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23 minutes ago

Installed some new pieces at gallery360mpls last night for an upcoming group show, Nucleus, which opens tomorrow night (Saturday, March 23rd, 7-10 pm). I’m honored to be showing with a couple of talented local clay artists lizpechacek and mountainhum. Our work will be on view through May 12th and corresponds with the 53rd annual NCECA conference ( nceca) Claytopia. Hope to see you there In addition to the exhibition are 5-foot shows by adobbratz, bertiegoldtooth, and David Short; window displays by autumn_higgins_art and priyakt. Lots of a great art to see! ** NCECA Opening Thursday, March 28th, 5-9 pm. Install photo courtesy of the lovely & talented lizlangart

36 minutes ago

When you draw on the subconscious everything becomes a self portrait. Student work. The plates to all of these are gone now. Kind of like losing the negatives - but who can keep up with a bunch of zinc plates? Now the prints are digitized. intaglio artcollectors dallasartist newworks contemporaryartist interiordecor design interiordesigners modernart collage fineart abstractart mixedmedia abstractexpressionism abstract inkandpaper dallasmodernart abstractartist artgallery shapes color texasartist freshart DallasArt instapic lovecolor artadict art InternationalArt GeorgeLacy

40 minutes ago

This piece has truly evolved into a true abstract piece. I absolutely love how it has ended up with so many layers and scraping back to reveal the colours underneath. If you followed along in my stories you would have seen the evolution to this piece. Need a title. Will mull over it for a day or two but so excited how it can out.

44 minutes ago

Date night at the museum🐰

47 minutes ago

April is Jazz Appreciation Month (fondly known as "JAM"). It was created to recognize and celebrate the extraordinary heritage and history of jazz. Thus, I'm releasing "Jam Session", my next print in a series of 18x24 inch, signed, open edition prints with a certificate of authenticity. Would you be interested? If so, I'm accepting pre-orders for $50 with free shipping and handling for a limited time. The post printing retail price will start at $60. Direct message me to place your order by credit card or PayPal or simply order online. Africanamericanartist blackart ncartist raleighartist contemporaryart limitededition art prints music McRay mcraystudios ericmcraycom artspacenc raleighnc artcollectors artcollecting jazz worksonpaper

57 minutes ago

. OPENING: Leonardo Drew Solo Exhibition Monday, 25 March & Tuesday, 26 March 6-8pm Pearl Lam Galleries Hong Kong Pedder ◆ For the past two years, Leonardo Drew lived in China and immersed himself in Chinese culture in order to create this profound, site-responsive new body of work. Building upon his interest in non-Western philosophies, Drew’s new corpus of sculptures offers insight into the artist’s diverse subjectivities, notably incorporating jagged, gold-plated shards of porcelain into the picture plane for the first time and developing compositions that appear more geological in their approach, as if reckoning with a spiritual and physical terrain of profound depth ◆ Whereas Drew’s earlier sculptures evoke qualities of urbanism in ruin, these new works feel spiritual, tectonic, and cosmic. If Drew’s work previously challenged viewers to question the cyclical nature of contemporary life, this exhibition encourages a debate between the geologic and the modern, calling into question the transformation of matter. ◆ art contemporaryart fineart hkig HK artsmonth opening artexhibition sculpture artlovers artcollectors artgallery newyorkartist wood gold wooden contemporary

1 hour ago

. I just wanted to capture the atmosphere of that day, the wind, the weather, and the street I quite like this area, maybe it makes me feel comfortable not like in the city center, I don’t know, I mean, city is cool, just not my cup of tea So they are still don’t hold hands, never mind, is not of my business, just a little story in my imagination ha ha 我只是想捕捉那天街上的氣氛,那個風⋯那個天氣⋯、街上的感覺。 . 我很喜歡這帶的感覺,可能房子比較開,我不知道欸!城市雖然很酷,但就很城市,就喔⋯好繁榮喔!然後沒了!好像不是我的菜,但多看看也好啦! . 結果他們還是不牽手,算了隨便他們。感情這種事也沒辦法免強。就算有些人有時候有感覺也會突然不見了,你也不知道為什麼,所以認真的人就輸了。好!扯遠了我知道,我們看畫就好。 . contemporaryart contemporarypainting artexhibition contemporaryartwork artprints artcollector artcollectors artcollection findart exhibitionist exhibitionists photography photographer interiordesign collection artlovers artgallery watercolour figurepainting painting art artistsoninstagram newyorkexhibition newyork newyorkcity newyorkscene daillylife everydaylife painter artist

