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Repost berlinsabine with get_repost ・・・ If you have the chance to watch this documentary, grab it. Incredibly intense and full of spirit, believe and strength. amazinggrace , the documentary shot by Sidney Pollack about the recording of this album, was shelved for years. I partly understand why arethafranklin didn't approve it. Some scenes were really out of focus and I wonder why, I doubt that S. Pollack hired amateurs for the filming. Nevertheless, it is a great documentary not only about one of the greatest albums, but also about the people involved. I am grateful that BERLINALE picked it up. power gospel energy vocalriches queen Clip credit to cherrymintvideodjs

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История о том, как невротик репетирует;))) Ноу Селфконтроль;))) хорошего всем дня! И ноу стресс, плиз;)

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Now I'd better think📖💻 mun sisko riinie73 teki eilen jotain taikoja ja mun selkä on tänään melkein aivan bueno. Mut vaan MELKEIN. Sen kunniaksi rakensin itselleni kotitoimiston keittiöntuoleista ja aloin tekeen kouluhommia tutoriaalitsucks syöpääsairastavanhoitotyö istuminen on ollu ihan perseestä viimeisen viikon ja vähän yli, joten ollaan sit polvillaan👌 selkäpoikki arethafranklin spotify venyttelyhommia vyöhyketerapia creativeworkingmethods kyllätästähyvätulee

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ArethaFranklin arethafranklinforever SUPPORTED AND MARKETING BY mimsmakeitmeansomething CapNP  capn_p PaulMims "The Last Shall Be First" *BOXING *Is *Blessing *Lives *Everyday" B.I.B.L.E.  Share With Someone Who Needs Motivation Is More Success M.I.M.S. GOD BLESS. INBOX EMAIL DET2LA YAHOO.COM PDOUBLEM YAHOO.COM M.I.M.S. MARKETING OPPORTUNITIES FOR SPORTS & ENTERTAINMENT OVER 35 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE. KNOW2NO know2NoShow Detroit2LA Detroit2ATL "We Show Up Where Ya Wanna Blow Up"  know2no_show  superbowlevent MakeItMeanSomething   Detroit  LA  Det2LA Detroit2LosAngeles *P.*I.*M.*P. *Power*In*My*Prayer MuscleHustler MIMS MusclesInMotionSystem FUN  FitnessUnlimitedNetwork

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The biggest thing to happen in New Orleans today was the tiniest parade. This krewe pulls miniature floats through the streets in one of my favorite parades. We love you 'Tit Rex (and Aretha). 💓⚜️👸 ~ Fender wereyoursmallestfans JKwerehuge TitAsInPetite yasqueenofsoul * * * mardigras2019 mardigras parade neworleans followyournola ilovenola visitneworleans lovethiscity travellocal travelusa arethafranklin miniatures titrex nola femaletraveler femaletravelbloggers gltlove showmeyournola carnivaltime nolaproud nolablogger youshouldbehere happyplace instatraveler igersnola

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Getting ready for a massive day at coriole for Sea and Vines 2018. Catch me on the terrace Vodka Bar spinning funk, soul, disco and hip hop. The forecast is perfect for drinking wine and getting down to the music 💃🏽 🕺 🌊 🌿 🍷 seaandvines seaandvines vinyl dj motown funk soul disco hiphop russia vodka terrace mclarenvale thecaptainplays midifighter fromthecracklecrates ortofon pioneer arethafranklin wine dancing longweekend goodtimes wineries saweekend positivevibes fleurieupeninsula 5171 sagreat local sawine

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Prepping for the week at least trying to. Overwhelmed with amazing projects coming down the pipeline and things in the works I don’t know about yet. | One of my faves to date for one I can think of thestoriesofwoman and I can hear her in my head | 📸: andrejohnsonphotography

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When I was younger, my favorite song my mom used to sing me was “Alouette.” Such a beautiful tune about stroking the feathers of a skylark. And so, it was like second nature for me to fall in love with Hoagy Carmichael’s tune “Skylark.” I mean! I’m a Skylark. Sending love to all of the many other songbirds out there. 🎤🎼❣️

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: R.E.S.P.E.C.T. 🙏{🌎} Do I really have to spell it out for you? 😲💬🔠 More bezzarre . S/O to ArethaSings . I designed this piece a while ago, right after the American music stage lost its most precious gem, The Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin. 👸🏾🎶🎙 (25 March 1942 – 16 August 2018) Around the same time, the Iranian cinema and theater scene also mourned its most brilliant star, Master Actor, Ezzatolah Entezami. 🎭✨🎥🐂 (21 June 1924 – 17 August 2018) Having been away from Instagram for a few months, I never got the chance to honor these two great legends by posting this at the time, but with Martin Luther King Jr. Day upon us, I thought now would be an appropriate occasion to share this with you all! Lets’s respect others the way we would like to be respected 🤝 R.I.P. ArethaFranklin and ‎ عزت_الله_انتظامی 🥀🕯 Spell Respect RespectOthers Respectful SelfRespect BlackHistory MartinLutherKing QueenOfSoul DoIHaveTo SpellOut BeRespectful RespectAll graphicdesign graphicdesigner graphicartist creativeart typography graphicart typeface typism typedesign ilovelettering typespire typematters typetopia todaystype artdaily dailyart designspiration typographyinspired graphicdesigndaily graphicdesigncentral tyxca typology goodtype typeyeah