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Russian pair skaters Natalia Zabiiako and Alexander Enbert took an important step forward this past season, winning their first gold medals in the ISU Grand Prix Series and their first World medal—a bronze. Looking ahead to the upcoming 2019-20 season, the duo is aiming higher and wants to establish themselves as the number one Russian team. Both skaters feel that having more confidence and consistency was key in terms of their success. ➡️ 🇷🇺⛸ figureskating figureskate figureskater figureskaters skate skater skating iceskate iceskating iceskater champion champions article interview olympian athlete russia athletes russian teamrussia offseason pairs pairskating media press competition interviews sport nataliazabiiako alexanderenbert

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23-year-old Dutee Chand has come out and become India’s first openly LGBT professional athlete. She told The Sunday Express that she is in a same-sex relationship with a woman from her village. Her announcement comes less than a year after India’s Supreme Court decriminalized gay sex 🇮🇳🌈❤️ via: indianathletesmotivat duteechand woman women sprint sprinter run runner runners run running instarunner runnersofinstagram athlete athletes sport sports trackandfield lgbt lgbtq lgbtqia lesbian gay loveislove pride equality equalrights samesex equality india indian

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The Today Show highlighted some high school athletes that veered down the wrong path with opioid use. Continue to chase your dream but be cautious of prescription drug use and how prevalent it is within the athlete population. CFPCNJ sports athletes

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🥵НЕ ХОЧУ НА ТРЕНИРОВКУ 🥵 📛I DONT WANT TO TRAIN📛 . Сначала о хорошем😉 Бывают дни, когда просыпаешься и думаешь: «ммм, как прекрасно, что сегодня тренировочный день😍 потренюсь от души 💪🏼» . Приходишь в свой зал и отрабатываешь на 100% свою программу. Счастливый и довольный топаешь домой или по другим делам 😎 . Но увы, бывают дни, когда выпнуть себя на тренировку просто адски сложно😓 . Здесь кстати важно прислушиваться к себе☝️ Тут и ежу понятно, что если вы атакованы 😴дефицитом сна 🤡стрессами суровой реальности 🤒или больны То на тренировке вам делать нечего и точка 🛑 . Но вот, если все в порядке, а тренироваться просто лень, то помогают следующие методы: 🔅таки доедьте/дойдите до места тренировок 🔅переоденьтесь в спортивную форму, настрой сразу станет более боевым 🔅выберете 3 упражнения на тренировку и обзовите ее лайтовой, сразу станет морально легче 🔅и сделайте вы три этих несчастных упражнения . С гордо поднятой головой, покиньте место суровых тренировок 😂 Конец 😂 . На самом деле, весь секрет в том, что придя на тренировку и уже переодевшись и даже начав делать первое упражнения из тройки, откроется азарт и тренировка пройдёт даже лучше, чем обычно😜 . У меня вот сегодня так было. А у вас бывает такое❓ . First, I will talk about good things. Such as perfect mood for training 😍 . When you wake up and can think only about how much you happy that today is a training day 💪🏼 . You go to the gym, train and feel afterwards satisfied and happy😎 . But what about situation when desire to train is absent? 😱 . Of course, it’s important to follow your body signals. For example, if 😴you don’t sleep enough time 🥴you are overloaded with stresses 🤒or you are sick Trainings are forbidden for sure ⛔️ . But when you are fine and just a voice inside you tell you stay at home/work/other place and not go to the gym. What to do then?🤔 . In this case I have 3 steps for you: 💛go there 💛change your closes it will help you to feel more inspired 💛choose 3 exercise for the training and call it “light one” . Leave the gym as a king 👑 THE END 😂 . I am telling you during the session you will get a courage and maybe it’s gonna be one of your best trainings😉

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PREORDER NOW (special offer for all our followers)🔥 ********************************** In the new issue we talk to three professional athletes who go for greener methods of pain management. We show show you how to pickle cannabis (who knew?!)and we even have something for the bacon lovers! KTSUMMER2019 15% off the new issue limited time only. Order ships 6/25 summer summerisalmosthere newissue kitchentoke goodforyou athletes vegan icecream pickling friedchicken goodfood recipes photography food recipe healthyfood healthyrecipes health wellness petlife petwellness linkinbio holiday selfcare memorialdayweekend order

