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Luna update: we got results back from her blood panel today and things do not look good, her numbers haven’t hardly budged and she’s terribly low on everything. We don’t know what’s causing this and we’ve already racked up a large vet bill with it continuing to climb and talk about referring her to an internal medicine specialist! Please take a look at my shop on etsy - archaic raven artifact, link in bio includes it. I also have ko-fi, a Patreon, Venmo/PayPal/squarecash if you’re more inclined to those services, but please check out my shop as every dollar will go towards her care, she’s the sweetest and most affectionate cat I’ve ever known and I’m not letting her go without a fight, but I need your help, even just a share of my links, retweet’s of my tweets, sharing and faving my shop and listings, every little thing counts and I am forever grateful for your support! catcare veterinarybills artforsale originalartforsale artprintsforsale I’m trying to avoid setting up a straight up GoFundMe but we shall see how this goes. 💔💔💔

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Summer watercolor classes in session. Every Wednesday at 6pm. First session is free. Come give it a whirl. It’s a lotta fun. I’m not sure what was happening this evening but holy cow! Something was in the air. It makes me proud to see this kind of work coming out of downtown Hammond. YUP! watercolor abstract landscape watercolorabstract landscape Art artforsale watercolorclass

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Today's progress. Part of a series of repetitive dreams I've been dreaming lately.

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DSCover UR Dzine created this 36x48 MULTI-COLORED, with a BLACK BASE and WHITE SPINES THROUGHOUT, MASTERPIECE for our a client right here in Kansas City! Isn’t it STUNNING!?🤩🤩🤩🤩❤️❤️❤️❤️🤩 The client wanted a BIG piece to be able to put in his living room! ❤️❤️🤩🤩 THIS PIECE IS GIVING ME SO MUCH LIFE Contact myself and/or my partner, ceo_of_dscoverurdzine (the designer) and let us know he we can be of service to you! 🙌🏾🙌🏾 Email: dscoverurdzine Website: abstractart abstract blackartist artist acrylic acrylicpaint acrylicpainting interiordesign blackbusiness blackbusinessmen kcartist kansascityartist kcdesigns kansascitydesigns dscoverurdzine blackart uniqueart creativeart oneofakindart instaart instagramart instagramartist instagramartists artforsale artonsale

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A fab day in the beach studio with my awesome snow boarder cousin who is recently home from Japan. I love mixing art and family, and when you have a creative family like mine it’s easy ✌🏽 - WIP to add to my blue series of abstracts 💙 lauraludwickart art painting artist impressionism acrylic abstractart artistherapy artformindfulness creativity artcollector art_spotlight instaart artistsofinstagram apaintingaday artforsale artsupport mixedmediaart oceanartwork oceanart abstract_art

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Everyone has that one friend who acts a bit crazy. They might even have crazy as part of their nickname. It's hard to know just how crazy they really are until it's too late and the apocalypse is happening and you know you would be dead if it wasn't for your crazy friend. Sure you're wearing a homemade skinsuit and eating worms, but that sure beats being dead. right? zombie twd thewalkingdead horror art artforsale buyart darkartist horror_sketches weird artoftheday horrorart

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WORK IN PROGRESS URBAN MONSTERS COLLECTION( endoskeleton ) Urban Monsters. Creatures from the deep who found Earth, explored our culture and decided to infiltrate the streets. They creep on street style and urban life disguised in teenage human suits chicagoartist chicagoart illustration ink pen chicago urbanart urbanmonsters streetart streetartchicago art acrylic marker artforsale danko art artist monster creature character fashion streetculture graffiti art artist urbanart dankochicago streetfashion city artforsale alien ufo adopt

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Evening painting sesh. It helps to paint pieces side by side to take away the pressure off an individual piece. 🌌——————————————————— Series of minis coming soon! Stay posted 🖤 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ artwork art instaart fineart fineartist denver denverart denverartist painting forsale affordableart instaartwork artoftheday interiordesign interiordesigndenver wallart customart artforsale coloradoart coloradoartist artforsale abstractart abstractlandscape abstractexpressionism carveouttimeforart doitfortheprocess timelapse watercolor worksonpaper

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This one got a little weird with the black undercoat. Also, I shooed away a wasp in the middle of combing out one of the sections! Needless to say, this one may have a future home in the scrap bin unless someone wants to take this quirky little fella home! 😳😱🙄🤣 neveradullmoment oopsart quirkyart supportyourfriends artmywall interiorart abstractart artistsoninstagram fluidart fluidartloop originalart originalartwork originalartforsale artforsale abstractobsession fluidsoul artforthehome artforsalebyartist artoninstagram abstractart_daily livecreatively artshare artforlife liquidart emergingartist womenartists

