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Sleater-Kinney’s new album “The Center Won’t Hold” is proof that the band will forever refuse to stay in one spot musically or cater to one specific genre. Produced by Annie Clark, (St. Vincent) the band incorporate new ideas that would have been unlikely territory 20 years ago. The album has a consistent upbeat semi-Industrial feel to it with Disco-driven percussion and fuzzed out guitar licks that do sound a bit too much like St. Vincent at times, but the vast change in style is admirable. Not their best work by any means, but this album has some catchy tunes with subject matter that can apply to relationships or politics depending on how you interpret it. 7/10 sleaterkinney thecenterwonthold carriebrownstein corintucker janetweiss annieclark stvincent alternativerock indierock sleater_kinney st_vincent

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This album 🖤

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Sleater-Kinney are back with a new, Annie Clark produced, album: The Centre Won't Hold, borrowing from WB Yeats’ hundred year old line “things fall apart, the centre cannot hold”. The sound is fresh, “The Dog/The Body” certainly a good song for Saturday mornings, while “Bad Dance” is highly suitable for later in the day and “Broken” easily closes the night. CorinTucker JanetWeiss CarrieBrownstein AnnieClark rocknrollisalive femaleband femalemusicians femaleproducers femalepower saturdaytunes weekendmusic shesgotagun

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“Full of slime and bile” (The Fader) 👁 “Annie Clark’s icy sheen and dark seduction is all over the record” (DIY) 👁 “Propelled by sharp, angular sounds” (NME) 👁 “A bedrock of sleazy static is the sound of friction itself” (Guardian) 👁 “It’s got a bright, hard sheen to it, an end-times gloss” (Stereogum) 👁 SleaterKinney TheCenterWontHold CD Album MomAndPopRecords TriFoldJacket HurryOnHome CanIGoOn TheFutureIsHere RUINS Broken StVincent AnnieClark CarrieBrownstein CorinTucker JanetWeiss AlternativeRock IndieRock RiotGirl GirlBand NowPlaying NewMusicFriday CDs IStillBuyCDs HMV MyMusicCollection InstaCD AlbumsOf2019

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✨My Vinyl Me, Please Record of the Month just arrived!✨ I have two things to say: 1. I forgot what sheer pleasure comes from a Vinyl Me, Please ROTM. Seriously - these records are so carefully designed to be appreciated both aurally and aesthetically. The scarlett colored vinyl is luscious - even though it kinda gets overpowered by my red turntable - and it feels good in your hands. Thanks VMP - you guys really have hooked me up with some of my most treasured albums. ☺️💖💫 2. Dang, Sleater Kinney - this album is soooo good. Killer eye makeup art and the songs are rad. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 (It is extremely in-line with the stylings of St. Vincent, and I say that as a good thing) I predict this album may not go over as well for the long-time OG fans. But I’m on the yay side of the fence. 👍🏼 vinylmeplease nowspinning vinyl coloredvinyl coloredvinylclub recordcollection vinylcollection vinylcollector vinylgram sleaterkinney thecenterwonthold stvincent annieclark

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st. vincent - happy birthday, johnny

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Cry wolf: Falsa alarma IPA: kraɪ wʊlf Meaning: To give a false alarm of danger; to warm of a peril that you know is not real. Origin: One of Aesop's most famous fables tells of a bored shepherd boy who falsely cried that a wolf was killing his sheep. When people threatening the sheep, they were annoyed. The shepherd did that once too often; one day when a real wolf came, no one came when he called out, and the wolf ate the sheep. idioms Englishlanguage annieclark masseduction expressions

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i changed the username because I want to post about sleater-kinney too :-) anyway this is one of my favorite stv pics stvincent annieclark

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Rewatching the umbrella academy cause i got nothing better to do annieclark stvincent

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my guitar is missing a string but it never stops me from messing around and ending up playing this wonderfully beautiful song that is “New York”, written by the one and only Annie Clark/St Vincent. I have been obsessed with that tune ever since it was released, about two years ago. it still hits me the same way and brings back some beautiful memories - - - stvincent annieclark newyork jackantonoff masseduction music cover song acousticcover guitar guitarcover musicappreciation songoftheday instatune sing guitarist singersongwriter songwriter jamsession

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St. Vincent (Annie Clark) at sea

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8.8.19 s10 fiona stole my heart ac kuteaudios sc & dt fionasdegrassi, your fiona scene packs are the best! so happy i found them! [ dhsgrp]

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"Oh, what a bore to be so adored."

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“Good morning! Good morning! Good morning afternoon. Last night we, howled the moon, said goodbye to you” * * LISTEN TO THE LOST RATS SONGS LINK IN BIO * * Incredibly rare live recording of Annie’s performance at The Middle East Nightclub Upstairs on September 25, 2003. This recording not only contains early versions of Now, Now and Landmines, but it also has two of the “missing songs” from Annie’s first EP, RatsLiveOnNoEvilStar! AND there’s a bonus third track that we never knew existed! I had the chance to ask Annie about these lost songs when she came through Chicago on her Fear The Future tour. She told me that if they still existed somewhere, they were on a hard drive collecting dust in the back of a closet. Luckily there is a soundboard recording to tide us over until Annie finds her computer Enjoy y’all! * * Link in bio 1. Count 2. Bliss 3. Landmines 4. Good Morning 5. Now, Now 6. Breathing 7. Unrest stvincent st_vincent annieclark annieclarkcollector annieclarkfan stvincentcollector musiccollector collector collection compactdisc rarecd soundboardrecording music goodmusic ratsliveonnoevilstar strangemercy beautiful ilovestvincent

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i can't stop drawing st vincent. aaah i love her SO MUCH

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Friends Degrassi style Ac: me/normal Dt: every degrassi fan I done the friendships I like (Eli Clare Adam/ Eli Fiona Imogen/Dallas and Drew)