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Happy National Puppy Day guys! While going through some old pictures of Shifty, I’ve noticed he did sleep a lot way back when already. Maybe he really does need those 26 hours per day sleep he always claims 🤔! • • Love ❤️ and peace ☮️ , dad 👴🏼😘😘😘 • snoozecorp 9gag barked pupflix theellenshow dogsofinstagram minaturepinscher minpinbuddies minipin minipinscher pragueratterミニピン ミニチュアピンシャー минипинчер미니핀셔 russiantoyterrier animalsofig theellenshow funnyanimals dogsofinstagram animalsofinstagram cuteanimals funnyanimals 9gag barked dailybarker animalonearth thedodo unilad

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Natural 100% Sudanese alfalfa 🌱🌾🍀 high nutritional value🐪🐫🐐🐄🐮🐃🐑🐏🐴🐎 aalaafe For contact and inquiry: 📲 00971526699358 🔖 The available Sudanese Alfalfa specifications: 🔲Moisture 8 - 10% 🔳 Crude Protein 18 - 25% 🔲 Acid Detergin Fiber 27 - 31.9% 🔳 Neutral Detergin Fiber 33.9 - 38.5% 🔲 The average weight of the ball 300 kg campo rodeo fresh nordeste animal animals cows animalsofinstagram farming agriculture goatsofinstagramgoats uae camel camels sheep sheeps haylage horseshow arabianhorse horses_of_inst cowfeed حلال برسيم حلال_الامارات مواشي صلالي نعيمي info

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ಕರ್ನಾಟಕದ ಫ್ರೀಕ್ಜ್ . Follow and support ✌ freakz_on_karnataka_ 💢 freakz_on_karnataka_ 💢 freakz_on_karnataka_ 💢 . ⚠ freakz_on_karnatakafok . ⚠ karnatakaportraitfreakz . 💥💥💥Follow💥💥💥 . 👉FRE🅰KZ ON K🅰RN🅰T🅰K🅰 👉Tag your 🆒 Pic 👉D🅾 kindcomments on every Post 👉 USE OUR 📌 . 👉🆓 ➕ 💲 Promotion's animals animal wildlife nature tagsta_nature instalife dayshots wild natgeohub igs instanature awesome_shots nature_shooters tripura vida fauna animalsofinstagram animali naturaleza natura tagstagramers instanaturelover ilove instagood karnataka

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🤗 Browny❤️👑SpoiledPets®🦴🐾.❤️The luxury your pet deserves!❤️❤️❤️ ☎️71/973555-78/973555🍃

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Such a great time at the Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan. Beautiful exhibits with animals in their glory. The only thing is, there’s tonnes of people. Likea billion. I don’t know. I’m bad at maths. 1) Beautiful skate gliding through the waters. 2) Jellyfishes are mesmerizing to watch. Blobbedy blobbedy bloop~ 3) This one nice. 4) Gigantic spider crab, with leg span of almost 2 metres. 🦀 5) Mr Ray, come closer! 6) Mr Ray: Heeeeeee 😬 7) The star of the Kaiyukan, the majestic whale shark. 8) Shoal of japanese anchovies, a black tip reef shark, and many more. 9) Dolphin 🐬 🥰🥰🥰 10) The cutest I’ve never seen this! A coati! 🙈😚😚😚😚 kaiyukan osakaaquarium

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🤗 Logan👑❤️. 😻SpoiledPets®.😻Always gentle & loving touch.❤️❤️❤️ ☎️71/973555-78/973555🍃