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Wolverine Nation! Come on out Friday night, 5/24 to cheer on back to back, Gunston District Champions, West Potomac, as they face off against the winner of Robinson V. Hayfield, in the playoffs. $7.00 admission for playoff games. The best (and cheapest) ticket in the DC Metro area! Concessions available. First pitch, 6:30pm! Go Wolverines! Photo, by Lynn Miller Dean baseball baseballboys ballers baseballlife⚾️ collegebound uncommitted athletes baseballism pitchers catchers outfielders middleinfield dingers likeaboss badass

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Do you? Hello, my name is Andrea De la Cruz and this is my 7 month Thrive Experience. Do you have a hard time waking up and getting motivated? Do you dread Monday? Do you have weight loss goals but lack the energy? What if I tell you I felt that way? But, What if I tell you I had the answer? 🤔 Thrive has truly changed my lifestyle in so many different aspects, I couldn’t be anymore grateful. I love sharing my journey and helping others feel amazing like me and so many other Thrivers. Thrive costs less than a Starbucks coffee a day and it gives you all the clean energy you need, plus it comes in just 3 simple steps (capsules, Lifestyle Mix, DFT) and you’re done within the first 20 minutes of your day! Who’s ready to look and feel amazing again ?

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An important film. Come out on Saturday, June 8th and become immersed in a film of historical significance. Thank you to onabse_org and the Ontario Black History Society for coming on as community partners! Get your tickets: link in bio Long Time Coming Although long-forgotten, the 1955 Florida Little League season was a remarkable moment during an era of racial segregation and growing civil rights agitation. The all-black Pensacola Jaycees and the all-white Orlando Kiwanis met for the championship, as two teams of 12-year-old boys played baseball in an act of cultural defiance. Sixty years later, team members reflect on their different experiences of racism in the US South and what this game meant to them. baseball littleleague civilrights canadiansportfilmfestival racism sportforsocialchange athletes

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The Celebration of Sports yesterday was a great evening in which we celebrated our 2018-2019 athletes! Former Olympian Alisha Glass Childress aglass1_6 keynoted the event. She encouraged us all to know ourselves, to not fear mistakes, and to embrace change.⠀ Members of CastillejaDance also performed a piece from Arts with a Heart. We celebrated Middle School 4 sport athletes, and Upper School 3 sport athletes, as well as our 31 senior athletes, 7 of whom are playing a sport in college. Claire Mancini was honored with a Distinguished Coach award for her 10 years of coaching Lacrosse at Castilleja. It was a great year in sports!⠀ Castilleja CastillejaSchool CastillejaAthletics GoGators athletics athletes studentathletes sports womeninsports paloalto school schoolsports

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OKAY LONG POST AHEAD BUT PRIZE 💴 IS INVOLVED so read it. 😱😂 ☀️ 4 weeks ago I started a refresh on my health journey, i rededivated myself to being consistent and joined an accountability group! THEN I found out while in Utah this weekend that my organization is doing a 90 day health challenge ( meanttobe) and I’m looking for people who want to do it with me! 😧Best part? The 🌟GRAND PRIZE🌟 winner gets $10,000 dollars. FOR REALZ. Also, If you refer a friend and that friend WINS over you, you get $10,000 too for getting healthy with your friend! 🏋🏻‍♀️Talk about MORE motivation and MORE reason to be consistent This news couldn’t have come at a better time, I’m more motivated than ever and the 10K prize isn’t hurting my motivation either! I’m starting June 1st and would LOVE others to be in a group with me and we can keep each other on track Theres a free health hub that will give us some nutrition tips, meal plans, workouts a long the way too! Health and fitness have been a HUGE part of my life for the last decade- I went from being in the best shape of my life to having 3 amazing over the last 7 years Going up and down over and over! 🧐After a TON of research and looking for the right fitnesscoaches, working with nutritionists, world renowned life coaches and athletes, We tested out a ton of product and FINALLY found a proven formula that has been in development for YEARS. 🤦🏼‍♀️Diet’s don’t work. Lifestyle changes and the right nutrition and supplements work. YES you need supplements even if you eat healthy. Check the soil today compared to 20 years ago. Ever heard of a bod pod? I was blown away with the BOD POD results I saw this weekend from two friends who tried this formula for a month, both had over 2% mass body fat goneee measured before and after using a bod pod which measures your body’s composition! 😁ONE MORE THING! If your don’t win the 10K grand prize, They’re going to be even more generous and give $1,000 to the top 10 finalists, and again, if you refer a friend that is one of those 10 finalist you’ll get $1,000 too! healthliving transformingyourlife skin mealplans workouts bestnutrition momboss momofboys

