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🌍 Amsterdam/Netherlands🇳🇱🇪🇺 🌍The A'DAM Tower is an almost 100-meter high tower on the banks of the IJ in Amsterdam Noord-Holland . The tower was designed in 1966 by the Dutch architect Arthur Staal for Royal Shell . For many people in Amsterdam, the building was better known as the "Shell tower". In 2016, the tower was renamed A'DAM Tower after a two-year renovation. Also is so magical at night 🙈🌟 🌟 amsterdamnoord amsterdamcanals astrophotography architecturephotographylovers topeuropephoto europe_travelers_ beautifuldestinations living_europeofficial destinationseurope visit_europe map_of_europe

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Op zondag 9 juni in de tolhuistuin Amsterdam | het 9 jarige bestaan van Woorden Worden Zinnen met Marjolijn van Heemstra Marjolijn van Heemstra is schrijver, dichter en theatermaker. Eerder stond zij op het podium met o.a. de succesvolle voorstellingen 'Als ik de liefde niet heb' en 'Zohre, een Afghaans-Nederlandse soap'. Haar laatste roman En we noemen hem werd in zeven landen vertaald en won verschillende prijzen. In haar werk gaat Van Heemstra actuele thema’s te lijf met poëzie en verwondering en laat ze steeds weer zien hoe veelkantig de werkelijkheid is. Koop je kaartjes online via onze website | link in bio ☺💙

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🛒Webshop for zine/book/art shop Kadett! Remember the early days of the internet when your mouse would leave a trace of purple glitter? ✨✨✨We loved that and adapted the idea to the Kadett-price-sticker-branding! 🧡💚🔖

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🥂 Time to celebrate this big step that we took: we’re official liveaboards now 🥳 The north of Amsterdam is really awesome, a little quirky and a lot of freedom. There’s a little slogan in Dutch, “Noord gestoord”, which expresses these qualities. We fit right in, don’t we 😆?!

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DM For Portrait Photo Shooting

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(1)(2)(3)(4) IJ-Hallen is Europe’s biggest flea market, one weekend a month on an industrial dockyard site. I guess it usually spans two warehouses, but it was outside today. (5)(6) Noorderlicht Café next to the market has a DJ and indoor, riverside, and grassy area seating chill vibes. (7)(8)(9)(10) Oudekerksplein / De Wallen (red-light district). • I’m not really connecting with Amsterdam yet, which might have to do with its size and/or being solo. I enjoyed Noorderlicht, but it’s the kind of gathering place you go with your mates. In a moment when I was contemplating this, a friend from the States who is also traveling in Europe messaged me to say she knows someone in Amsterdam who would love my company 😄 • amsterdamnoord dewallen zoebenelux2019

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A fishermen’s village hidden in the city. amsterdamnoord

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* W a t e r B u s i n e s s * * N A M E C H A N G E ~ from Mermaid Medicine to . ~ W i t h i n W a t e r s ~ . The creative flow was so strong, the desire so wild and thus within the journey of birthing Mermaid Medicine we didn't notice the name was already taken by another very registered company. It took a little to surrender and open up to the flow, the flow that was inviting us to feel into a new name. A new name that is representing even more the experience of a water-massage. We have felt deep within our waters ( ; ) ) and are excited to share the wonder and magic of the water medicine under the name: * W i t h i n W a t e r s * Within Waters, we are home. Within Waters, we feel, . our essence, our nature, non resistant, ever changing, flowing Within Waters, is where we started. Within Waters, a memory we all share Within Waters, is more than a massage. Within Waters, is an invitation to come home & S O O N water events are being shared as well, Feeling blessed to receive you, . ~ W i t h i n W a t e r s ~ WithinWaters Watermassage waterdance Watermedicine Goingwiththeflow StillMermaidsthough blessedweare touch touchishealing Massage artwork visualart business Healing Aquaticmovement Amsterdam AmsterdamNoord RoseQuArts imayarenee