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CHANGE THE WORLD! 'The reason why people awaken is because they have finally stopped agreeing to things that insult their soul.'- unknown _ In case you are not familiar with what is happening here a group of strong animalactivists are showing you the truth. If you eat animals or their secretions, this is what you are paying for. You are paying for others to do YOUR dirty work. You are paying others to inflict suffering, cruelty, and death on other sentient beings who are no different from the animals that you call pets. _ Oh, I know you think that these animals are different. You call them food animals. But you need to re-examine what you've been taught. Pigs are actually more intelligent than dogs. Now, tell me how do you feel about dog slaughter houses? The only difference is your perception. Cows are gentle, social, emotional beings who love their no different than how you love yours. _ It's truly a messed-up world that we live in. Where were taught to consume the flesh of other sentient beings. Read that again their flesh! We confine these gentle beings in conditions that YOU would you find unimaginable. They are forced to live in their own feces. Do you think this is how they are supposed to live? And you wonder why you get sick? Why you suffer from heart disease and diabetes? _ This is wrong! Don't talk to me about humane slaughter, or you only buy your meat from ethical sources. Really? Just think about how ridiculous that sounds. These words do nothing to help the animals only to alleviate your guilt. _ The world is changing. My question to you is, will you adapt and evolve? Or will you continue to make illogical, irresponsible decisions that harm these beautiful gentle beings, harms our planet, and your health? _ EMBRACE VEGANISM 🌱 belinda_vegan 📽️ leahdoellinger 🙏 _ vegan veganactivism veganactivists freedom injustice truth resist riseup foodie steak bacon babyaninals strongwomen strongman compassion animalsofig animalsofinstagram education healthy vegansofinstagram 7 View all 9 comments

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The more I see of deer, the more I admire them as mountaineers. They make their way into the heart of the roughest solitudes with smooth reserve of strength, through dense belts of brush and forest encumbered with fallen trees and boulder piles, across canons, roaring streams, and snow-fields, ever showing forth beauty and courage animallovers animalpolis animalsofinstagram igscwildlife animales exclusive_animals wildlifephoto HypeBeast vscoportrait ig_mood discoverportrait portraitphotography profile_vision bleachmyfilm postmoreportraits portraitpage ig_europe topeuropephoto loves_europe unlimitedeurope igerseurope nikonphotography nikontop nikon_photography_ nikon_photography focalmarked

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Giant fire bellied toad (Bombina maxima). The underside of this toad is brightly coloured in vivid black and orange, these colours are displayed by the toad when it feels threatened and warns would be predators of the toad's toxicity. frog frogs frogsofinstagram amphibian amphibians amphibiansofinstagram nature wildlife wildlifephotography naturephotography animals animalsofinstagram travel travelphotography instatravel instanature fieldwork herpetology animalkingdom animalphotography naturegram instanature instaanimal instafrog toad toads bombina frogsoffansipan sapa laocai vietnam

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Maybe you should be on the K9 unit chasing down some bad guys, or sniffing out some bombs on the battle field. Or maybe, just maybe, you should be doing schutzhund and earning some titlesit's not as if you don't already have a purpose. Guardian, protector, deer hunter, and my constant companion. Man, your everything I ever wanted in a dog. Brains, beauty, drive, stubborness, tenacity, and fearlessness! Yup, your me in a dogs body! 😂 😉💪😘 Mybitch HazelRock CrazyHazy SheHasItAll TheWholePackage EastGermanCzech gsd germanshepherdofinstagram workingbreed dogsofinstagram dogs lovedogs sablegermanshepherd beautiful love petsofinstagram animalsofinstagram

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Calcium supplements are a very important necessity in the diets of many lizard species, such as bearded dragons and blue tongue skinks. Calcium is not only needed for healthy bone growth and development but also needed for muscle function, digestive health and the nervous system. Vitamin D3 is also very important as it's helps the intestines absorb calcium from food. However too much D3 can lead to vitamin toxicity. Hotrod gets alternating calcium supplements once a week dusted over his food, one with D3 and one without. He also gets Arcadia Earthpro Omnigold once a week, which contains a balanced serving of calcium. Follow me for more cute, funny and educational posts 👍 animallover animals animalsofinstagram pet petsofinatagram reptilelover reptiles reptilesofinstagram lizard lizardsofinstagram skink skinksofinstagram bluetongue bluetongueskink calcium calciumsupplement repticalcium reptilecalcium