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رمضان_غير_مع_ناصر🌙 To prevent getting thirsty during Ramadan, drink plenty of water, and avoid foods that are too Spicy or salty , and consume more fruits and vegetables that are refreshing! ابدء_التغيير_مع_ناصر لمنع العطش في رمضان ، اشرب الكثير من الماء ، وتجنب الأطعمة الغنية بالتوابل أو المالحة ، واستهلك المزيد من الفواكه والخضروات المنعشة! nasserfyoussef

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Possibilities remain broader than imaginations. Embrace the struggle that builds both. Learn to scale your Strength Stretching and Strength Lengthening via The FlexTheoryMethod™️ to activate your dominance flextheory theflextheorymethod rekickulous strengthstretching calesthenics legday speedtraining strengthtraining crossfitwod athletes hamstrings quads rom flexibilitytraining splits combatsports gst taekwondolife boxingfan boxingfans muhammadali brucelee gluteworkout jumpers sprinters onlinecoaching nobullproject

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The Alpha Male formula contains three of the most potent Testosterone-boosting compounds found anywhere on the planet.* • In fact, you could call Alpha Male the ultimate male "elixir."* • So, if you're interested in maximizing T, reducing body fat, and feeling super energized in the gym, and in the bedroom, Alpha Male Maximum Strength Pro-Testosterone formula is perfect for you.* • Biotest has three T-boosting compounds that are the benchmarks for the sports-supplement industry:* • Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris Extract • Malaysian Eurycoma Longifolia (Aerial) Extract • Forskolin Carbonate • Each of these compounds is super concentrated to achieve maximum potency.* • Furthermore, Biotest evaluates every batch of raw material to ensure that each finished bottle performs at the highest possible standard.* • Although in some aspects similar, these compounds achieve their T-boosting effects through different mechanisms.* • Even though no one knows for certain how they actually work, the predominant theories are as follows • For More Info Or To Order Yours Now, Head Over To Our Site By Clicking On The Link Below Or In Our Bio ✅ • • gymtips gymhacks gains bulk bulking muscle growmuscle naturallifter homegym gym workout bodybuilding bodybuilder lifters  training fit fitness athletes physique testosterone testosteronebooster stamina superenergized alpha alphamale fatloss tnation biotest biotestuk

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Folks, we’re officially ONE MONTH away from the 1st ever Student Athlete Expo! Sign up today! 1in4 sportexpo

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🚨🚨 We've received many great resumes. We have added some great people to our team We have a couple spots still open. Please send your resume to goterpy1🚨🚨 goterpy cbdproducts cbd hemp wholeplant . GO TERPY is Full Spectrum CBD with Mct oil as our carrier oil. We then pumped it up with our foodgrade terpene blend all for additional medicinal and synergistic benefits. plantmedicine fibromyalgia anxiety ptsd dank pms plants health cooking chef athletes success mentalhealth menshealth cannabiscommunity healthiswealth puffpuffpass getit seniors plants womenshealth

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We love to visit schools Here's a great photo of Coach Larry and Coach Oliver at the Seabird Island Community School. They spent the day working with elementary school , helping them learn the basic skills for wrestling and Self-Defense We can tailor our program to suit any age group :) selfdefense indigenous warriors coaches athletes indigenousyouth commumity gov gatheringourvoices strength confidence safety empowered awareness fightback seminar safetyforkids discipline schoolprograms healthylifestyle medicinewheel empower bullyproof wrestling community

