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Massimo Listri: Gipsoteca Canova a Possagno, 2019 This photo is a small preview of the upcoming exhibition about Canova hosted in the halls of the Archeological Museum of Naples (MAN) and curated by my dear friend Vittorio Sgarbi The exhibition will open to the public on the 28th of Mars.

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Today’s warmup. Somehow this palette was calling to me. 8x12” sketchbook paper. Acrylic. Now back to oil and cold wax for a bit. Finally back in the studio🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️ • • • abstractartist contemporaryartist contemporarycurator contemporarypainting galleryart artfinder artcurator artdealer instaartwork newart abstractexpressionism art_spotlight artofinstagram instagramart instagramartist oilandwax walldecor interiordesigners abstractartorg showyourwork flaming_abstracts moderngallery markmaking art_com_ thescream_art abstractaddict minute16

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Please check out todays new post. “Denizen of the Deep CDDS236” A semi-representational abstract of a deep sea creature. 36X36 on metal $1800. This image represents the “native art” of the computer having been constructed with mathematical formulas. See more algorithmic “Denizens” on my IG site or visit Please “LIKE” if you like and refer your friends who look for unique art. gulfcoastartist digitalabstractart contemporaryart contemporaryabstract modernart gulfcoastartists artconsultant artforsale gulfcoast intriordesigners artconsultants designconsultants artbuyer artist bestoftheday contemporaryartgallery contemporaryabstractart featuredartist artcurator digitlartist artcollector contemporaryartcollector contemporaryartcollectors abstractartcollectors emergingartist boldbrush digitalart abstractartist artforbusiness

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"He Whom the Son Sets Free is Free Indeed" 2017 (Collage on Paper) 14 x 21.5 in. From “The One”. Miss the series? Click the link above. — - I made this collage after overcoming an addiction. This is one of two collages dealing with that time in my life. My sources were culled from a book on outdoor sculpture, a book on black and white photography of vintage Paris and from a National Geographic article on safari exploration. My goal was to show that while walking within the borders of a godly life, one could find unlimited expression. Does that sound strange? Maybe, but there it is. - Btw, the Word of God nixes every addiction: “He whom the Son sets free is free indeed” - John 8:36. - - - - - - - - - vernavalencia theartlovers artist worksonpaper collage collagewave emergingartist contemporaryart coolart curator artadvisory instacollage papercollage artcollective bibleverse artcurators artwatchers_united artcurator artlover biblestudy artcollector jesus handmadecollage biblejournaling surreal

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The response on my last post blew me away. Here is a closer look at this painting. The photo I used was from litt_visuals. It is of a girl from Sapa, in the north of Vietnam where a lot of ethnic minorities live. Lemme tell you, you go up there and you want to paint every single person you see. Or at least I did. Which is there the last three of my portraits have come from. I think now I'm gonna move on to some different sides of this country.

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I don’t know where this picture came from but I was listening to iamtomwalker new album and it just flowed straight outta me 💃🏻 So the love of space, circles and Tom Walker made this 🤷🏻‍♀️ Ready for a gloss top and ready to go to an owner! - - - - amychelseaart painting create space lunar creativeempire acrylicpainting tomwalker circles artsession supportlivingartists artfinds buckscountyartist painter usethepaint acrylicart ukartists emergingart intuitiveart creativeprocess artcurator acrylics

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~~~The mcdonald's chicago HQ features a fast food museum and a giant jacobhashimoto installation. classic work areas and meeting rooms designed by iaarchitects interact with work areas designed by o_plus_a that have the look and feel of hospitality venues. photo by garowland ~~~ art artlover loveart followart surreal surrealism design immersiveart modernart Guggenheim artfido artgallery surrealart artbasel conceptual  contemporaryart visualart moma juxtapoz sculpture artinstallation photography architecture interiordesign abstractart artcurator nature artinfluencer artadvisor

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Detail. Spring on my mind!

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Looking for their forever homes. Black and white painting is 60x36 inches, navy and white painting is 72x60 inches.

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Pierre-Auguste Renoir ‘Claude Monet Reading’ Oil on Canvas 1872 _ Private Collection _ After the war ended in 1871, Renoir eventually made his way back to Paris. He and some of his friends, including Pissarro, Monet, Cézanne and Edgar Degas, decided to show their works on their own in Paris in 1874, which became known as the first Impressionist exhibition. The group's name is derived from a critical review of their show, in which the works were called "impressions" rather than finished paintings done using traditional methods. Renoir, like other Impressionists, embraced a brighter palette for his paintings, which gave them a warmer and sunnier feel. He also used different types of brushstrokes to capture his artistic vision on the canvas. (Via:

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Sunshine on the water looks so lovely

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From Mather Lodge - 8x10 oil on linen panel - Original: $105 at . robreep Although I don’t get to do as much of it as I would like, plein air painting is one of my favorite ways to spend a day. This painting was produced just behind Mather Lodge at Petit Jean Mountain, looking to the west, with Arkansas’s tallest peak in the background, Mt. Magazine. I’m offering this one at an absolutely terrific price! $105 covers shipping as well. arty realism artlovers artworks artoninstagram oilpainting artcurator artgallery artoftheday warrenarkansas southarkansas artistlife paintinglife paintingoftheday independentartist artforsalebyartist arkansasartist arkansasart artistlife supportartists petitjeanstatepark matherlodge petitjean petitjeanmountain arkansasstateparks pleinair pleinairpainting oilpainter artforsale mtmagazine

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Based in London is the multi-media artist, Katya Shkolnik, an artist focusing on a variety of different approaches S&V will be featuring her iconic Deer series, a series woven in mystery yet in the crystal clear medium of Chroma-lux aluminum Opening Reception: March 21 2019 6:00 - 8:00pm March 21 – April 1 2019 4 W 43rd st. 416, New York NY 10036 KatyaShkolnik saphiraventuragallery artist artwork artsy abstractart artistsoninstagram artgallery art curator artcurator painting abstractpainting artstagram modernart contemporaryart ipreview via

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The View to NJ from my Roof Oil on Canvas

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« Sans-titre » acrylique, enduit et Gesso sur verre et contreplaqué / 180x130 cm /2019.

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Love this picture of my competition Winner Holly’s painting she won earlier in the year from my series of paintings of aerial beach shots. Thanks for sharing the pictures hollyjohnson 🧡

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Artist ibeananaba • • • • • "One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain." - Bob Marley 'MOMENTS OF BLISS' Charcoal & Acrylics on Archival Paper 44 x 50 inches ©ibeananaba 2018 womenhistorymonth

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SNEAK PEEK Atelier dag Studio day . Working at INTO THE UNKNOWN . YELLOW JOURNEY CITY VERSUS NATURE . Assemblage, mixed media with perspex, paper, wood. 85 x 127 cm. © Gea Zwart March 2019 . artiststudio studioview Artistlife . art artcollection modernart modernartists kunst abstractart assemblage largeart layeredart . buyart artcollector kunstverzamelen museum artcurator mkb zzp artinbusiness interieurdesign kunstuitleen binnenhuisarchitectuur . natuur INTOTHEUNKNOWN verandering life citylife nature cityart

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Torito Técnica mixta sobre papel 70 x 50 cm Consulta sobre esta obra de arte: DM o correo electrónico a : dsv_oax Inquirires about this artwork: DM or email to : dsv_oax