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Much to my amazement, vinylmeplease still has this in stock. I slept on this record for awhile, maybe I wanted more of the same and wasn’t ready for this much of a pop record. Now, I’m really digging the sound on a whole other level. St. Vincent Masseduction vinylmeplease alt cover Lapis blue vinyl stvincent vinylsocialclub coloredvinyl albumart annieclark pinkaesthetic leopardprint vinyl indiepop guitarriff vinylhead vinylcollective vinylcollection_feature jams spins bluevinyl audiophile vinylgram vinylsoundsbetter turntables vinyladdiction recordoftheday vinyljunkies instavinyl vinylporn

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My goal is to be a very open Author. Open with my mental illness, and the highs and lows of my art. With that said, I’m no way advocating what I do or the voice of people who suffer what I suffer. I am my own mess I took this picture when I was on a date, as he was taking a shower I took a picture of myself to pass the time. This picture struck me, because I caught a moment I don’t think I’ll ever see again on camera. Melancholy. I felt that way because I dated for the wrong reasons and began to feel empty because of it I came across an ad for a short story contest and my gut instantly told me to enter “that” story inspired by a St. Vincent song. I saved this picture all these years because I felt it was important. And now I know why, to give me inspiration. I’m not necessarily writing about myself or my life, but the certain emotions I felt at times. I mostly write off of what I feel, not what I experience. Sometimes I wonder if each character has a part of me, but, then I realize that I’m not that interesting, so it can’t be thatI find gay life to be empty, scary, shallow, and fickle. I tend to see the negatives more than the positives. I’ve always been a half-empty glass type of guy, so don’t take it personally. Now single, once again, I’m going to keep my goals focused and my stories 1. I know what I want and I know who I am, and love is not a part of that. writersofinstagram authorsofinstagram witchesofinstagram gaylife gayboy gay writingcontest indieauthor indiewriter stvincent annieclark depression mentalhealthawareness melancholia writing shortstory fiction horrorwriter horrorfan horrormovies vintagebitch austintexas dreamer 🖤

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The spiritual expression of love is harmony. I was inspired by the gorgeous St. Vincent and Dua Lipa collaboration at the Grammys to create this modern Lovers tarot card. I've been considering designing a mixed media tarot deck filled with vibrant colors, feminine energy, and wry humor. What do you look for in a tarot deck? indietarotdeck indietarot dualipa dualipaedit annieclark stvincent collageart cutandpaste tarotdaily tarotreading tarotreader witchyvibes crystalspells twinflames digitalcollage crystalhealing lesbianwitch sapphic wlw tarotspread tarotspreads modernwitch masseduction onekissdualipa

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St. Vincent is encouraging others to employ more women behind the scenes in the music business. “If you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu," she says. Tap the link in our bio to read the full story. Photograph by Shervin Lainez

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the only motherfucker

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St Vincent perfectly balanced last nights performance with intense emotional conviction while also mixing some hilarious banter in-between—omg how she’d do dat!? 🤔😮 also this is officially my 20th Masseduction era show. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Annie is the best and huge thanks to the awesome staff in Lincoln Center. With slam_henderson barroninthetrees rockisagirlsbff lbsammills51 stvincent annieclark livemusic lincolncenter appelroom masseduction masseducation thomasbartlett

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Category is : queen of 2014.

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Mike & Ike, Vonnegut & annieclark’s other half on my mind (see that Grammy clip with dualipa - wow!). Brief power loss this afternoon was the cherry on top of my cake of a day. Phone needs a battery I can’t find; bank account needs money I’m not earning. And I finished the first season of “Atlanta” (will I make it through the second season?). Please let me keep the heat on hydroandgoseek

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My st_vincent painted record will be on view at the closing party for wonderlandsf’s Vinyl Show - if you’re in the SF area check it out 💚💊💚💊💚💊💚💊💚💊 ・・・ Saturday February 16 , 2019 closing party for our vinyl show. Unsold pieces are 10% off. Show is amazing. ! 6-10pm 1266 Valencia street. Drinks food and music. Everyone is invited! vynil vynilart sale musthave supportartists buylocal buysmall artinvynil sf sfart sfgallery closingparty freedrinks sfcommunity bayare bayareacommunity bayareart buybayareart valenciastreet beautifulart stvincent pillspillspills masseducation annieclark stvincentart erinillustrates vinyl vinylartshow

