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Haimeng Cao – Irvine, CA Haimeng Cao is a freelance artist in Los Angeles. He graduated in ArtCenter College of Design, illustration major. His skills focus on concept design and visual development. The medium of the work is digital painting, rendering and modeling. He was influenced by several dystopian novels, especially 1984 and Brave New World, and the artists such as Mobius and Katsuhiro Otomo. The theme of his work is mainly about future city landscape design, the atmosphere and mood of the works otherwise indicate the totalitarian and formalized future societies. Every piece of work has unique camera angle and displays spectacular panorama of the city. Each city has different architecture styles and atmospheres. The story is established within those techniques. artistportfoliomagazine art artistofinstagram featuredartist artcollective artcollector curate scifi scifiart artwork visualart sciencefiction digitalpainting digitalart comicbookart buyartfromartists artist contemporaryart fineart

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Slope-side sketch

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Do you like it? . Follow artenetes for more great 🎨 Artwork by : Daniela Cinalli Rossi - danielarossi902819 . Amor Eterno [EN: Eternal love] . Obra abstracta realizada en oleo siguiendo mibimoronta de preponderar los colores. En esta obra particularmente hay una definicion prrcisa de los colores cálidos y fríos Visit: óleosobrelienzo oiloncanvas oiloncanvaspainting oiloncanvass oiloncanvaspaintings oiloncanvasboard artcall art_conquest artcollectors cuadros arte decoracion mondodesign mondocuadros walldeco homedeco cuadrosdecorativos cuadrosdecorativos cuadros painting artcollectorsofig artcollectorsoftheworld collectorsart contemporaryartcollectors youngartcollectors artcollector artcollectorx artcollectorworld contemporaryartcollector contemporaryartcollectors

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I’m not a coffee drinker. I often compare it to licking the bottom of my shoe. But if you basically add ice cream then I’m all in 🙌 📷 Jess White

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This painting has gone through quite a few changes since this photo was taken. I’ve gone through some changes too. My hair is a different length and color now, and my mood is lifting as the weather turns warmer. We are both works in progress, my painting and I, shifting hues and taking shape as we navigate who we are meant to be in this moment. My new Elizabethan inspired series is coming soon Sign up for my mailing list and stay tuned artstudio studioscenes artistsoninstagram artistatwork emergingartist juniperbriggsart crativeprocess artcollector painting wip dsart abmlifeiscolorful artist modernart creativelifehappylife originalart art contemporaryart figurativeart doitfortheprocess artistsharing artistatwork originalpainting emergingartist artlover artcurator boldbohemians bohemianhome mybohemianabode jungalowstyle boldart coloraddict

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"Mr.Brainwash: Milan is Beautiful" is going to be the first, exaggerated, outrageous solo exhibition of mrbrainwash in Italy! 💣 It will take place in our 3 galleries in the 5vie_milano district: via Santa Marta 6, via San Maurilio 18 and via Nerino 2. It's gonna be huge! 🔥 . Don't miss the chance to meet Mr. Brainwash in person during the opening night deodatoarte MilanIsBeautiful . artgallery contemporaryart streetart streetartist thierryguetta exitthroughthegiftshop mrbrainwash lifeisbeautiful milanoart milanomostre artcollector artinvestment milan artmarket fineart artaddicted artlover milanartweek igersmilano igerslombardia

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Many thanks to all the visitors and lovely people who took home my work at the weekend! Just a reminder for all you who are still thinking about it i’m offering free postage till the end of March head to and just type ‘FREEPOST’ at the check out ❤️ Here is me looking happy with robryanstudio

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Repost shelovesblackart ・・・ "No One's Pawn" (2018). Artist, Serge Gay,Jr. sergegayjr . Artist's Statement: "My work speaks for the communities who are different, out of the norm, or don’t feel equal in this world. Finding out that no matter how hard you work or how talented you are, some people will never find you as their equal or see you as “less then.” Knowing that you're always going to be fighting and proving people wrong. That is the perspective I want to showcase in my work to the world. The dialogues I’m trying to show in my work are current event issues or stories people don’t talk about in the art field, things that get pushed under the rug" . Serge Gay Jr. is a Haitian American, artist based out of San Francisco, California. He is best known for his surrealist paintings and design. His art is influenced by his homeland of Haiti, New York, Miami, Detroit and San Francisco, cities he's lived in. Gay is also a Grammy nominated Creative Director contemporaryart painting blackart blackartinamerica blackartcurators blackartcollectors blackartlovers sharingart artcollector artlover artlovers haitianamericanartist sanfrancisco sanfranciscoartist emergingartist africanamericanart africanamericanartist acrylicart acrylic surrealist surrealistart

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"BURANO" [new and available!] Inspired by the beautifully colorful city of Burano, Italy ♡ A large piece 36"x48" Acrylic/oil on canvas

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NEW “Mystery” 22x28 inches 1.5” Stretched canvas. 🖼💙🖼 I think this is the perfect size get lost in the deep layers of this piece sooooo relaxing! 😎 😌 😴 Ships worldwide. Link in bio. 💙💙

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Study of a Couple No. 2191, Taylor A. Moore Art tayloramooreart, 36”T x 24”W x .75”D Canvas. See it now at Sloan Home and Gallery sloanhome in Buckhead, Atlanta. Gallery Address: 3802 Roswell Rd. NE, Atlanta, GA Gallery Phone: (404) 228-5488 Gallery Hours: Monday-Saturday, 10 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. • • • • • tayloramooreart sloanhome atlantaart atlantagallery buckheadboutique buckheadart buckheadartist fineart fineartist artgallery fineart designerart artcollector galleryart luxuryart beautyart americanartcollector artforsale artgallery buckheadatlanta fineartgallery fineart atlantahomesandlifestyles interiordesignart architecturaldigest housebeautiful houseandgarden interiordesignmagazine atlantahomesandlifestyles atlantadesign abstractexpressionism elegantart coutureart coutureartist

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2019. Watercolour on paper. 35,5 x 27

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They say that the best fantasy is 90% of reality and 10% of a miracle. An example is Ray Bradbury. Although his best works are written in the heyday of space fiction, but the warm, homely atmosphere of most stories is quite the opposite of the cold, rational atmosphere of "space operas". Reading Bradbury, you plunge into everyday life of ordinary people (not princes and kings of space empires) and feel the closeness to the miracle that takes place in the story. As if it could happen to you, too. canvasart landscapepainting artinstagram artoninstagram artgram paint painter instalike artcollective artlover artforsale buyart artcollector artlovers artiststudio artstudio artgalleries originalart artistofinstagram landscapeart artwork artist . instaart artistic kunst artcollective artlover artdaily instartist artistic_share