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🖐 Welcome to Jerry Editor Photography. ⁣ ⁣📷 Photo Title: Spirit Island ⁣ ⁣🌇 Photo shot by Jerry Editor ⁣ ⁣📍Photo location: Jasper, Alberta, Canada 🇨🇦 ⁣ ⁣🗻 Spirit Island is a tiny tied island in Maligne Lake in Jasper National Park, surrounded by the snow-capped Canadian Rockies, the most beautiful landscapes that you can imagine. The artist and explorer Mary Schaffer became the first European to lay eyes on Maligne Lake in 1908, she called it “the Hall of Gods”. ⁣ ⁣☑️ Tag some friends to join and follow me. ⁣ ⁣🖼 Buy Wall Art for Home and Office Decoration and/or licenses for commercial or extended use. ⁣ ⁣🔘 Contact me ⁣ ⁣✉️ jerryeditor ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ art artforsale artist artoftheday artwork beautiful canada canvas canvasprints decor home homedecor homedesign house interior interiordesign interiors landscape landscapephotography naturephotography painting photo photographer photography photooftheday photos photoshop pictures travel wallart ⁣ ⁣

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_ART FOR SALE Art Print of my Works. _Title: _Djavan Brazilian Singer and song writer. _Technical:_Photoshop Brushes _Size:_32,5×42,5Cms _Media:_ArtPrint _Made in Brazil _Contact me in: domiciomelo Consult Prices and Conditions of Sending! Limited prints available, signed and numbered. Made in Brazil. artcontemporary Gallery Art modernkunst kunstgalerie kunst modernartist contemporaryartcollection artcurators plasticarts photography finearts collage digitalart artwork artforsale fineartprint creative gigleeprints artsy madeinbrazil1

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To all the visionaries out there how to finish the negative space before resining thoughts? 🤔 I painted it an opalized white, but it just looks unfinished. I am stuck on a his one and definitely in need of ideas. 🙃 janelovesdesign iloveart negativespace indianaartist flipcup acrylicpouring dirtypour pourart fluidart fluidpainting fluidartwork artforsale fluidartfinds acrylicpourn fluidpour fluidartworld acrylicart artstudiouniverse indyartist artistofinstagram acrylicblog fluidart_daily shareartsyness indianapolisartist _thinkart colorexplosion thisisaworldofart abstractart_daily artistssupportingartists communityovercompetition

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Fine art prints of this little bee headed to pollinate some peonies is up for grabs! $20 8x10 prints available - just DM me or visit • • •⁣ originalart createeveryday affordableart artforsale makesomething artcollectors carveouttimeforart doitfortheprocess mybeautifulmess artistic_share galleries studioscenes bee sharingart fieldstudy insectart honeybee savethebees pollen beekeeping beekeeper peony watercolor instartpics dsart arts_secret beehive artcollector artmagazine dailyarts

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These were a favorite at the Raw Art Showcase in April. I have these and a few more from that show still available. Visit my instastories to see pics + prices. As usual, shipping is already included 😊 Plus, if you're interested in a downpayment/payment plan, just let me know 😉 This set is $250 - Two 12" Acrylic Pour on canvas. deklisartstudio DASMe🎨

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"At The Plaza" Price of this Masterpiece as a high quality Limited Edition print on canvas: Size (in inches)/Price* 8x10 $ 125.00; 10x10 $ 150.00; 11x14 $ 175.00; 14x14 $ 200.00; 16x20 $ 250.00; 10x30 $ 350.00; 18x24 $ 400.00; 16x32 $ 450.00; 20x30 $ 500.00; 24x36 $ 650.00; 20x48 $ 1000.00. * Price doesn't include frame, shipping, handling, insurance. To order call + 1 317 790-0090 or email at gershart . All sales are final, no return, no refund and no exchange. If you want to buy this original Masterpiece or high quality Limited Edition prints of this masterpiece, contact me at (outside of the USA +1) 317 790-0090, or at gershart To find out the price of the original Masterpiece, please contact me directly through one of the methods of contact demonstrated here above. Impressionism (impressionism pointillism) drawing. Black marker, ball point pen, Indian ink and pen on hand-made Indian paper. ©2019. Gersh. All rights reserved. city impressionism impressionist landscape mall plaza pointillism scenery contemporaryartist contemporaryart artworkforsale buyart buyprint buyartprint buyprints buyartprints buydrawing buypainting buydrawings buypaintings buypaintings purchaseart drawingsforsale paintingsforsale paintingforsale art artforsale

