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digital redraw of an older one hehethe ten commandments say 1. love men in a gay way 2. fuck cops and I follow them devoutly 🙏⚣ gayart transart artistsoninstagram

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the new super trip talk has thatsbrianda breaking into different dimensions 🕳 and also anxiety hives ————————————————— ——————————— ————— — ✨ Tune into the new Super Trip Talk podcast every Friday beginning 5.31 to hear all about how thatsbrianda and itspuffandra suck a dick in space. Cant wait ✌🏽 ——————————————— ——————————————— podcasts podcaster contentcreator instagood funemployment artistsoninstagram digitalmarketing thotties supertriptalk cannasseur cannabiscommunity nyc nasa

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Вы просили такой стиль,йа сделяль🙃 *Юнсоки канон* Рисовала вчера этот недоарт и смотрела Стар против сил зла, великолепный мультик, им и вдохновилась😍 А именно такая идея,противопоставления дня и ночи,льда и огня давно не покидала мою головоньку🤔 Мне кажется,или уже какой-то стиль вырисовывается😅 Thanx for your attention❤️💕 btsscetch minyoongi suga bts btsloveyourself btsarmy btsfanart btssuga packjimin rapmonster jhope jungkook kimsokdjin taehyung btsscetch fakelove idolbts loveyourself kpop kpopart kpopfashion btsart watercolor watercolorpainting btsfansign minyoongi kimtaehyung kpopart kpoper kpop watercolorbtsfanart artistsoninstagram

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Summer never ends🌞😎

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3人が私の絵を描いてくれました‪‪❤︎‬ みんな美化して描いてくれてほんとうにうれしい、最後の写真は、最近の私だけれど似ている……!いつもライブにも来てくれて優しくて楽しくて、絵がお上手な最強の3人です 皆さんフォローしてください!3人ともほんとうにどうもありがとう……❤︎💋

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|Matcha Mermaid| 02 Another one that I’ve completed this week. The Matcha green tea is one of my favourite drinks.😍 Hopefully I can publish my series of books soon.✌️ ❤Like & Follow bunillustrations ! 👍FB page: Bun Illustrations Mermaid Mermay20l9 MermayChallenge Digitalart digitalillustration Sketch Lineart Fantasy Manga popsurreal watercolor watercolorist watercolorpainting watercolorart mangaartist illustrations artistsoninstagram artofvisuals traditionalart anime drawing artcollectors 水彩 水彩画 aquarelle aquarellepainting coloringbook

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I don’t know how many of you is like me, watching hundreds of videos about painting and drawing, then you decide every time that you will start at the weekend and try out yourself but at the end you never start and just keep looking those amazing videos for like ages😅. Well after so many years of motivation and dreaming I finally went to the creative shop and bought some colors. It is amazing that after so many videos actually you are starring your canvas and have no idea where to start.😂 Fortunately this kind of a first moment panic goes away as you put your paint on the canvas and it’s creating a way to follow. How was it by you at the “beginnings “? Or are you still a dreamer? dream hobby fun creative color interior painting acrylics acrylicpainting photography happy meditation explore mood art artwork artistsoninstagram art_spotlight love passion

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