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If you enjoy HUGE hits and INSANE highlights, Follow me jukedly , I Promise you won’t regret it. 🎒🦄

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Tonight and every Friday night at 9pm it's the realest show in sports InThePaint We will discuss WR AntonioBrown today getting cut by the NewEnglandPatriots NYYankees clinch the ALEast NYMets still in the hunt for a wildcard NYJets bench high priced CB TrumaineJohnson and his $72 million contract! QB JoshRosen starting over RyanFitzpatrick for the MiamiDolphins Call in at 347-426-3634 and join us

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Corey Davis only needs one hand🔥💯

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Good old Antonio Clown! (Swipe)

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Surprised that Antonio Brown got released by New England? . Hear more on!

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The Steelers and Raiders when AntonioBrown is brought up after being released.

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are the ravens going to the playoff this year?💯 - ( follow before we go private💕)

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Ahh it’s a good day today. AB out! Good riddance, hope he never plays another NFL game. That’s what happens when you’re a piece of shit antoniobrown thatswhatyouget fired nfl

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The AB saga continues Patriots cut Antonio Brown after the latest allegations of him sending intimidating texts to one of his accusers including pics of her . He was also dropped by Xenith and Nike.

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Hall of Fame Talent. With No Job! 🤦🏽 ⠀ ⠀ Loss income, burned bridges, sexual misconduct accusations and social embarrassment, are all tags affiliated with Antonio Brown right now. He was recently on the record saying he doesn't need football. Unfortunately, he very well may have predicted his own demise. 😭⠀ ⠀ We really hope Antonio figures things out. We also hope that the next generation of footballers learns from Antonio's mistakes. He is an absolutely amazing football player, with a terrible sense of public relations. 👎👎👎⠀ ⠀ Talent tolerance is real. And it looks like Mr. Brown's talent, isn't cashing NFL checks right now. And that's a shame!⠀ ⠀ BYGP NFL AntonioBrown NewEnglandPatriots Patriots Football SelfSabotage

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They doing Antonio Brown dirty 😂😂😂

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AB Cya later 👋 👋

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I am at a twins game with Carol and some randoz. I have planned on going to zubazpalooza every year for 5 years. I have bailed twice due to hangover. I should always bail because crowds are awful and I prefer airconditioning. zubaz are cozy and a mn company. They go well with shades and mullets. In 1991 the twins won the worldseries. My Pa was 35. I am 35 now. It makes sense for them to win this year. What I remember the most from the '91 World Series is Turkey Bucket catching a ball against plexiglass. In early '92 the superbowl was also hosted in mpls. My Pa was not home much around this time cuz my mom had a miscarriage and my Pa was sterile so it was a big scandal. He came home after the Superbowl to grab his travel bag and I told him that I wanted the buffalobills to win. He did, too. This was the last time I saw him at a place he shared with my mother as he sadly crept out the door. Now he might think that I steal gold but I do not have gold fever the way my stepgrandpa had it after he fucked a horse. This burrito is really awful from señorsmokes • • • • diary journal journaling art writer writersofinstagram vegetarian burritodiary baseball football sports antoniobrown gold divorce kirbypuckett mlb bestiality

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Gotta be RobotZen AF when learning about internetTrolls ✌🏽🤙🏽

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I’m sure everyone else is talking about it, but AB84 has been cut. Personally, I’m glad. Great talent, horrible ego. I bet the Raiders nfl antoniobrown patriots Patriots are somewhere smiling!

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The AB saga continues, what’s next❓

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Is Christian McCaffrey a Top 2 Runningback in the NFL?? 🏈 - follow mccaffreyjukes for more