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• Prints for Sale NOW❣️ ELTON JOHN / ROCKETMAN CC: rocketmanmovie Acrylic / Glitter On Paper DM ME if interested in purchase! 💘 L I L L I A N ©️ 2019 • 😍 F R E E SHIPPING in US ✈️ $45+ PER PRINT Available in Sizes 9x12” and 12x18” • DM ME FOR CUSTOM ARTWORK📥 artforsale artcollector color portraitdrawing painting drawing graphicdesign doodle doodleart art artist artwork artistsoninstagram creative instaart illustrationoftheday illustration sketch sketchbook illustrator lfl followme follow4follow tagsforlikes like4like likeforlike l4l instalike artgallery artoftheday

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ARES, GOD OF WAR Acrylic On Paper DM ME if interested in purchase! 💘 L I L L I A N ©️ 2019 • 😍 F R E E SHIPPING in US ✈️ $45+ PER PRINT Available in Sizes 9x12” and 12x18” • DM ME FOR CUSTOM ARTWORK📥 artforsale artcollector color abstractart fineart painting graphicdesign doodle doodleart art artist artwork artistsoninstagram creative instaart illustrationoftheday illustration sketch sketchbook illustrator lfl followme follow4follow tagsforlikes like4like likeforlike l4l instalike artgallery artoftheday

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TIT MOUSE By far the cutest and most hilariously named bird • Watercolor On Paper DM ME if interested in purchase! 💘 L I L L I A N ©️ 2019 • 😍 F R E E SHIPPING in US ✈️ $45+ PER PRINT Available in Sizes 9x12” and 12x18” • DM ME FOR CUSTOM ARTWORK📥 artforsale artcollector color watercolor drawing painting graphicdesign doodle doodleart art artist artwork artistsoninstagram creative instaart illustrationoftheday illustration sketch sketchbook illustrator lfl followme follow4follow tagsforlikes like4like likeforlike l4l instalike artgallery artoftheday

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I’ve worked as a marketer all my working life. So when my client from Israel wanted me to make her Reflexology Clinic’s name alphabet, the first thing I asked her to send me was her logo. Her clinic ‘Calma’, has a wonderful logo designed by her. I interpreted her logo, and this is my gift to her. In this heart, which is a part of her brand logo, I’ve stuck to her brand colors and I’m sure she’ll have fun trying to figure out where and how I’ve incorporated all of them here (because I have). The primary brand marker is an uplifting peach-orange, for which I had matching pigments. The rest of the colors are mixed in the 4 layers of resin pours :) •••This is a project where the back is no less pretty than the front And what’s a little good luck token without some sparkle? Swipe to the end to see how the rose gold and holographic black glitter on the heart SHINE ✨ *DM me if you want a pretty heart like this for your loved ones or for you.* art_resin just4youonlineuk Music: Bossanova Site:

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My client runs a reflexology clinic in Israel. When she told me she wanted the name alphabet for her Clinic, I had no clue about Reflexology. I requested her to send me literature on it, and it’s a fascinating topic! Her clinic is called “Calma” and she wanted peaceful and calming vibes. So I chose colors that work to calm- White, beige and a hint of pink. These three form a marbled backdrop to some beautiful dull gold highlights. The alphabet is a custom made C in 15”. I wish her nothing but the best in her wonderful endeavor, and thank her so much for believing enough in me to give me this project. 💞 *DM me if you want something similar for yourself. I’ll be happy to work with you.* art_resin armorart_usa goldenpaints liquitexofficial michaelsstores

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Good morning! Many of you are new to my Insta & very few know me in real life-so thought I’d introduce myself. I’m Meenal, the resident artist 🤘🏼 Brought up in Mumbai, India, I’ve been a native New Yorker for a decade now. It’s funny how similar Mumbai and NYC are- the unmatched energy, drive, noise, bustleand yes traffic 🚦. Mommy to two amazing , I’ve also been blessed with the world’s best parents, husband & friends. I majored in Economics and got my MBA, post which I worked hard-core corporate job for a decade. Of late, I’ve returned to my passion- art. I studied Art History at Columbia Unv. (yes I’m a geek), and now, with my toddler growing up super fast, I’ve taken to creating art more regularly. This is my account where I share my art journey- old and new techniques, experiments, my highs and of course my mistakes all here. Hope you enjoy this as much as I do 🙏💙

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N I K H I L A | V I M A L nikhilavimalofficial For commission sketches mail me, dm me or visit my website Material used Prismacolors,staedtler mars lumograph black,lotus 145 gsm sheet portrait prismacolors A4 staedtler instart colorpencil sketch artwork malayali art artistsoninstagram portraitdrawing portraitdrawing charcoal artrealism artwork artforsale staedtler mystaedtler instagramart instart drawingindian portrait artpromotion pencilsketch pencilartworld blackandwhite art_realism_ artrealism pencilacademy mallu actress dancer instaartwork jitinjrarts