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Happy Valentine’s Day 💘

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St. Vincent • Actor 2009 💗💘💚 Annie Clark absolutely killed it with this record (Valentine’s Day massacre-style). In person she’s kind, docile, humble, just all around lovely, but ON STAGE she friggen kills it. So this Valentines Day I’ve gotta take time to recognize st_vincent for making music that takes me to a space where nothing else matters except the music itself. That’s exactly what I want in a record💗💚💘 stvincent actor annieclark grammywinner vinyl records recordcollection recordcollector vinyligclub vinylcollection vinylrecords vinyljunkie spinning nowspinning nowplaying nowlistening waxnerds heavyrotation gems cratedigger cratedigging diggininthecrates vinylbuyersclub onmyturntable classic spinninrecords instavinyl vinyladdict valentines

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Artist: St. Vincent - - - Album: MASSEDUCTION - - - Released: 2017 - - - Overview: First half of the album was brilliant but the bottom half was where it was week, keep in mind that the song MASSEDUCTION won best rock song in the 61st Grammys and won for best packaging and the album was nominated for best rock album - - - FAVORITE TRACKS: HANG ON ME, PILES, MASSEDUCTION, SUGARBOY, LOS ANGELES, SAVIOR, NEW YORK, - - - LEAST FAVORITE: FEAR THE FUTURE - - - GENERS: POP, ELECTROPOP, GLAM ROCK, NEW WAVE stvincent annieclark pop electropop glamrock newwave art artrock masseduction 61stgrammyawards bestrocksong album albumreview 8outof10

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“I sway in the place to a slow disco And a glass for the saints And a bar for the road Am I thinking what everybody's thinkin'? I'm so glad I came, but I can't wait to leave” stvincent slowdisco annieclark bnw_demand bnwmood monochrome bnw_globe blackandwhitephoto rsa_bnw blackandwhitephotography blacknwhite_perfection bnw_captures bnw_city bnw_life bnw_rose HypeBeast vscoportrait ig_mood discoverportrait portraitphotography profile_vision bleachmyfilm postmoreportraits portraitpage igpodium_portraits portraiture makeportraits

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Dua Lipa & St Vincent - "Masseduction" "One Kis 2019 GRAMMYs After years of anemic Grammy Awards ceremonies, some of this year’s artists finally injected some lifeblood into their performances. Perhaps the most jaw-dropping was St. Vincent’s sexually charged duet with Dua Lipa, in which the two women mashed up their singles “Masseduction” and “One Kiss.” Prior to the performance, Clark won the Grammy for Best Rock Song for “Masseduction.” “It was really nice to win for rock music, because I fucking love rock music,” she says. “I fucking love the guitar. If someone asked me what kind of music I make, I don’t know what I would say exactly, but I’m thrilled it was ‘rock music.'” After the performance, Lipa won the Grammy for Best New Artist. Fuente: DuaLipa StVincent Masseduction OneKiss GrammyAwards2019 topmusic BestDanceRecording StaplesCenter LosÁngeles California premiosgrammy AnnieClark duete bestdancerecording Electricity

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Oh, little one, I know you've been tired for a long, long time, And oh little one I ain't been around for a little while st_vincent the last year on liveoutoficial 💁

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As for the singers’ similar looks, it was simply luck, or “alchemy,” to use Clark’s word. They just happened to have similar haircuts right now. “It was like, ‘OK, great,’ let’s really play into the idea of push-and-pull sexuality but then, we also look like weird twins, so there’s a weird layer of it that’s actually creepy and intriguing.” — Rolling Stone. It's almost valentine’s day and I am busy 🚢ing their chemistry. St.Vincent st_vincent annieclark dualipa