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تورمند في هالحلقة قتلني😂 ♡

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How was the second episode for you? ❄️🔥 كيف كانت الحلقه الثانية؟

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⚠️8x02 RECAP/ANALYSIS - SPOILERS BELOW⚠️ Next is a quick scene between Daenerys & Jorah, where, though he still comes off as desperate, reassures Daenerys about Tyrion and that she made the right choice in naming him Hand (thank you for being right for once in your life, Jorah). Again, she can be impulsive but that’s why she surrounds herself with people like Jorah to calm her down. He tells her to forgive Tyrion, and has another suggestion… to make amends with Sansa. He knows Sansa is a key player now & she needs to get on her good side. - So that’s exactly what she does. They’re ALMOST okay (though its clear they’re still suspicious of one another), once Daenerys learns how to appeal & talk to Sansa, but right at the end it falls apart after Sansa asks her about what happens after the war. Wish Bran was there to remind them there might not be an after so they just forget about the whole thing lol. But overall I liked this scene between Daenerys & Sansa & I’m glad they addressed it. - Theon arrives, looking like himself from season 1, saying he’s there to fight for the Starks (addressing sansa herself), and Sansa hugs him. This was a sweet moment, they haven’t seen each other since Ramsay days before the Battle of the B*, and seem to both be relieved that they’re out of that mess that they had to suffer through together, with Theon obviously proud of her, shown by him addressing her directly. (BUT I really hope the show runners don’t take this anywhere else though. Just saying.) - Next we see Davos & Gilly interacting with Northerners, preparing for the battle. Davos tells the men they’re soldiers whether they like it or not, and when a little girl says she wants to fight, it’s clear that he got effected. He probably didn’t expect that, and she might’ve reminded him of Shireen, the daughter he never had, (especially with the mark on her face) & thinking these deserve to live a life without this war… Gilly then tells the kid she’ll be in the crypts with Baby Sam, as we’ve seen in the trailer. The “safety” of the crypts is something mentioned numerous times in this episode… Might not be as safe as they think…👀

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⚠️8x02 RECAP/ANALYSIS - SPOILERS BELOW⚠️ Jaime then moves on to a scene with his brother Tyrion, in the Winterfell courtyards where they’re both unwelcome by the Northerners. They discuss Daenerys & the Targaryens & whether Dany is different. And, as Tyrion says, she is even though she can get angry and Tyrion says he doesn’t blame Daenerys either, he WAS a fool to trust Cersei… Then Jaime confirms Cersei’s pregnancy, which Tyrion undoubtedly questions after the news & Sansa’s suspicions, but we still don’t know if she had a miscarriage or was lying to Jaime herself, as after that Jaime immediately says that Cersei fooled HIM many times as well (hint?) but Tyrion reminds his brother that he always knew what Cersei was like, but his blind love overshadowed everything… - As they walk on, Tyrion’s lines started to gave me a panic attack. He says that no matter what at least Cersei can’t murder him, & hey what if AFTER he’s dead (undead) HE kills HER? Ha ha ha - this gave me a panic attack because my theorist brain was racing. They almost tried to make us oversee the lines by having Jaime distracted in the background & trying to make us wonder what he’s looking at. This just feels like a huge bit of foreshadowing to me. I doubt a wight Tyrion will murder Cersei… but the bit about “at least she can’t kill me”…you never know.😭😬 - I also saw someone say: this could foreshadow that Arya fulfills the Valonqar prophecy by killing Cersei wearing Tyrion’s face after he’s dead. EEEK 5ALA9 I DONT WANNA THINK ABOUT THIS😫 - Jaime then goes over to Brienne, they have a little scene discussing Podrick (but really addressing their relationship) & it shows that she’s still a bit slightly suspicious of him, since the last time they saw each other he was still behind Cersei, so she can’t believe that he’s really there… But I loved him asking to be under her command, they’re going to fight together. That was so sweet💞

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👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇 TENEMOS UN NUEVO TURBOESTUDIANTE DE LA CASA stark CON SELLO DE CALIDAD SI QUIERES VENCER EN TU OPOSICIÓN COMO EN got QUIEREN VENCER A LOS CAMINANTES BLANCOS, PRESTA MUCHA ATENCIÓN A ESTA CUENTA Y A NUESTRO CANAL DE YOUTUBE PORQUE AL IGUAL QUE, DE MANERA IRREMEDIABLE, EL DIA DEL EXAMEN SE ACERCA winteriscoming Y DEBES ESTAR PREPARAD . gameofthrones jonsnow sansastark hbo asongoficeandfire daenerystargaryen stark sophieturner aryastark asoiaf winterfell emiliaclarke metas inspiracion trabajo sellodecalidad actitud turbomemory motivacion uni opozulo opocompis oporutina

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🚨GoT spoiler alert🚨 There is nothing shameful or gross or problematic about Arya Stark having a sex life. Girls become women. Stop trying to hinder the empowerment and sexual gratification of half of the population. Remember back when 17 YEAR OLD Joffrey went balls to the wall with his fucked up non-consensual sadistic sex life? I saw zero posts being like, ‘OMG I can’t believe Joffrey had sex, I didn’t need to see that.’ That didn’t phase society. 18 YEAR OLD Arya having CONSENSUAL SEX shouldn’t either. Kthxbai. misogyny sexism doublestandards systemicoppression checkyourshit thinkbeforeyoupost girlsbecomewomen getoutofthewayofit sexpositivity sexuality got gameofthrones aryastark spoileralert comingofage aryastarkedit winterfell stark strongwomen💪 findyourtribe liberation gendernorms breakthebinary needle agirlisaryastark housestark maisiewilliams maisiewilliamsedit agirlisnoone

