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Sometimes negative thoughts can began to consume us without even realizing it. I have been struggling with this a lot lately, trying to work on finding new skills to help improve myself. If you catch yourself spiraling into negative thinking try asking yourself these questions. If you guys have any tips let me know! Stay strong ❤️ - - - mentalhealth mentalhealthawareness mentalillness mentalhealthquotes mentalhealthsupport mentalhealthrecovery mentalhealthmatters mentalhealthadvocate anxiety anxietyrecovery anxietysupport depression depressionhelp depressionsupport depressionandanxiety bipolar borderlinepersonalitydisorder mentalillnessrecovery mentalillnessawareness mentalillnesssupport

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Take it easy on yourself. We should spend more time loving ourselves than comparing ourselves Life is raw. Don’t forget to  treatyoself. Today and every Monday, enjoy 50% OFF scoops at our Pier 39 store when you present any of our Mental Health Monday posts Doughp is committed to reducing stigmas around mental health & addiction. Share your story, spread some love,  breakthestigma. We’re here to make the world a little sweeter.✌🏼 . mentalhealthmonday quotesaboutlove anxiety mentalhealthawareness mentalhealth selfcare quoteoftheday dailyquotes selflove

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Why wait? Will you ever be ready? Were you born unable? Were you born not lucky enough to experience the ultimate? Are you not good enough that no matter how hard or try or under any circumstance, you will need many lifetimes to be perfect? 🌟 There is no need to make excuses. There is only a misunderstanding of what it means to experience truth. The truth is that there are no other minds. There is only one mind. That means that who you are right now, the thoughts you think right now, the feelings you have right now, are all there is, was, and ever will be. You are alone. You are not your body, yet your body is all you have. It is your vessel, yet you are not it. You are mind. You are consciousness. And there are no others. This is why you must be god and share in the likeness of god. This is why you must be able to achieve all that there is to achieve, right now, and at all times, because the ultimate is what you are, and you created it. 🌟 It is no coincidence that all of the answers you seek, you already know. You may say you are confused, but you know what the truth is. It is not convenient that things and people appear in your life. It is not by chance that situations both negative and positive come about. It is you giving yourself opportunity. It is love pushing itself through you out into the cosmos and creating something for you to work with. And we work at all levels. Do not discount the meekness of a human. Do not deny the strength of rock. Do not confuse a human for consciousness. Do not limit who you are to your body. Know that you are the plants and the animals and the stars and the wars. You are something so great that more lifetimes mean nothing. There is no more life than right now. There is nothing to wait for. No reason to waste time as your life passes so that you may die and hope to be better next time. You are good enough right now. You are so good that there is no such thing as bad. You are so good that who you are is exactly how you are supposed to be. Accept this truth. Do not compare to others. There will always be better and worse but that is a societal measurement, and you are immeasurable.

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Step 1, step 2,

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When you’re feeling really good about life then anxiety creeps in like 😂 Happy Tuesday people ❤️ ( remember, you are not your thoughts ) and what type of ‘ I AMS’ are you choosing to tell yourself today. I AM TIRED? I AM UNHAPPY? I AM BORED? I AM CONFUSED? Orrrr I AM DIVINELY GUIDED AND PROTECTED. OR I AM EXACTLY WHERE I NEED TO BE RIGHT NOW EVEN THOUGH IT DOESNT FEEL LIKE IT. I AM A WARRIOR. I AM PENG. I AM STRONG. I HAVE AN 8 PACK LIKE mawboxing ( I definitely don’t ) but. FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT X listen to morning affirmations, listen to good music, think how far you have come 🥊🔥🥊

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Look at what the gorgeous pregnant Carissa Casey recently shared about the supplements she takes! Her hubby is in medical school & approves! And yep her OB approved too!🙌🏽 “My eating habits may suffer during pregnancy (understatement 😑) but here are the supps this preggo refuses to live without 👇🏽👇🏽 🤰🏻6 BioCleanse a day (I don’t usually need that many, but any less these days and my left calf is in a permanent state of charlie horse 🐴) 🤰🏻2-4 ProBio5 per night (2 on healthy days, 3 or 4 on carb-y/sugar-y days 🍫) 🤰🏻4-6 Ease capsules per day (because inflammation is my mortal enemy. 🙅🏻‍♀️ I’m irritable enough without feeling as puffy as the Michelin man. Ease keeps me nice and deflated AND kicks our occasional viruses in two days flat.) 🤰🏻1 Slim (either kind, whichever taste baby is craving. Because balanced blood sugar is super critical during pregnancy, and all the time.) 🤰🏻1 chocolate protein packet (super yummy, naturally sweetened, builds my muscles, and doesn’t trigger my nausea. win!) 🤰🏻1 capsule each of XFactor original and XF+ for my prenatal vitamin (methylfolate and aloe 🙌🏼 baby gets much-needed nutrients with maximal absorption, without mama burping up icky vitamin essence or feeling sick to my stomach.) 🤰🏻2 MegaX per night for healthy fats and DHA (and also because they help me relax/sleep like a ⛰) 🤰🏻1 VitalBiome each morning (because if I can choose between anxiety or no anxiety, I’ll choose none please & thank you. My gut controls my brain and I need my brain and mood on point 🔥 whilst I mother three little humans and support their father through med school.)” guthealth pregnancy energy sleep nausea pregnant anxiety prenatal