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Congrats Essence Foster for winning high point athlete for the second year in a row! She won the Hepthalon and 400m hurdles, 4th in the 4x100m relay and 3rd in the 4x400m, 3rd in the open 400 and 3rd in long jump! We wish her best of luck in her future endeavors! She's also leaving CCC with the 400m hurdle school record of 61.59! trackandfield crosscountry ccc cougars gocougs studentathletes runners run athletes workhardplayhard athletics track instarunners tracklife optoutside runningcommunity nwacs championships champion

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¿POR QUÉ ES IMPORTANTE HIDRATARSE? Cuando nos ejercitamos nuestro cuerpo pierde una importante cantidad de agua y sales minerales, elementos que son necesarios para evitar fatiga y posibles lesiones. Ingerir líquido nos permitirá mejorar el rendimiento físico, recuerda que cuando estamos entrenando el organismo pierde más agua de lo habitual, por lo que es recomendable tomar líquido antes durante y después del entrenamiento para compensar esta pérdida. Yo generalmente llevo siempre conmigo un envase de agua y en ocasiones llevo dos si entreno acompañado, así siempre me mantengo hidratado. En esta oportunidad quise variar y llevé jugo para refrescarme durante el ejercicio. ✔️Si tienes algún comentario al respecto u otro que nos aporte acerca del tema no dudes en colocarlo más abajo. Éxito físico!💪 💪💪 fitness motivation alexdiet healthyeating athletes healthyfood cleaneats fitfood nutrition healthy performance healthychoices palexlifestyle fashion mealprep alexfood

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Join the Title Town Sports Apparel LLC Family. We can help your team or organization get great custom apparel. we do it all Sublimation, Original Tackle Twill, Any color, and Chrome Tackle Twill,. Sports Uniforms, Compressions short sets, Duffle Bags, Snapback, Spats, Socks, arm sleeves Gloves etc FOR ALL SPORT Facebook Email rdraper.titletownsportsapparel Website Instagram BIGGAMEREADY YouthSports baseball football custom shortset YouthCoach Sports Coaching Parenting Training Work Athletes Players Love Fitness borntocompete youthbaseball FORTHELOVEOFTHEGAME homerun swag sauce style footballuniforms

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This film is incredible. So many layers that will invoke emotions of happiness, sadness, angry and elated Can't wait to hear drjosephjsmith dissect the film afterwards. Big up to gen_chos3n and successbljf for coming on as community partners. Opening night - get your tickets now. Link in bio. Wrestle J.O. Johnson High School in Huntsville, Alabama, has long been on the state’s list of failing schools. The school’s wrestling team is one bright spot. Yet, while four wrestlers pursue their dreams of a state championship, splintered family lives, drug use, teenage pregnancy, mental health struggles, and run-ins with the law all threaten to derail their success on the mat in a deeply affecting depiction of growing up disadvantaged in the American South. canadiansportfilmfestival sport film tiffbelllightbox sportforsocialchange athletes wrestling highschool

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💥💥TRY THIS❗️❗️❗️💥💥 • • One huge thing that is compiled in our leg day training is the idea of “negatives”; you can do negatives with just about any movement but leg days these become a staple. LEG DAY NEGATIVES👆🏻 • • There are many different ways to do these types of variation; for this specific move we were targeting hamstrings/glutes with the placement of her feet NARROW and HIGH on the press driving with her HEELS. • • On the decent she is doing about a 6 count and same on the way up. Slow and controlled both on the downward part of the motion and upward part of the motion. • • WHATS THE POINT OF NEGATIVES❓❓ -Slow & Controlled movements allow for more contraction within the muscles which essentially will allow more growth. -Your recovery time is going to much longer with this movement, but the CONSTANT tension on the muscle allows for tremendous growth as opposed to your conventional leg press movement at a moderate pace. • • Try these on your next leg day and TAG US 💪🏻 - haileywegner7 - billschim7 • • murderbyhailey prep workout positivity passion motivation roadtoifbb prep personaltrainer nutrition food weights weightloss transformation motivation dedication fitness fit fitnessmotivation workout work lift bulk physique npc bodybuiliding athletes