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aryastark is me. 🤣👉🏻🔪🔪🔪🖤

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Spoiler sem contexto : Resumo do Ep.02 T.08 gameofthrones 🤣

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🌺 Monday = Game Of Thrones🐲🌺 _ Ce deuxième épisode était vraiment prenant 🙀 Ca va vraiment être dure d'attendre une semaine pour le troisième au vue de la fin de celui ci 😱😱. Pas de spoiler en commentaire svp. Merci 🌼 gameofthrones got gameofthroneshbo geek drogon dragon igfrance ocs originalfunko funkopopgameofthrones gameofthronesfunko winteriscoming winterishere motherofdragons aryastark homesweethome athome livingroomdecor cosy monday maisiewilliams

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The Things We Do For Love The only episode that brought tears to my eyes. The silence before the Tsunami. No slaughters or surprises, the episode was full of love, a night of carousing, bonding, arguing and dropping truth bombs I think this one had some amazing scripting, some of the statements were very well underlined Moments that stole the show : Sansa embracing Theon Greyjoy Jamie conferring knighthood to Brienne A teary eyed Brienne giving the biggest smile ever Tormund Giantsbane trying to woo Brienne and was the only comic relief throughout… lady Mormont putting Ser Jorah in his place… Bran to Jamie : Things we do for love and what if there is no afterwards Game of Thrones has found its feet again and am sure the next episode is going to be treacherous and would change the landscape completely All men must die and its gonna be soon gameofthrones got jonsnow hbo daenerystargaryen aryastark sansastark emiliaclarke winteriscoming forthethrone kitharington stark targaryen gameofthronesmemes tyrionlannister gameofthronesseason sophieturner maisiewilliams khaleesi gotseason cerseilannister motherofdragons love winterishere daenerys winterfell asongoficeandfire art westeros bhfyp

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Sansa was the biggest fan of Arya and Gendry getting it on last night

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Spoilers ⚠️ Hey everyone 😁 Hope u all enjoy this vid These are a few of my fav got reunions- tell me if I missed any out 😂the last one is for Sam and Jorah btw 😂 Song: by grandaudios QOTD: what’s ur fav got reunion??🤔 gameofthrones gameofthronesedit got gotedit gotseason8 forthethrone winterishere aryastark aryastarkedit sansastark sansastarkedit jonsnow jonsnowedit daenerystargaryen daenerystargaryenedit jamielannister jamielannisteredit tyrionlannister tyrionlannisteredit jorahmormont jorahmormontedit theongreyjoy theongreyjoyedit theonsa theonsaedit braime braimeedit gendryaedit gendrya samwelltarly

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Been saying this for the last 2 seasons of GameofThrones - HouseBarratheon & HouseStark will be United again btw - was I the only one who felt a but uneasy watching AryaStark be all sexual? Btw - Have a feeling episode 3 will be full of heartbreaks be ready.

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This is how you do GOT

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⚠️8x02 RECAP/ANALYSIS - SPOILERS BELOW⚠️ Next is a highly anticipated one-on-one scene between Jaime & Bran, who have a conversation by the Weirwood tree (after the way everyone reacted I’m surprised they didn’t at least have 1 person keeping an eye on Jaime alone with Bran, but anyways) - Jaime apologizes for pushing Bran out the window, saying he’s a changed man. But Bran says something that Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (actor who plays Jaime) has been saying a lot during his interviews for season 8: it was basically all meant to be. If Jaime never pushed Bran out of the window, he never would’ve become the 3-Eyed Raven, & Jaime most probably wouldn’t have undergone a lot of the development he went through. And to top it all off, when Jaime asks why Bran didn’t tell anyone, he says because he’d be executed & wouldn’t be able to fight (& there could be more to that than Bran’s telling him…, he has a role to play in the war to come) And the scene ends with a powerful line from Bran that shook Jaime and me. When Jaime talks about after the war being over, Bran says… “How do you know there is an afterwards?” Ooof. This was the first reminder that no one’s safe. Then we got plenty more as everyone in the episode kept saying “we’re all gonna die” and it all kept making me uneasy.

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Omg i have to skip some heads, since i am soooo proud about this one. Hope you enjoy it as much as i do. The previos faces i going to provide later. Hope you recognize the girl.

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Important subject but also Game of Thrones spoilers for S:8 Ep2 so if you haven’t watched it yet, scroll really quickly away from this ❄️ Okay so I don’t know about how the rest of the world felt after Arya climbed on top of Gendry last night but I was personally thrilled! I was so happy they didn’t try to keep her character “innocent” as if she is at all. I do, however, keep seeing so many people who still think of her as a and are “disturbed” by her wanting to experience sexual pleasure before the likely event that she will get torn the fuck up by a white walker. She’s 18 on the show (also-surprise-you can have sex before you’re 18, especially in a fictional medieval setting) and since it’s been on since 2011 you should have connected those dots anyway. We were all psyched out of our goddamn minds when she brutally murdered people along the way, but people being freaked out by her wanting to take part in a very normal human activity is honestly the most American bullshit I’ve ever heard. So if you are squeamish about women having sex, might I suggest to you The Purity Myth by Jessica Valenti? Because you need some help 💁🏼‍♀️