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The patterns trees create, each season, different and beautiful, always amaze me 🌿✨ . I've been reading The Hidden Life of Trees by Peter Wohlleben and it's just enhancing the magic I already felt from trees. The thought of how they live on a completely different time scale has changed how I look at many things . So grateful to be surrounded by trees regularly 🌿💗

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ExperimentelArt 🤘. Model : Mercedes😊❤️😊 mercedesg_benz Nr:20002051/2 Art / edit : kboultwood Original pic : mercedesg_benz Made this digital art for my favorite model📸 : mercedesg_benz A.Professional,beautiful & sweet Model & Actress. If you like ,go and look att her cool Model-pics. Thanks . artwork artists artworks artistlife art model modeling modellife artworks models modelling model📷 modelphotography modelshoot cool artistsoninstagram artwork arts instaart model📷 modelart sweet

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One of my hobbies Goldfish keeping is not easy. For beginners, many buy a bowl without filter or airation machine with one fish. Those fish are doomed for a certain death. Goldfish eat a lot, making the water very dirty, very quick. They often get killed by toxic level of nitrogen. They need more water than other fish, they won't leave any plants alone and prone to many diseases. It is a lot of work but it is a very rewarding hobby. Growing up with many different breeds of goldfish and silk carp, I love them very much. koreantradition koreansymbolism goldfish koreanfish koreanhobby natureofKorea lifeinKorea Koreananimals Koreanart Kangsookkorea Koreanartist paintinginkorea artistlife corea beautyofkorea lifeinKorea

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Sevmek Sanattır Algılamaktır sevmek Sardunyalardaki gizli güzelliği Gormek gibi Dikenler arasında bir gülü anlamak gibi Bir yudumda bin kere tatmak gibi aşkı Sevmek bağlanmaktır Her anında yasatmaktır sevgılıyı Sıcaklığını hissetmektir Zorluklara katlanmaktır beraberce Ve bir sarhoş edasıyla asmaktır her bir engeli Ve ona giden her bir yolu kabullenmektir içinde Sevmek sanattır…. art artist artwork artistlife artlife exhibition painter canvas oilpainting artlove

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WADrepresent Cada proyecto al que nos aventuramos implica nuevos y distintos retos. De la voz de raulaguasart, chepeshepe, leomonzoy y ramonepropagandista conoce la experiencia de los artistas trabajando en el arte de selina Cancún Downtown y Laguna. Ve el video completo en nuestro canal de IGTV. Link de youtube en bio. Video y edición: mauespinom pureartpurepower wearewad selinalife selinart arteurbano urbanart art design artistasmexicanos  artistaemergente colorland artistlife

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This week's SoulscapeFeatureFriday goes to the tremendously diverse and talented Dallas artist benfluno. His recent adventure into bright colors caught my eye with this fascinating painting of color and drippy goodness. Stop by his profile and show him some love! 👉👉 benfluno FeaturedArtist • Wishing everyone a beautiful Memorial weekend! 🎨🇺🇸

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Have an amazing weekend ☀️ Love ❤️

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We’re not in Kansas anymore

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✨👱🏻‍♀️🎨 It’s FridayIntroductions so I thought I’d share a wee bit about me + my journey • I spent years as a stay-at-home mom, creating with my daughter + son, and blogging about motherhood, mental illness, + personal growth ( ) before returning to the workforce to provide for myself + my . I have a BS in accounting that I put to good use as a decorative piece in my home 😅 • I am a self-taught artist and, while I’ve created my entire life, I truly embraced my creative soul with the birth of my daughter ~ I wanted to authentically show up for her + that meant living in alignment with what sets my soul on fire 🔥💥🌟 • Nowadays, I spend every day creating ~ whether it be painting, mixed media work, drawing, writing, or capturing photographic treasures. When I’m not creating at home, I get to flex my creative muscles at work at largerthanlifeinc with my partner in crime Ken coffee_wine_and_paper 🧔🏻💙Together, Ken + I own Etsy shop Spence + Spencer (there’s a link in my bio) ✨ I think that, sometimes, it’s good to take stock of how far you’ve come ~ we often forget to actively acknowledge our triumphs, our accomplishments, our journey. Nowadays, though, I’m all about remembering how kick-ass I can be! 🤩🤪 • What accomplishments are you especially proud of? What do you do to remind yourself of your goodness?• heatherercsespence spenceandspencer fridayintros bio artistsofinstagram artistsoninstagram artist lasvegasartist womenartists mixedmediaartist creativegrid creatives art artlove artistlife momlife creativelife love motherhood artistry etsyshopowner etsyseller etsysellersofinstagram etsyartist

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I'm back from the opening night and guess what? I received one of the 3 awards granted to the exhibiting artists There must be a good alignment of the planets for me this month 🌟🌟🌟😃 je suis de retour du vernissage qui avait lieu ce soir et devinez quoi ? J'ai reçu l'une des 3 mentions accordées aux artistes Il doit y avoir un bon alignement des planètes pour moi ce mois-ci 🌟🌟🌟😃 artistlife artexhibit localartists awardedartist villedelorraine imsohappy abstractlandscape oilandcoldwax painting viedartiste artistesdici tellementheureuse paysageabstrait peinturealhuile cirefroide

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¿ Y tú ? Dime ¿Qué tiras al agua? - Alberto Cortez. • • • Tengo varios días tarareando este poema musicalizado de AlbertoCortez quien recientemente abandonó este plano terrenal para brillar eternamente en el cielo como una estrella más (qepd) • • Es tan necesario a veces limpiar, botar, soltar y tirar al agua 🙏 Digo, así dejamos espacio para todo lo nuevo que está por llegar. • • • Liberar Soltar Limpiar Transformacion Amor Vida Resiliencia Espiritualidad Arte Amor Artistas Teatro Feliz ArtPty picoftheday Actriz Cantante Artista Cubanita Puig CubanosPorElMundo ArtistLife Artist Acting Actress Singer DoingWhatILove Panama Cuba

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“Your life will not always teach you the important lessons in a tender way and maybe that’s not how you’re supposed to learn such life-changing lessons. That’s why the things that shake us up the most are things that live with us.“ — AQ Art Work by AQ! artperspective abstractart artwork arte drawing abstractpainting visualart oilpainting artsy atrist artistsoninstagram artistlife visualart artistic contemporaryart repost contemporarypainting illustration 3d 3dart illustrationartists arcylicpainting blackheart watercolorpainting watercolor_guide visualeffects 3dpaintings doodle doodleart artstudio