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FANTASTIC work tonight ladies Everyone kept going and kept a smile on their face - even through the extra sneaky track 🥰🥰 Just 3 Spaces for Wednesday 5.45pm ((BOUNCE)) blast ⬇️⬇️ lovemonday beautiful monsters neo wednesday monday kickstartheweek newyou excited challenge exciting news weights arms biceps squats bounce bouncearmy london londonfitness fitzrovia fitness fit exercise fun workout funworkout oxfordcircus oxfordstreet

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goodevening everyone. Please follow the account for daily workout videos and tips. ⏩⏩ Swipe left to see all the videos and saved them for your next arms day. Comment below. Who doesn't love bigger arms right. We all want them but how many of us actually working hard for them. Today arms workout was on fire 💯💯 ↪️ Biceps rope Hammer curl ↪️ V-bar triceps Pressdown. ↪️ Concentration curl ↪️ Standing Plate Curl. ↪️ Standing Strict curl ↪️ Seated machine close grip curl. ↪️ Seated machine triceps pushdown ↪️ Machine tricep Dipping armsworkout arms biggerarms bicepworkout bicepsworkout biceps gymtime backworkout shoulderworkout keepgrinding asthetic physique instafit instaworkout gymaddict gymgear gymrat happymonday mondaymotivation monday instafitfam fitness fitfamuk fitfam fitnesslifestyle fitnesslife bodybuilding personaltrainer

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internationalchestday every Monday, I had to participate this time 🤷🏾‍♂️. Full Workout ⬇️ Warm - Up Push Ups - 30 Reps Light DB Bench Press - 2x10 Medium DB Bench Press - 2x8 Heavy DB Bench Press - 4x5 Light Incline DB Squeeze Press - 2x10 Medium Incline DB Squeeze Press - 3x8 Incline Plate Press - 20 Reps Inverted DB Bench Press - 3x15 Light BB Bench Press 15 Reps Med-Heavy BB Bench Press 4x5 Save this workout ⬆️ for your next chest day, guaranteed to build your pecs 💪🏾 🎶Kanye West - Good Life

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Para continuar viendo el tutorial ya esta disponible por mi canal youtube Roberto navarro tu personal trainer 4 ejercicios para piernas Logns 4 × 15 rpt Sentadillas 4 × 15 rpt Logns estaticos 4 × 15 rpt Prensa 4 × 15 rpt Facebok Roberto j Navarro p robertonavarro.1 vidafonsi exercices caridio fitness crossfit fitnessmodel gym sweap prep gymwear gainz transformation hardbody strong vidafitness consejos vidaactiva healthandfitness ownlife hipthrust flexonem workaut gymnastics flip diving skill worldstar arms training coach robertonavarro vidafonsi

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J’ai le plaisir de vous annoncer que j’arrive enfin à faire des Dips 🎉 🎉🎉 Après un long moment d’entraînement et de pratique j’ai finalement réussi à avoir plus de force dans les bras et de mieux supporter mon poids. Le mouvement n’est pas parfait, mais c’est déjà ça 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾 motivation dips fitgirl fitnessaddicts arms

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25 March 2012 - 7 years ago in Greece during my army service. Antonis to the right and myself to the left. We're both carrying a FN Minimi on our shoulder and posing in the blazing heat. After rappelling down some helicopters and moving to the meeting point and positioning ourselves, we finally decided to take this photo. It's been with me since that day and I always look back at it once in a while. Fun fact: I still have the same red keychain this moment army service soldier helicopter arms armory heavy heavyduty military parade old training kilkis greece greek thessaloniki argiroupoli fantaros stratos navy

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Jour de dos ! Quel entraînement pour toi aujourd’hui amigo ? . Ca a longtemps été un point faible, j’essai de le rattraper au mieux etre assidue est le meilleur moyen 📸 alexiialicious 💍 . ericfavresport -10% Code JAY10💊. Envoi moi ta commande pour avoir ton Programme 📩 . jaypaltan_ natural mens ifbb fitness bodybuilding motivation healthy f4f l4l follow followforfollow likeforlike biceps mensphysique classicphysique arms legs hardwork blogger npc fitfrenchies follow4follow like4like followme followback bestoftheday legday picoftheday

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I can't even begin to explain how badly I needed this workout todayit's been a crazy day with the girls, holy meltdowns Batman 🙄 Pretty sure the threenager has come out full force today! 😫 So legday to the rescue! I ❤ training legs! I typically try to have two leg days a week 💪🏼 I love the basics: squats and lunges, mostly becuz they work! What is your go to exercise on leg day? . Today's workout: 3x20 Weighted lunges 3x15 Db squats 3x10 Db deadlifs 3x25 Bb cafe raises 3x20 Wide leg squats 3x10 Hip trusts goodvibes instagood motivation inspiration getfit fitfam fitspo fit fitness fitgirl fitmom liftheavy bootygoals bootyworkout flex love happy stronger exercise boom progress squats legs arms bodybuilding fitnessaddict instafit igfitness

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ТРЕНИРОВКА НА РУКИ 🙌🏻💥 ⠀ ▪️Разминка (мы бегаем один веселый трек) ▪️Подъем рук вперед 3х15-20 ▪️Сгибания рук 3х15-20 ▪️Подъем рук в стороны 3х15-20 ▪️Разгибания рук из-за головы 3х15-20 ▪️Жим гантелей 3х15-20 ▪️Разведение гантелей 3х15-20 ⠀ Если хотите тренировки на пресс и попу, пишите в комментах 🤗 ⠀ Если хотите тренить с нами, приходите на MAKE YOUR BODY в beyourselfdance ⬇️⬇️⬇️ Вт 20:00 Пт 19:00 ⠀ настбодиинтенсив тренировка руки sport arms gym motivation