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“Girl, wash yo face!” This ran through my mind as I was walking up the stairs to my bedroom. I’m tired. I’m frustrated. I’m disillusioned. But as long as I can wash my face tonight, I’ll be alright. It means I still got some fight left in me. I read an article a while back that stated that PhD students have a high level of depression and suicidal thoughts, well, put some maters students in that category, too. I’m not suicidal, but I often feel like I’ve been driven to the brink of madness, sometimes losing my sense of self and of reality. Being in a masters program in a department for which the masters is the highest degree offered means you’re treated like a PhD student. So naturally my anxiety and, dare I say it, moments of depression seem apropos. But I fucking washed my face tonight. So there’s that. And if you’re wondering what the image is about, I don’t really know. I need some inspiration in my life and this seemed fitting. graduatestudent latenightmusings microbiology masters thesis research melancholy anxiety tired inspiration

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🌿 I T I S O K T O N O T H A V E Y O U R S H * T T O G E T H E R 🌿 Read it again. IT IS OK to not have your sh*t together. At 21, at 30, at any age. You are exactly where you’re meant to be. You are in this place for a reason. I am sitting here, writing this in my car at 6:13am before I start work for a REASON. When I was 16, I imagined I would have my sh*t together by 22. A house, my dream car, my dream job, have travelled, be married and starting a family. If only my past self could see me now! I am almost 21 and I have none of those things. But that’s ok. I used to get down about the fact that I hadn’t achieved what I consider my goals. I felt like a disappointment to myself, a failure to all the hopes and dreams I had planned. Now, it doesn’t bother me so much, if not at all. Because I know I am exactly where I need to be. This moment right now is my purpose. Instead of looking at what others have by 22, and focusing on the disappointment of thinking you would have that for yourself, look at where you are. Look at all the wonderful things you DO have. Just because it is not what you thought you’d have, doesn’t mean it’s not as great, as fulfilling or a blessing. All of the hardships, heartache and pain you have endured has lead you to this moment you are in right now, and will lead you to the future you are destined to receive. Be so grateful of every encounter, it has made you who you are, and that person is AMAZING. ✨Instead of focusing on the negative in any situation, ask yourself why am I here? What is this teaching me? What do I need to learn from this experience so that I can receive everything that I dream of? Believe me when I say, everything has a purpose. Where you are now is yours ✨ depression anxiety mentalhealth positive mentalhealthawareness destiny purpose love happiness

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Riddle me this How many blankets are too many blankets? How many do you have? Do you love different colours? Textures? Or just one for every room (guilty ☝️) Pic by zesttorganics

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When you know. You won’t get any sleep. Open the Purple. Bin. And put my money. Where. My mouth is. Walk it out. Write it out. Don’t lie there. Dreaming of the. What if’s. You want it. Get it. Tired of jealousy. People including. Excluding. Invading my privacy. Will burn you. Not me. Mommy. In. Law. Everyone. Thinks. They know what I am up. 2️⃣. Even when I didn’t. But my landlord. Seems to think so. This is what you call. A flip. In order to stay. The court process. Is slow. Criminal. Before. Civil. Just to be sure. I dot. All my eyes. And cross all my T’s. Was hoping for a quick divorce. Got a name change. Needed. Period. Girl. Whose mail. Was it. Blindness. Is a wicked. Drug. You take. Miss. Sat in my room. Too long. My dear.

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Livet säger oss: inga löften ges - lev med det! ♾ Har du hittat ett sätt att leva med det?

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🍍Day 1 of 21 Day Fix!🍍 I had full intentions of getting my workout in before work today, but my bed won the battle tomorrow is a new day haha 🍍I was experiencing some major anxiety at work today which was tough. A few years ago I don’t think I’d even be able to identify what anxiety felt like, but today I was not only able to identify it but also voice it and calm it with a positive inner dialogue. 🍍It was such a beautiful day here in yeg so we went for a walk while I listened to melaniemitro Women Inspiring Women podcast 🙌🏻 and then ended the day by pressing play! 🍍Anyone else start 21 Day Fix today or want to learn more?? monday mondaymotivation positivevibes innerdialogue anxiety mentalhealthawareness transformation weightloss homeworkout workout pressplay mom girlmom singlemom dogmom catmom momlife yegmom sweatyselfie feelsgood keepgoing support worktogether letsdothis pineapple love workinghard keeptrying thankyou

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There are a lot of people in the world who struggle with knowing who they are at some point in their lives. I know I am at the moment; questioning if I am bisexual and transgender. Sure, when we think about these things, we sometimes get anxious or depressed. Why stay depressed when you know you’re in the wrong body? When you can make yourself happy by becoming who you’re meant to be and love who you want to. Your sexual orientation and your gender doesn’t define you, you define yourself. For all the believers out there, God doesn’t care who you fall in love with or what gender you are. You are his and he sees you and loves you for who you are no matter what. Because in heaven, there are no marriages, just worship. As a body of believers praising the one who made us the way we are, the one who saved us because he loves us. Here’s a question for you; why did God make us gay, lesbian, transgender, or gender fluid if it means all of those things are sinful? It doesn’t say anywhere in the Bible of being in the LGBT group is sinful. I know I don’t have a lot of followers at the moment, but I hope people look back at this post. I do want to say that this account was made for the “male” side of me. Because I am gender fluid, I’d like to show both of my sides; male and female. If you guys want to check out my female account, it is julianna_avventino09. And please leave a comment if you want me to post more about this topic, about encouragement if you are struggling. 😘 lgbt lgbtq🌈 lgbtsupporter transgender transgendermale gaysupporter lesbiansupporter bisexual axious anxiety depressed depression

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