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IL SURICATO Il suricato utilizza la sua lunga coda come una terza gamba: è un punto di appoggio che gli serve a mantenere l'equilibrio sia quando deve stazionare a lungo durante il suo turno di guardia sia quando si scalda al sole. il suricato è alla continua ricerca di cibo: mentre una parte del gruppo scava freneticamente nel terreno alla ricerca delle varie prede, gli altri, a turno, fanno da sentinella per l'avvistamento dei loro predatori, che sono principalmente uccelli rapaci, sciacalli e gatti selvatici. Il ruolo della sentinella è fondamentale e viene ricoperto a turno per circa un'ora da tutti i membri della società. Provvisto di una vista eccellente, quando la sentinella avvista un pericolo si mette a fischiare e ad emettere suoni acuti come mugolii e trilli, per mettere in guardia tutto il gruppo. Essi, a quel punto, corrono a nascondersi in una delle numerose entrate delle tane sotterranee ed escono solo quando la sentinella smette di segnalare il pericolo. ° °follow me👉 _respect_for_animals ° animal animales animali animallovers animals animalsofinstagram awesome_shots wildsuricato lifesuricato cute dayshots savana dogs fauna igs instagood instalife instanature instanaturelover love natgeohub natura naturaleza nature nature_shooters suricato pets pets_of_instagram petstagram photooftheday

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Что-то давно в моей ленте не было животинки 💜 ▫️классика жанра: любопытная Анжела и ревнивый Бакс ▫️когда знаешь, что дома тебя всегда любят и ждут😂😂😂 ▫️ головабелки 😄🐿 ▫️ох уж этот "крик отчаяния" в конце 😂😂😂 ▫️русская интерпретация знаменитой трилогии "Как приручить дракона"🐉🕊 • • • 🐾 animals animal toptags wildlife nature tagsta tagsta_nature instalife dayshots wild natgeohub igs instanature awesome_shots nature_shooters vida fauna animalsofinstagram animali naturaleza natura tagstagramers instanaturelover ilove instagood

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Oliver fue dejado por su dueño en perrera en 2014, entró con 1 año y medio aproximadamente ,tiene 6 años y medio. No sabemos que vida le dio su antiguo dueño pero si sabemos el trauma que le creó,tiene miedo a según que hombres y esto hace que a veces se ponga a la defensiva con ellos ,pero gracias a su voluntario cuidador ha avanzado mucho y está perdiendo ese miedo ,aunque con niños es un perro 10. Oliver es un perro de carácter alegre ,le gusta correr pero también es un buen paseante ,es selectivo con perros y no acepta perros dominantes . Aunque su voluntario cuidador ha trabajado y sigue trabajando mucho con el ,en una perrera no va tener el resultado que tendría con una familia ,una familia para Oliver ! Está vacunado y castrado 600317987 Jaen nocompresadopta animalsofinstagram animallovers adoptappp adopt ppplovers noalabandono perropotencialmenteperfecto adoptaunadulto pperfecto

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📷WILDLIFE | BEAUTY📷 • THE ELEPHANTS • • A portrait showing the majestic tusks of an adult Elephant near the Kazinga Channel in Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda, Africa. • The Elephants in Queen Elizabeth National Park made me so happy. In August 2018 while on a trip in Murchison Falls National Park, my heart sank uppn the realisation that most of the Elephants I saw had small tusks regardless of age. This has been happening for a long time now and I believe its an evolutionary mechanism for them to protect themselves. Due to the high levels of poaching, not many Elephants grow to reach 80+ years old which means that not many Elephants with huge tusks live long enough to bear offspring. This fact probably leads many to not grow really huge tusks in an effort to get a chance to live long enough to be parents. • Despite the dire situation with regards to poaching, Queen Elizabeth National Park had amazing mature Elephants with huge tusks. I am not really sure who to credit but I aplaud and commend everyone involved in the protection of these incredible animals and I hope that many of them get to survive as they were naturally intended to, with their huge tusks. • • This Image Is Available For Purchase On My Website (LINK IN BIO). • • © 2019 CHRIS DENNIS ROSENBERG • ALL RIGHTS RESERVED DO NOT REPOST WITHOUT PERMISSION • 📷 Elephant 📷 Elephants 📷 Animal 📷 Portrait 📷 Animal 📷 Portraitphotography 📷 WildlifePhotography 📷 FineArtPhotography 📷 NaturePhotography 📷 AnimalPhotography 📷 BlackandWhitePhotography 📷 Photography 📷 PhotooftheDay 📷 nature 📷 wildlife 📷 marvellous_nature 📷 face 📷 animalsofinstagram 📷 artofvisuals 📷 agameoftones 📷 youngnaturephotographers 📷 BlackandWhite 📷 tourism 📷 travel 📷 art 📷 Nikon 📷 Safari 📷 Uganda 📷 EastAfrica 📷 Africa

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