come see him kill it caude as you can see he’s ABSOLUTLEY AMAZING! ❤️also sorry i’ve been so inactive🥰 • • • chorus topvocalist topvocalist thegoodvoice hotvocals omgvoices goldenvoices crazyvoicess amazingds amazing.musicians theamazingvoice allaboutvoices singer music thegoodvoices omgvoice chorus crazyvoices hotvocals amazingds amazingmusicians starsuncovered undiscoveredsingers wowmusicians sing singing passion music cover singersongwriter like4like c4c f4f love musicals rent rentthemusical theatre broadway missigthis musicaltheatre

10 hours ago

Here is an amazing original composition by eoincooganguitar called “The Hero’s Journey”🎸🎸 His account is full of amazing of covers, medleys, and original compositions 🎶🎸 Everyone go check out his amazing account!🎸 musiciansofinstagram musicians guitaristsofinstagram guitarist guitarists acousticcovers acousticgenius acousticgenius acousticmusic acousticguitar acousticguitars originalcomposition newmusic originalsong originalcomposition guitarcover newmusic amazingmusicians musicalgenius talentedmusicians coverartist repostaccount repostthis musicpromotion promoting musicianslife beautifulguitar wowplanet ireland

13 hours ago

Sung this at the opening as the support act for the Mary Black concert at the Malahide RFC Marquee Festival

13 hours ago

Sung this song at the opening as the support act at the Mary black concert at the Malahide RFC Marquee Festival

1 week ago

SEKKTOR17 presents "Woke" - Audio now available on all streaming platforms. (Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, YouTube, etc.) . Beat/Producer/Lyrics: sekktor17 . Mixing Mastering: H. Neilsen . Cover Art: david_w.m : : : : : nowplaying np playlist deezer amazonmusicmk newmusicalert newmusiciscoming itunes applemusic youtubemusic newmusicfridays newmusicsoon creativemind musiceveryday musiccommunity musicindustry tagadopeartist songwriters musiciansofig amazingmusicians dailymusicians talentedplayerz musicianship dopemusicians

3 weeks ago

Run - Leona Lewis, will be singing this at darkness into light on the 11th of May in malahide castle along with another song everybody hurts♡

2 months ago

When we were -Adele

2 months ago

I wanna dance with somebody - Whitney Houston

2 months ago

I have nothing - Whitney Houston

2 months ago

Summertime sadness - Lana del Rey

2 months ago

Strong - London grammar

2 months ago

And I am telling you I’m not going - Jennifer Hudson