1 hour ago

‘MMXIX.LXXXI’ Heytag a friend! Thank you. Simply marking art for anyone to enjoy, afford, own and start/add to their own art collection. Maybe THIS will be the year that IT happens w the artwork. So, along with regular work (larger pieces, etc) in progress, I’m trying to do a small work to post everyday for 2019 Also looking for exhibition opportunities. OneWorkADay 2019 Support Living Artists • Art contemporaryart artist artcollector artistsoninstagram artwork artoftheday abstractart whatshamptoning arthivemagazine artistportfoliomagazine abstrak contemporaryartcollectors abstractexpressionism modernart abstractartist abstractpainting flaming_abstracts contemporaryartcollector artcollectors paintings artoninstagram artistsofinstagram digitalartist digital

1 hour ago

"New Work in Progress" 2 layers down in paint and then some graphite scribblessee where the scribbkes lead to in daylight Swipe for detail pics Did a bit on the boho bag too, but won't be showing that until finished Acrylic and alcohol inksand graphite on 16"×34"×.75" canvas. Its actually a rework from a fluid painting for now keeping the colors of the original palatte, bupmmpt i can guarantee other colors will be poppin flaming,_abstracts, calledtobecreative abstractartists artcollectors emergingartist addictedtoabstract abstracts curators painteveryday artistslife, lifeofanartist calledtobecreative artsy bohoart bohemian bohemiandecor artsy

1 hour ago

Everything about these zipper pouches is handmade from the dye derived from nature to the construction of the pouch. Perfect for art supplies, cosmetics, or small items in a larger bag. These are made by one human y’all! delaneysmithstudio shopsmall onewomanshow indepedentartist

1 hour ago

39 feels like a long day. Self portrait for my thirty ninth birthday this month. I decided last year to do a self portrait each year on my birthday. Self portraits are super hard. With the help of mhoilpaints for paints and rosemarybrushes for brushes. creativeuprising portrait selfportrait portraitpainter portraitpainting portraiture instaportrait oil oilpainting oilpainter artcollector paintinoils originalartwork painting rosemarybrushes mhoilpaints collectors artcollectors originalfineart fineart fineartpainting artoninstagram artistoninstagram instaartoftheday collectart artgallery omahaart omaha brucesworks

1 hour ago

"Blues Cruise" 18x24 Acrylic On Canvas

1 week ago

Presenting the first painting of my new collection, Energy. Soon to be on sale. Every single one of us posses one of a kind of energy, every single one of us has stories, story from the past, story that’s right now going on, stories that are going to happen. A person has so much to tell, we have so many perspectives to learn from, and to see that power, to feel that energy is to observe, observations is the key to understanding. And understanding is the epitome way to positivity. energy theakshitabohraart myphilosophy pastelcolors pastelpencils expressionism painting art artgallary artdealers artcollectors collectibles galleries collector artmuseum artcollections collectableart passion myart pasteldrawing love linework newcollection portraitpainting portraitart artadvisor artadvisory artcurators artist indianartcollectors

2 weeks ago

The Vintage Peace, is a painting I created in abstract expressionism, on subject of a peaceful place and a beautiful landscape, it’s made with acrylics on a 90x90 cm canvas. Visit the link in bio for further details and to buy. The vintage peace is one of my original artworks on which I have written a poem too, wish it will describe my painting to you. The vintage peace The breezing wind Flowing in the eternity A place that has been lost somewhere A place, where there is just peace, and no disparities Quite, yet speaking The sound of wave coming to the shore Showing the passion it holds The strong waves filled with reflections of the beautiful nature surrounding it Shore bathing in the sunshine Sunshine coming To warm everything A place with pink clouds filled with light of love The light of love, which is gazing everywhere, every single place there is A place which is filled with love and the promises that were made to last beyond time It’s a place where I feel safe Not just physically but emotionally and mentally It’s a place preaching peace A place called the vintage peace Where there is just peace and no disparities A place called the vintage peace ~Akshita Bohra The print of the poem will be added with the painting, with a little print of the painting on the back, separately. Both will be signed and dated. Thevintagepeace theakshitabohraart passion abstractart abstractexpressionism expressionism abstractlovers artcollectors collectibles poems fineartcollector homedecor designdeinterior interiordesigner artgallery landscape beauty vintage waves clouds nature artcurator saatchiartist saatchiart painting artadvisor artadvisory artgalleries artmuseum indianartcollectors