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Had a great start to the week with a really good weights session, my forearm is getting stronger by the week and I'm at last able to get back into the heavier lifts! 💪🏼 . I do however need to get back on track with my diet as I've become this snack gobbling locust who can't seem to control the shit I put into my body I've worked hard forit does make me feel hearing from my therapist that uncontrollable eating is part of anxiety but I don't want it to get in the way of my goals! 💚 . Hope you've all had a good Monday! 😊 training strength progress recovery backday deadlift row arms biceps weightlifting gym homegym runnersofinstagram runnerlife runner runningman runnergram runplanet fitness instarunners instafitnesss health healthyliving mentalhealth wellbeing goodvibes exercise workout workhard positive

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⚡️⚡️ FULL BODY MEDICINE BALL WORKOUT ⚡️⚡️ All you need is a medicine ball. 4 exercises 4-5 rounds. - 1️⃣ Squat & Press, 40 seconds 2️⃣ Alternating Push-Ups, 8 per side 3️⃣ Russian Twists, 40 seconds 4️⃣ Ball Slams, 15 reps 30 seconds rest between rounds ⏱ - Song: Chicken Soup, Skrillex Wearing: nike Sports Bra, adidasnz Ultra Boosts, lululemonakl lululemonausnz Leggings

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“ lifting weight will make me look manly “ Ummm, girl no! Just no! Lifting weights, when the right weights and with the right instructions, make you defined and strong. Girl, don’t ever let anyone tell you that looking strong also can’t mean being lean! All you have to do is show up and trust the process 🙌🏽💪🏼 askmeaboutmybod fitnesswoman goalgetters fitnesslifestyle goalgetter abs ass arms strongwomen strongwoman strongmomma aaa fitmom fitnessgirl fitnesslife fixate loveyourself selflove leanmuscle musclegirls bod fitspiration fitnotskinny

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Sometimes all you want to do is eat cheese 😂 Seriously, making lunches for tomorrow I could have taken a great big bite from that block of cheese🧀, but I knew I would feel rubbish after! The good feeling has to outweigh the bad for it to be worth compromising for. For a healthy lifestyle to be sustainable you need to be able to say yes when this applies but also no when it doesn't. Last week I shared a bottle of prosecco on date night and about 6 mint matchsticks and that was worth it,🥂 the extra calories didn't even cross my mind because I knew I had worked hard the previous 3 days and still had the toughest of my workouts to come. However there were occasions where I said no to chocolate cake, ice cream, the Starbucks cake counter, biscuits and toffee pudding with custard all last week because in my mind it wasn't enough of a reason to compromise for. So no cheese for me tonight but instead a 20 minute abs session courtesy of kimfrench87 instead 😅 goals absday workoutmotivation feelinggood definition arms gymgirl gymmotivation 90daygraduate fitmummy instafit fitfam fitspo juststrongclothing juststrongambassador strongwomen girlswholift strongnotskinny progressnotperfection determined strongereveryday harderbetterfasterstronger

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💥Get The Gold's Gym Tank Top from《》 [Link in bio to buy] GET IT NOW👍 🔥Flash sale🔥 🌏Worldwide shipping available🌍 ArnoldOutlet  goldsgymtank  fitnessadict arnoldnumerouno  MrOlympia terminator instafitness  arnold  trainhard motivation gymlife  arms bodybuilding biceps legends  muscle  nopainnogain goldenera  bodybuildingmotivation  superphysique arnoldschwarzenegger  austrianoak  schwarzenegger classicbodybuilding  oldschoolbodybuilding transformationtuesday

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Really good session at The Unit tonight💪🏻 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Squats - 230kg Single 9, 190kg back offs 3’s 7🔥 Wasn’t able to bench today because of my bicep/pec playing up post squats but I’ll be looking to bench on my next session🤟🏻🔥 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ TheHuntIsOn wm_powerlifting 1WeekOut

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Back to being a red head 🤪 - Today is rest day for me. Usually Saturday & Sunday are rest days but I decided to add one more day. Well because mama wants a tone up back muscle , also the arms 😬 and since I only train my back and arms 2x a week it was time for me to add another day. 💪🏽 let’s see how this goes - - Oh , so y’all know my story about going to the gym on base🤦🏽‍♀️ (for the ones that don’t . I don’t like going to the gym on base because it’s always packed & my current gym is under renovation)well yesterday I went , pretty much empty. Sort of but I went in there and said fuck it . If people are gonna stare let them especially now cause I have the red 😂😂😂😂 anyway I kicked ass yesterday. 😎 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - fitnessenthusiast buffbunnycollection buffbunny redhairdontcare activewear marble fitnessphotography fitness fitnessmodel fit fitnesslifestyle getfit fitfam fitspo gymgirl fashion girlsthatlift fitmom momswholift lifestyle fitnessgoal muscle arms back tattoos bootybuilding strongwomen squatbooty workout weightlifting

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Be Happy 🧚🏻‍♀️Smile 🙂 and flow 🤙🏻

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8 months ago

Just Run💪🏻

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💪🏻🍑 ginnapedros culinuki al poder!

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No Pain No Gain👅✌🏻 hawkers