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2 minutes ago

Cristiano Ronaldo is angry👀😡

12 minutes ago

I guess unsolicited dick pics aren't important enough for Instagram 🖕🏻

23 minutes ago

Aah. It's all sunshine and rainbows again 🌈😀 • In all seriousness, I feel we've all met at least one person that we wish we could have blocked irl

30 minutes ago

Sometimes i just want to scream to the world that i’m a monkey! They will call me crazy, but i don’t care cause they are wright ! I’m a fucKINGcrazy MONKEY 🐒 digitalillustration primate designart monkey singe poster revoltofmonkeys typeposter posterart arturbain originaldesign designposter monkeyart angry fridaymood😎 creativedesign fridaymood monkeyisland visualgraphic urbanarts designartwork originalposter primates monkeyportrait art_wordly dbz dragonballz songoku kingkong cartoonillustration

1 hour ago

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5 days ago

*14-04-2012* Ακόμα περιμένω να ξυπνήσω. Όσο για το ότι ο χρόνος γιατρεύει τα πάντα; Μπούρδες! Τίποτα δεν γιατρεύει, απλά σε μαθαίνει πώς να ζεις με αυτό. Μας λείπεις κάθε μέρα πιο πολύ, περισσότερο απ’ότι μπορούν να πουν οι λέξεις κ απ’ότι μπορείς να φανταστείς! Δεν σε ξεχνάμε ποτέ Σπρινάκο! Ti amo tanto lost sea blue cloud clouds cloudy rain rainyday rainy raining angry greece beach emotional sad sadness sand view weather angryweather nature lovenature naturelove mare grecia love goodnight buonanotte iyigeceler