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Adding a garden to a chateaux 🌷Trying something new with transparent layers not sure where it’s going to take me🧡hopefully somewhere magical✨🌿 anyways meantime sound on for some lovely tunes ☺️ • • • • originalartwork originalpainting canadianartist youngsrtist artstudio artpost paintinginprogress artistic_nation artistic_share painteveryday artistlife girlswhopaint artlovers paintersofinstagram artistsofinstagram bayareaartist sanfrancisco worldofartists pastel workinprogress paintingprocess

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Изначально задумывалась другая концепция. Но по скольку я отложила её очень надолго, запал уже пропал, поэтому решила привести эту работу к какому-то логическому концу. 🌙 watercolorprocess hypnotizing_arts artistuniversity art_overnight artstrending artist_sharing dailyart artpost watercolorpainting art_insanely art_viral art_worldly art_gallery instaartist workinprocess artw aquarela aquarellepainting aquarelleartist акварель illustration sunlight_art moonart inspiring_watercolors art_we_inspire

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My first attempt at resin coasters was very trial and error Mainly error 🙈 Still excited for the de mould! I can see why many people create the sea looks 🌊 😍 • •silicone coaster mould from Ebay •used glasscast resin acrylicpouring alcoholink resin glasscast resinart pigment plywoodsheet silicone canvas glitter crafting gift giftideas art pouringart geode heatgun primer metallic resink dailyart artpost handmade ukart resinpour siliconecoaster resinsea resinrose resincoasters

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Тот самый момент, когда принесла показывать свои рисуночки подружаням, и они открыли эту страницу. Последовал вопрос: "как ты нарисовала такой красивый колокольчик?" Все бы ничего. Вот только это не колокольчик. Сидишь после этого, думаешь. А в жизни же так же. Только не про колокольчики речь П.С. пришлось доказывать, что это лиса)) art arttattoo artisticshare artistic_discover artsanity artnerd artempire artpost worldofpencils dailyarts artcollective assemble_art drawing wildnature notebook picture illustration instaart artwork creative amazing pictures scetchbook scetchtattoo scetch fox pencilart artbook tatto flowers

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I don’t know what the universe has in store for my future, but shit what I do know is that I’m so thankful for what I have rn and everyone who’s been supporting me lately🔮

4 hours ago

Finally finished the winner of the calgaryflamescuties Pinup Portrait giveaway contest: andrealisaxo ! I’m sure she was bummed that the Flames got bounced, but the future is bright in Saddletown!

4 hours ago

I know it’s been a little while but this is my finished oil painting I did ( almost ) the entire thing with a pallet knife and this painting is easily half my size but I loved to paint it and I hope you think it turned out well ~ ~ ~ characterart artpost themedpainting character thanksfordealingwithmeguys oc ocglowup ocean oceanman myoc icedkoffeeoc oil oilpainting oilpastel oilpaintings palletknifepainting pallet fish oceanlife sebastian painting originalcharacter originalcharacterart originalcharacters palletknife timewellspent undead undeadfish mermay mermay2019

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Paketan coffee vintage •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Ukuran 40x30cm Tebal 1cm •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Price&order by dm WA 083811668326 Lokasi cibinong bogor Bisa COD/Kirim2 . artposter artpost posterdesign postermurah woodenposter posterdinding posterdindingmurah posterkayu posterkayumurah hiasandinding cafe hiasankamar popart hiasancafe hiasancoffee vintage coffeeshop gamer coffee hiasandindingbogor ngopikuy minimalis ngopikuy hiasanrumah hiasankayu decor walldecor woodenwood codbogor

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Iwan fals art •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Ukuran 30x20cm Tebal 9mm •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Price&order by dm WA 083811668326 Lokasi cibinong bogor Bisa COD/Kirim2 . artposter artpost posterdesign postermurah woodenposter posterdinding posterdindingmurah posterkayu posterkayumurah hiasandinding falsmania hiasankamar popart popartstyle vintage gaming iwanfals oibersatulah hiasandindingbogor minimalis iwanfalsfans hiasanrumah hiasankayu decor walldecor woodenwood codbogor

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inspired by artarena1 || ( before i begin writing a caption i want to say this picture's saturation and brightness is increased by 5 because it doesn't look as bright in the photo and it's night time here so it's really hard to get good lighting ) i was originally posting something else but ,I actually created something better when I wasn't even paying that much attention with damn oil pastels and obvious white here's a super delayed even though i was supposed to post on friday post. quality over quantity right ? lol.

5 hours ago

Moonight light Out of my imaginationone of my fav piece framed 😊 Please do share your views 😊it literally makes me happy Resources Canvas sheets from Royal fine arts Acrylic paints from camlin_official Bomega brushes acrylicabstract acryliconcanvas acrylicpaintings acrylicpainting acrylic conceptualart contemporaryart instaart artph illustrationartist walldecor wallpaintings moonart night moonillustration watercolorpainting dailyart art_empire yourartspace young_artists_help young_artist_help newpost artpost ilovepainting paintingwithatwist acrylicpainting originalpainting

6 hours ago

Tag a hottie you know! 😉🌶 And this design also comes in a print and enamel pin 😍

6 hours ago

goooood morning friends☀️☀️☀️ - - so when i did this last prompt i did a whole bunch of words but i decided to pick just one the time because i did a lot 😂 - - anyway, have a good rest of your weekend lovelies ❤️