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30 MM Gemstone Moonstone Pendant, Wedding & Engagement, Sterling Silver Pendant, Gothic Pendant, Large Moonstone Jewelry, June Birthstone Jewelry, Best Gift For Women Necklace, Blue Flash Pendant Moonstone Gemstone Pendant and Rings handcrafted with Solid 925 Sterling Silver. 💠DM to purchase 💠 handmadejewelry sterlingsilverjewelry fashionaddict 925sterlingsilver bridesmaids ringsofinstagram artistsofinstagram ambrajewels giftforher fashionista instagood instagramers instajewelry jewelrygram bohofashion bohemianjewelry sterlingsilver healingcrystals artisianjewelry handmade bohemianstyle finejewelry bohojewelry moonstonering metaphysical moonstone ring shopsmall ooakjewelry bridalshower

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This piece is almost almost done I think lol!, After many years of doubts and uncertainties on this beautiful piece. It sat on my walls just black n white for a lonnng timebut it needed change. It needed love! 😳👌🤷🏽‍♂️❤️ I love it now though, once I brought colour to this powerful piece. It came to life It’s nearly priceless to me nowbut Who what’s it?! Offers?! 🤔 💵💵💵 art arrtist follow artistsofinstagram artistsofinstagram influencer graphicdesign entrepreneur followforfollowback followme power indigenous hiphop aboriginal yolo digginz truemindnation truemind forsale newart newartist artsy life live love wow great painting painter painted

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Unique Sketch for a last minute order or my kickstarter book + A5 sketch package. Only 5 copies of the book left if you want one. Book only is £40. Book + unique A5 sketch is £65. Both options have free worldwide delivery. DM me. Order by Friday to get your name printed in the book. Once it’s gone, it’s gone ink comic comicart blamandglam latex latexgirl latexgirls pinup pinupgirls pinupgirl pvc leather artistsofinstagram artistoninstagram artistsoninstagram artistofinstagram dailypic dailyart art artist platinumblonde babesnguns halftone eroticart inks demon 6eye demonhuntress pleaserheels sketch

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St. John of Damascus. First time in a while that I drew an icon in this style! This was meant to be just an initial sketch for an icon a friend commissioned, but I ended up completing the whole thing with drafting pencil on printer paper.

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Another client photo with a sparklescape purchased from my show bluecrowgallery last month 💕 This piece made its way safely to Espanola (Sudbury area), and has settled nicely into its new home. Love love seeing photos of where they end up ~ thank you Shelley! * * * amandachristinaart rechic rechicstudio stratford canadianartist torontoart torontodesign artcollectors artistsofinstagram instaart instagramart artcollectors artwatchers artist abstractart contemporaryart modernart emergingartist interiordecorating interiordesign design creativecommunity passioncolorjoy toronto turquoise bokeh sparklescape outoffocus blur

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A few examples of my freehand digital drawings printed on metal. If you’re interested in purchasing items such as metal prints (optional framing included), mugs, coasters, phone cases t-shirts or more with my artwork, let me know ASAP as I’m taking orders now. ✏️🎨🖼👩🏻‍🎨 artistic artwork artworks artlover artlovers originalart artistsofinstagram artistsoninstagram artistoninstagram artistofinstagram artofinstagram artistoninstagram digitalart digitaldrawing digitalpainting tiger tigers animal animals nature wildlife birds parrot artforsale

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Splatoon - June 2019

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A big ol oldie but goodie swip for a hand detail—I painted this in my New York days and was super in love with the graffiti everywhere. ART INSPIRING ART 🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨 • • • “Mums the word” 48x72” _ oiloncanvas & glitter • • • • creator maker manifestor painting oilpainting figurativeart figurativepainting largeformat largeformatpainting contemporarypainting contemporaryart artistoninstagram art artist artistsofinstagram lizfloresartist thetigerlizzyartist painter paintersofinstagram chicagoartist goldenrectangle meredith.meredith.meredith

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I am super excited for this commission 😻 This is Molly and I love every single photo her human sent. Which to pick?

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You know what they say, the hotter the temps, the shorter the shorts! 🔥 Get summer ready at our Marketplaces with the perfect vintage Levi’s for all your summer adventures. 😎

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You’ve been given an unlimited art supply budget BUT you only have 30 seconds to say what you want to buy before the magic offer is gone! What would make your list?! 🧞‍♀️🧞‍♂️🧚‍♀️🧚‍♂️🎨 (photo credit artbyterrah)

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Beware of Dark_adopts_ I have ignored this for a while but now it’s just bothering me they have stolen sirens.notes art work before her style and everything and they also have been proven to be a scammer anyone who sells their characters and says it can be taken back that’s illegal and surely cannot happen people are allowed to do freely whatever they want with their characters after it has been sold to the new owner this matter shouldn’t be ignored any longer they also have another account called darks_art_ so beware of them ~ Mil🐺

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‘Autumn in Bright, Victoria’ by Brian Nash just found a new home 🌅 🍂

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Found this today, I bought this Faber Castell graphite pencil set in 2001 for my first year at faculty of fine arts, I remember that I loved it so much and wanted to keep the metal case, but what I don't remember is how I used these pencils at that small size as I didn't have a pencil extender 🤔🤣 pencil fineart finearts fineartists fineartstudent facultyoffinearts alexandria egypt fabercastell art artist drawing sketch sketching drawings artistsoninstagram artistsofinstagram

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flowers and flamingos (mixed media) In 2016, and While I was working on my PhD artworks, my little sister came and gave me a pink gum that she was about to throw away because she figured out that it contains E120 which is food red color that is produced from an insect, beside it’s disgusting, it’s not “HALAL” for Muslims to eat, so she gave it to me and said that she thought I may use it in any art project instead of throwing it in trash, so that what I came up with. I used the same display design I made for two of my PhD artworks, but here it is more quick and may be a little bit lower quality than the PhD work. See steps of this work and my PhD project on my behance: craft art finearts mixedmedia gum gumart e120 modern decore decoration flamingo flowers halal muslim islam food red foodcolor fibeart artist artistsofinstagram paper wallpaper collage collageart paperart