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Nordic Hamstring with assistance from resistance bands we’re using the Norboard by vald_performance to stabilize & monitor force thanks Vald Performance great device & concept! brandonfarish is killing this exercise 10 reps eazy ! Perfect Form ! knee hsmstrings nordichamstring performancehealth performancehealthacademy rehabilitation physicaltherapy physiotherapy sportsmedicine athletictrainer strengthtraining strengthandconditioning strength performancetraining knee kneerehab ACL aclrehab shoulder shoulderrehab physicaltherapistassistant studentphysicaltherapy conditioning rehab athletes meyerptaligned

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Looking to keep the active over the summer? We have you covered 👊🏻 Premier: Youth Strength and Conditioning is the perfect environment for ages 11-14 to learn the fundamentals of strength training. Our certified personal trainers ensure all movements are done safely! Next session begins in June ~ register at now to secure your spot forthillfitness smallgrouptraining naperville strengthtraining conditioning fitkids healthykids athletes trx weights cardio fitnessisfun naperparks

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Coach Christina christinav.d and myself are lucky to coach talented and eager junior athletes from many different sports every week. And we are really happy to work with one of Norways most talented icehockey teams; Frisk Asker 2005 friskasker2005 To maintain and improve both hip mobility, stability and coordination - make this area more fun with hurdle drills! icehockey hockey ishockey edgekim juniorathlete norskhockey friskasker

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Repping one of my favorite campaigns today:⁣ R E A L ⁣ P L A Y E R S ⁣ D O N T ⁣ B U L L Y⁣ ⁣ I grew up playing so many sports, and i’m not just saying ‘tried many sports’ i played soccer from age 5/6 until sophomore year of high school at varying levels, i played recreation basketball from 5th grade through 9th grade, recreation volleyball 6th grade through junior year of high school, and a quick handful of years playing club ultimate frisbee. Other sports i’ve played, taken lessons for at a younger age, and/or coached: Golf, tennis, and tee-ball/softball, begginer dance, gymnastics.⁣ ⁣ This is why athletics & being an athlete, as well as this campaign is so important to me!⁣ ⁣ Bullying happens in places more them just on sports teams. It’s so important to both be teachable, and be willing to teach others in order to achieve goals together, sports team or not! athletics realplayersdontbully teamwork sports athletes

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Let’s get to know former BALTIMORE RAVEN aka Mr. Get Your Mind Right . He has so much to offer in our community for , MEN & WOMEN! 💥Athletic training 💥Personal Fitness TrAining 💥Speed training 💥Open availability starting 5am He is located in: 🔥Corona 🔥Redlands 🔥San Bernardino Rather it’s YOU or your who needs assistance in any area of sports/ fitness CONTACT HIM. 9094196184

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Results Driven ♻️ I offer a competitive environment that helps Athletes GROW Athletically,Mentally, and Personally and Allows them to Realize and Reach their full potential . Plattttttttt🥇 ♠️ Eaxh Session is composed of the following . 🏁 Warm Up 🏁 Movement Skill Development . 🏁 Strengthen Training. 🏁 Explosive Power . 🏳️ Core . DM or email for more information 412plat agilitytraining conditioning explosivetraining coronation balance sportsperformance sport sportstraining athletes boxing basketball football hockey tennis swimming golf mobiletraining mobilefitness results eaxh1teaxh1 hilldistrict TEAMPLAT vegantrainer personaltrainer grouptraining dallasfitness dallasfit sports hwpo healthlifestyle

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Results Driven ♻️ I offer a competitive environment that helps Athletes GROW Athletically,Mentally, and Personally and Allows them to Realize and Reach their full potential . Plattttttttt🥇 ♠️ Eaxh Session is composed of the following . 🏁 Warm Up 🏁 Movement Skill Development . 🏁 Strengthen Training. 🏁 Explosive Power . 🏳️ Core . DM or email for more information 412plat agilitytraining conditioning explosivetraining coronation balance sportsperformance sport sportstraining athletes boxing basketball football hockey tennis swimming golf mobiletraining mobilefitness results eaxh1teaxh1 hilldistrict TEAMPLAT vegantrainer personaltrainer grouptraining dallasfitness dallasfit sports hwpo healthlifestyle