2 weeks ago

A poem I wrote a while back, Moon of the hollow soul 💗 I am sitting in the park With some memories in my heart Looking at the moon and stars Telling myself the one thing that is above all I don’t know how long I am here in the world so apart I just know, to live the moments is what life is all about I don’t care how the future will roll As the past has told, the stories of my hollow soul moments of passion Do we rise in it or beautifully fall Moon of the hollow soul looks so bright with the spots of painful past, makes the hollow soul learn that one could shine even if there is a past with darks pain of the first start Or pain of the end All look myths When the moments of passion remains That’s the only thing I am still here for Moments of Happiness and Passion all I live for Moon of the hollow soul looks so bright with the spots of painful past, makes the hollow soul learn that one could shine even if there is a past with darks Every night with passion in its heart Moon comes out bright to enlighten the The hollow soul that has a heart Looking at the moon and stars Hollow soul still knows how to smile after all While smiling hollow soul feels, might be it was never as hollow as it thought It just needs a place where it’s all safe after all. My hollow soul won’t ever stop Filling itself with Passion of it’s moon’s brightness And the sparkles of it’s stars ~AkshitaBohra Moon of the hollow soul 28/May 2018 mypoetry poetry poet originalart art passion expressionism nevergiveup loveyourself artlove artist artcollectors collectibles galleries poem poemsofinstagram artistofinstagram lovepoems lovepoetry poetryworld worldofpoets moonofthehollowsoul theakshitabohraart soul love passion moon stars selflove artgallary artdealers

3 weeks ago

This is my original artwork which is available for sale, it’s about the classical vintage rhythm of The Kashmiri Evening. The beauty of it is magnificent and magical, and the calmness is aesthetic 💗✨ To buy this print please visit The whole link to my saatchiart page is in my bio 💗 Thekashmirievening photography originalartwork limitededitionprint Happiness theakshitabohraart magical calm photographylovers art artcollectors artgallary lake sky love passion mountains buy nikon aesthetic expressionism saatchiart interiordesign interiordecorating interiorart artforsale landscape landscapephotography theakshitabohraart saatchiartlove artmuseum

3 weeks ago

The Bold Red Beauty In Lights, is one of my artworks created with oil paints, it's extremely close to me. This piece is an original print of my art. In this artwork I have tried to bring out the boldness of the beauty, the beauty of the red love, and how strong it stands with its delicacy in the light of the world. To buy this print please visit The whole link to my saatchiart page is in my bio 💗 The print is available in other sizes as well, for other information on sizes or/and any queries, please contact akshitabohraart Theboldredbeautyinlights oilpainting limitedaddition photography print Happiness Fineartlove theakshitabohraart photographylovers art collector artcollectors photographygallery artgallary artlovers artlove aesthetic red bold beauty love passion photographylove instart feelinglove freedom strength originalartwork saatchiart artmuseum

3 weeks ago

The morning hues The sun rising view Everything is same But everyday something’s new Feeling alive in the moments Every time feels new Looking at the sunshine Everyday my morning love is new ~Akshita Bohra✨ 💗 Waking up early, the rooftop, and my lil love Nikon 💗 To buy this print please visit The whole link to my saatchiart page is in my bio 💗 Themorninglove photography Happiness clouds sky morning love passion photography sunrise nikon forsale aesthetic expressionism artistoninstagram saatchiart interiordesign interiordecorating interiorart poetry mypoetry theakshitabohraart photographylovers art buy artcollectors photographygallery artgallary artlovers saatchiartlove artmuseum

7 months ago

La Joconde is a half-length portrait painting by the Italian Renaissance artist Leonardo da Vinci that has been described as "the best known, the most visited, the most written about, the most sung about, the most parodied work of art in the world". The Mona Lisa is also one of the most valuable paintings in the world. - - - - - - - louvre museum monalisa portrait leonardodavinci painting art arte pintura fotografie fotograf photography photographie photographer paris france arty travelphoto travel instaart visual Gemälde peinture artcollectors artcollective artphotography artistsoninstagram LouvrePyramid inspiremyinstagram fotografo