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ArianaGrande via Instagram Stories. It seems that the song "got her own" will be part of the soundtrack of 'Los Angeles de Charlie'. 👼 👼👼👑✨

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girl how many phones KAKSKS

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okay WAIT

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What’s your fav from “Sweetener”? My: Raindrops God is a woman Everytime Breatin Goodnight n go Pete davidson

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im going vegetarian idc idc 🥴.

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PWWStrong: 16.07.19 ▪ [☆] RawPWW [☆] Nassau Coliseum [☆] Uniondale, NY ▪ ☆☆ ▪ Tuesday Night Raw continues with a killer match for the RAW Women's Championship. With Charlotte's injury a new champion will be crowned and it'll either be Mia Yim or the Mystery Opponent Trish Stratus! The match was a clinic in women's wrestling. Both ladies were refusing to give up and let this opportunity slip through there fingers. Both gave it there all as the closing moments approach. In the closing moments, Both women were on there knees connecting with a single forearm strike whilst gaining a handful of hair to add on the extra damage. Trish managed to get two handfuls of hair slamming yim first face onto the front of the mat. Trish hit the ropes before coming at Mia with a head scissors takedown before grabbing her for stratusfaction but Mia managed to lift her over the ropes falling down to the outside. Mia climbed to the top turnbuckle and taking out Stratus with a diving cross body. Both women were out as the reffs count increased. Both were back in by the count of nine. Trish tried going for the chick kick but Mia rolled her up only earning a two count. Trish rolled out and fell into the corner kicking back Mia in the face before heading to the top rope hitting a jumping bulldog. Both women slowly gained back to their feet. Mia quickly hooked the arm looking for the best defeat but Trish pushed the leg off and hit the chick kick. 123 DDD -▪ Winner via Pinfall: Trish Stratus (New Champion) -▪

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Think your own wonderful thoughts. Because if you think like everyone else, you will be like everyone else.

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Last post for this theme 😄

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goodnight you beautiful humans im so excited for tomorrow 🥺🧚🏻‍♀️

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mark the 8th in you calendars🖤

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How adorable 🖤🌸

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È ufficiale: "Got her Hown" farà parte della colonna sonora del film "Charlie's Angeles"! Le canzoni sono curate anche da Ariana e il singolo apripista alla promozione del film sarà appunto la collaborazione di arianagrande lanadelrey e mileycyrus "Don't Call Me Angel" arianagrande arianator sweetenerworldtour swt sweetenertour thankunext 7rings breakupwithyourgirlfriendimbored badidea bloodline ntltc notearslefttocry godisawoman nasa needy newpost thelightiscoming monopoly like4likes likeforlikes likesforlike like4follow likeforlikeback l4l likeforfollow commentforcomment comment4comment

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Hope u like my drawing of arianagrande / God is a Woman 👑 ● I hope u like the colours that I choose 🙏😅 I was so uncurtain about it but I think that the colours turned out pretty good 🖤 I am so happy that she and her team create such a powerful and meanful song 🙌 ● Pls give me your opinion in the comments 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇 arianagrande grandeart arianart arianaart blacknwhite bnw redraw sweetener polaroid vintage improvement graduation graduate pixel AG4 arianadrawing grandedrawing

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i live for this friendship

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♡NEW♡ • “She Got Her Own” might be an added song on the charliesangels soundtrack ! •

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fuckin idiot