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Bakımevindeki canlar da bayram etti tabiki🤗 haydikoartvin adresinden mama kumbarasına giriyor, ordan artvin ilini seçiyor ordan Haydiko Artvin i seçiyorsunuz hemen oradaki mamalardan bütçenize göre ister 1 kilo ister 2 kilo ister 15 kilo ister daha fazla mama alıyorsunuz. Sonra bize gelince biz o mamaları canlara ulaştırıyoruz😉 Ha uğraşamam derseniz de aşağıdaki yasal dernek hesabına, Iban numarasına bağış gönderirsiniz biz alırız ☺ IBAN: TR 4800 0100 0148 7076 4777 5001 Hesap adı: HAYVANLARI DOĞAYI İNSANLARI KORUMA Ziraat Bankası Artvin Şubesi patifood dog dog puppy pup photography instapic cute instagood dogs_of_instagram pet pets animal animals petstagram petsagram dogsitting photooftheday dogsofinstagram ilovemydog instagramdogs dogstagram dogoftheday lovedogs lovepuppies hound adorable doglover instapuppy instado

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My diplodactylus furcosus female surprised me with a beautiful clutch of eggs. She does not even look like she lost a lot of weight 👍 Second photo shows the new eggs in the laybox. Third photo shows all three clutches I have, you can see how much they grow with time 😲 The oldest ones should hatch any day now 🤞 diplodactylus diplodactylusfurcosus terraristik australiangeckos gecko geckos macro egg macrophotography closeup geckosofinstagram pets pet petsofinstagram animals animal animalsofinstagram reptiles reptile livingart lizard lizards eggs reptilesofinstagram fhgeckos

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Fotinho com o canguru animal

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26.05.2019/PAZAR Ankara/Birlik mah. 💖🐈💖🙏💖🐱 BU CANLARA DA YAŞ VE KURU MAMA GONDERMEK ISTEYEN OLUR MU 🙏🙏😭 HAYDİ SİZ DE BIR KEZ BİLE OLSA BU CANLARA MAMA DESTEGINDE BULUNUP ONLARI MUTLU EDIN LÜTFEN 🙏 💖🐈DAMLAYA DAMLAYA GÖL OLUR 🙏NASILSA BIRILERI GÖNDERIYORDUR DEMEYIN 😯CUNKU HERKES OYLE DUSUNDUGUNDE BU CANLAR AÇ KALIYOR 😭😭 Profilimdeki linkten istediginiz miktarda mama yardiminda bulunabilirsiniz 🙏🙏🙏💖💖 Bana ve size aninda bilgilendirme maili gelmektedir.Please support them with your food donation. 🙏💖You can send link from my profile or from another sites 🙏💖😻 hayvansever dost hayvanhaklari animal mamadestegi mamayardimi kediseverler catlovers sokakhayvanlariniunutma satinalmasahiplen sokakhayvanlari kedi kopek dostlar06 animalrights animallover maxinyeri streetcats catlover sokakkedileri helptostreetanimal

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I wasn't much interested in car rides when i was very little. Now! It's a whole different story, I stick my head out taking turns each side, so i don't miss a single dog in the streets. I like to bark from my window at them, just to remind them who's the boss around here. 😎 ninja leamonbeagle beagle dog dogs dogsofinstagram dogsofinstaworld dogstagram beaglesofinstagram beaglepuppies beaglepuppy beaglemania love purelove cutie animal hound bark doglover beaglelover retriever labrador pup puppy puppies puppiesofinstagram

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Aaaand fursuit drawover commissions are back! I have unlimited slots open until I choose to close em. $9, PayPal only. All you need to do is send me a DM with a sfw picture of your suit, and tell me your PayPal address! 😸💖 🚨 ALSO! If the photo you want drawn over was taken by a professional photographer, please ask them if it’s alright or not to commission a drawover of that photo! 🚨 - furryart fursuit furry furcon fursuitmaker cartoon furries anthro animal animals digitalart drawover digital colors artist creativity fursona oc

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It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live

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Heute mal mit meinem Lieblingsminiplüsch Lotti von foxdevilss 😍 In knapp 2 Wochen ist es endlich soweit und das Sommerfest am 8. Juni tierhof.wolgast findet statt. Dort sehe ich Maja und ihre Wauzis endlich wieder und diesmal ist Conner ebenfalls mit am Start! Beim Sommerfest habe ich ebenfalls einen Workshop und zwar zum Thema Zugsport wobei mir glueck.auf.goldenen.pfoten assistieren wird da wir schon ein eingespieltes Team sind🤗 spitz forest hundefotografie spitzphotography tierschutzhund animalphotography tierfotografie tierschutz rescuedog dogphotography huskysport nature animal animalrescue fotografie photography huskyeyes dogsport hundeliebe naturfotografie dogs germandogs landscape love tierliebe friendship dogmodel balticsea hundesport animalhelp

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Tag a friend who need to see this cutie❗🐱🖼📷💕😉 ➖ Are you looking for awesome CAT's design Tshirt? 👕 Please check the link in my bio (profile) to order it ➡ lovely_kittycat ➖ Don't forget to follow us for daily dose of CAT cuteness! ☑🤗😍 ➖ ⛔ NOTE : Picture by ➡ 核桃酥 lovecatdaily happypetclubs ➖ 🚫 NOTE: Use lovely_kittycat or lovely_kittycat to be featured! ™ 😉

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~ Stumbled upon this bunny colony while searching for puffins the other day. So often I over look on some species and don’t photograph them as they seem too common to photograph. This time tho there were probably hundreds of different bunnies around so I couldn’t help myself and stay taking portraits of these guys for few hours. It’s very tricky to get them to “look” into the camera as they naturally move side ways for a better vision. So I needed to be extremely quiet on this one. The Orkney Islands are great place for wildlife enthusiasts like myself, full of different types of wildlife. visitorkney visitorkney

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A wonderful zebra picture from friday’s safari 📸 This zebra, as everyone else, has a very special coat. His stripes are unique and comparable to a human fingerprint 🦓 | 🇫🇷 Superbe photo d’un zèbre aperçu en safari vendredi 📸 Comme tous les autres, il a un pelage bien à lui. Ses rayures sont uniques et comparables aux empreintes digitales d’un humain 🦓

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Quando nomini la parola magica: "BISCOTTO" ❤🐶

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Sunday Morning 🙅🏻‍♂️

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Fjaka. 😎 Do animal also practice '"Fjaka"? Or this pigeon just strikeapose and trying to kill time. Fjaka is the lifestyle trend that gives you an excuse to do absolutely nothing. That's right, nothing. Fjaka simply means being entirely relaxed in body and mind and embracing the joy of doin nothing. Fjaka make sense in Dalmatia, where the turn of phrase was created, because the heat often strips residents of the energy, to do much. When it's that hot to you really don't want to run around and stay busy - so you engage in Fjaka, sittin in the shade (or try to stand on one leg like this pigeon), relaxing and watching the world go by. Fjaka is not the same thing as laziness or being so exhaused you never leave house. You can do Fjaka with friends, you can do it outside, and it's not supposed to take over your life entirely. You need the most moments of productivity to truly appreciate Fjaka. Rather than holing up in your bedroom it's worth sitting outside and trying to ground yourself with surroundings, taking in the sounds, smells, and sights around you. If you ever got into mindfulness or meditation, Fjaka will be an easy feat, as it's a pretty similar state of being. ♡ fjaka bird sun relax moment fitness model summer hot summertime life nature pretty view lovely cute beautiful beauty amazing photo photography pic picture picoftheday photooftheday nofilter