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7 hours ago

The great Rezo Gabriadze's latest creation, the animated biopic REZO, hits cinemas across the US and UK. Come see this magnificent work of art on the big screen. For showtimes and access to ticketing: Presented in Russian w/ English subtitles. stagerussiahd rezo rezogabriadze leogabriadze animatedmovie

7 hours ago

The Angry Birds Movie 2 is a lot more fun and hilarious than the first movie! 🎬😂🐣🐽🦅🤩🎥

7 hours ago

Perhaps a lot of fun and hilarious, The Angry Birds Movie 2 brings in more on the positive vibe and wackiness, with an understanding story than the first movie! 🎬😂🐣🐽🦅🤩🎥 7.0/10

12 hours ago

A scene design sketch from TheGoodRoad, inspired by a haunting incident recorded in The Indifferent Stars Above, an AMAZING book about the Donner Party written by Daniel James Brown. The group were so cold and exhausted that rather than build a fire, they just burnt a tree and stood around it in silence. Thanks BenKissel, drfantasty and marcusparks at lpontheleft for getting us hooked on this book & on the Donner Party! Without those guys, this movie wouldn't be happening! If you want more Wild West, bleak survival goodness and all the tasy joys the Donner Party faced, check out our Kickstarter! (link in bio) donnerparty theindifferentstarsabove lastpodcastontheleft westerns western animatedmovie animation wip art illustration shortfilm kickstarter filmmaking horror bleak forest wagontrain cowboy cowboys survival design sketch scenedesign layoutdesign layout fire bonfire

13 hours ago

It's a somewhat decent traditional piece :0 This is from a studio ghibli film made in 1993 called ocean waves. I wouldn't really recommend because it wasn't really that good. If you’re a die-heart studio ghibli film, then I’d suggest giving it a look. But this one has definitely been forgotten for a reason. • • • oceanwaves studioghibli oceanwavesstudioghibli ocean waves anime animefilm animeart redraw drawthisinyourstyle studioghiblifilms 1993 traditionalart traditionalartist myart myartwork traditionalartwork artwork mydrawing traditionaldrawing traditionaldrawings fanart myfanart characterfanart characters characters animemovie animatedmovie

15 hours ago

In "Echoes," an elderly man suffering from loneliness remembers his wife who has passed away. Watch the full film and more at (link in bio). Directed by Ben Bradbury benbradburyanimation elderly elderlycare olderadults love thankyou memory memorylove memorykeeping memorylane memoryloss lonely feelinglonely wifeandhusband animatedfilm animatedshort animatedmovie animationfilm shortanimation unlonely creative healing film shortfilm shortfilms filmfestival loneliness endloneliness connection mentalhealth mentalhealthawareness

16 hours ago

Don Bluth has directed some of my favorite animated films from my childhood. "The Secret of N.I.M.H.", "An American Tail ", and "The Land Before Time" to name the big ones. That said, not all of them were slam dunk hits. What these "lesser" films lacked in compelling story, his fluid and stunning animation prowess was always on clear display. 2000's "Titan A.E." was the last of his major studio released features. Though somewhat buried by time and dismissed as a failure, I would strongly disagree. Time has been kind and it begs for rediscovery. During a time where George Lucas was pillaging the allure of his own Star Wars universe with the prequels, this film was a relative breath of scifi fresh air. With a motley assortment of varied characters and an interesting narrative, I've always loved this movie. During the time of its release, there was only a compilation of songs "from and inspired by" available commercially. This was disappointing as the score by composer Graeme Revell was impressive and dynamic. I would have to wait 14 years when lalalandrecords would finally release a score only disc! Revell's score here is a standout in his career and a must own for his fans! titan titanae bluth donbluth animated animatedmovie animation 2000 2000s fox 20thcenturyfox mattdamon drewbarrymore billpullman nathanlane hiddengem classic underrated graemerevell apocalypse dvd dvdcollection soundtrack mycollection instascifi

20 hours ago

Gooood morning! 😚 It's a beautiful sunny Saturday here - seemed like the perfect time to share this beautiful sky from TheGoodRoad ⛅ Thank you SO much to all of you who've given to our Kickstarter! We're so excited that you want to see this movie! If you've not seen our Kickstarter yet, check it out! (Link in bio 🔗) Art by ilpentamerone, as ways! animatedmovie animation art illustration painting landscape landscapeart artist sky sunrise shortfilm usa america filmmaking indiefilm indiemovie film movie backgroundart mountains grass view views beautiful calm

22 hours ago

Repost thecolourfulgrey with • • • • • • We are so glad to announce that our first claymation shortfilm Blue got selected for screening at the 2019 American Art Therapy Association (AATA) Short Film Festival to be held on October 31st in Kansas city! • • Watch this space Trailer coming soon! • • • Story, Direction, Cinematography, Animation and Editing Supervision by Aniket Patil aniketpatil8143 Pre-production, Animation, Editing by artist_ashmi_sheth Clay models by Aniket Patil & Ashmi Sheth © The Colourful Grey • • aata artherapy arttherapylife aata50th shortfilmfestival animation animatedmovie animatedshort americanarttherapyassociation artastherapy movielove animatedmovie clayart filmfest filmfestival filmscreening artheals filmdirector stopmotion stopmotionanimation filmshoot artistsofig moviestills movie direction cinematography

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The Lion King Fanart :3 I saw the live action remake some days ago and I liked it but the original 2D animated one will always be my favorite ❤ What do you think of the remake? thelionking tlk disney fanart disneyfanart disneythelionking thelionkingfanart simba nala simbathelionking nalaxsimba simbaxnala animash digitalart digitalartwork digitaldrawing digital_art digital digitalillustration digitalpainting drawing art artwork illustration painting lion lionking animatedmovie animal rysunek