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Follow road2art for more amazing tutorials Here is something you’ve seen a million times already, but still can’t seem to do it. That’s my situation atm 👻Follow road2art for art tutorials 👻 Follow arttoolbook if you are a manga artist 👻Source : 👻Disclaimer: I do not own any of the pictures posted unless stated. If you are the owner, DM for credits or removal 👻 . art animeart manga mangaart mangadrawing animedrawing drawing sketch sketching artist artistic reference artreference drawingreference howto howtodraw creativity pencil watercolor watercolorpainting aquarelle painting oilpainting acrylicpainting aotd artoftheday calligraphy realism realisticdrawing howto

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“有人说, 很想试试迎面跑来被你一把深拥的感觉 嘁,何止呀 在和你对视后坦然扬起嘴角 看到别的女孩儿靠近你光明正大地闹个别扭 冬天的时候笑着把冰冰凉凉的手伸进你的衣领 到夏天傍晚的校园小路上踩着你的影子散步 这些,我都想和你试一试”

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What's your favorite type of weather? Bright sunny skies, foggy days, overcast and moody? The sun always brightens my mood but I love painting moody skies and I love the sounds of a summer thunderstorm 😊 A work in progress, looking forward to getting back to the easel! instaart artoftheday galleryart instaartist artistic gallery creativity myart becreative getcreative artforsale artcollectors originalart modernart contemporaryartist artlovers contemporaryart artstudio maineartist artforthehome jenniferlynnestone makelifebeautiful maineartistsofinstagram maineartists workinprogress skyscape skyscapepainting workingartist doitfortheprocess thestudiosource

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so,, idk if a lot of you guys notice this but for my friend’s birthdays i usually write a list of a 100 reasons why i love them. well today is my birthday so i thought it’s about time i gave myself some self appreciation. therefore, here’s a 100 reasons why i love myself: • 1. im funny 2. im cute sometimes i feel like im not cute but i really am 3. i have a steady art style 4. my art has improved so much 5. yeast! 6. std jokes. 7. i tend to be optimistic 8. im extroverted! 9. i’m so good at choosing friends like holy fuck i have the BEST friends 10. hotaru is a really good oc and i’m proud of him and his character development 11. even though i dont really expression my fashion sense,, i have a good one 12. i have a hella good music taste 13. im NOT a picky eater 14. i’ve grown as a person 15. i’m supportive 16. i’m nice 17. i’m shy when people first meet me but i tend to open up to people easily 18. i really am hilarious ok i make myself laugh 19. i fuckin love chips and salsa. kinda irrelevant but im eating them rn and theyre good ok 20. HOTARU AND MUSIKO 21. kitties 22. and hedgehogs 23. i should look more into hedgehogs 24. im somewhat creative 25. i have a lot of freetime so im able to be there for people 26. i’m clingy which can be a bad thing but i give good hugs 27. i’m good at giving cuddles! 28. i have a funky typing style 29. my emoji uses r iconic 30. im a QUEEN ok 31. i used to be really body insecure but im growing to love my body even if i do have a want to be smaller 32. my roleplay style is nice 33. my typos are funny 34. i get over bad things easily 35. i don’t hold grudges 36. i have a cute smile 37. my eye color is really pretty 38. i have good character taste 39. i never judge people based off appearance 40. i have a lot of good friend qualities 41. i do my best to send people good morning and good night messages 42. I SMELL HELLA GOOD 43. im good at acting 44. my singing skills are bad but thats okay! 45. i get to meet not one but TWO internet friends in november 46. i type fast 47. ^on computer and phone 48. my cat is cute 49. i have nice glasses 50. my hair is soft 51. i’m tall(ish?) 52. i have weird habits { cont }

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Le petit nouveau slickwoods 🌹 Acrylique

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The goldfinch

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"Aora" 24 Acrylic on Canvas 36" x 12" x 1.5" Handmade Custom Natural White Oak Frame Link in Bio

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Geometric Earrings: "Mirror" from Intergalactic Punks Series. "Intergalactic Punks" are humans that have escaped from the system. They are using their energy force against our fear based society. Between the two forces fear and love, they choose love. They are fighting for our planet’s freedom. They are getting more and more. Enjoy this event through my jewelry art. Remember to say “thank you” and “ I love you” to our beautiful universe every single day. Earrings made from white bronze and silver 925. Square’s side length 4.5 cm. Silver 925 ear wire 2cm. Photography by Antonis Kavouris Remember your power . geometric geometricearrings handmade rhombus rhombusearrings rhombusjewelry shape sterlingsilver silver925 mat metalic fab girl beauty energy force power creativity inspiration photography artistic light dark 925 bigsize habsmadejewelry germansilver mirror jewelrycollection jewellery

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Within 7 Hours: There was far less in between in-progress shots, and I apologize, but this status update was within 7 hours of work total. The color pencil takes a lot longer than the markers, but I think it's turning out pretty decently! I love the fact that I could use a picture of my gf as a model for the fake ad. I love drawing her anyways! Mind you, she does look a heck of a lot tanner and older in my drawing than she actually does. 😅 art artist artwork artoftheday artistsoninstagram draw drawings sketch arts artsy artistoninstagram artlovers artistic artstagram instaart artlife drawingoftheday girlfriend uncc unccstudent finearts illustration prismacolor within7hours unccart unccartstudent

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I’m feeling pink today 💕 _ - - -