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Nostalgia trippin’ ⚡️

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I'll Wait For You There, Alone. AudioSlave

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chris cornell last ever release? i dont know where to start but this album compile all his works throughout the years from Soundgarden (takda misai jambu as fakk sampai berjambang macam jesus) to his solo career. also 1 track from his project band, templeofthedog have you been so sad that your bestfriend die and form a band for him as a tribute? punya la talented. aku tak into sangat audioslave melainkan 1st album so ada la 2 tracks dalam album ni okay lah lol ripchriscornell keepthepromiseforchriscornell

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One of the very few artists who, despite mastering a stunning vocal technique, always sings from his heart. No showing off, just singing his heart out. Sometimes it looks like he sings to himself, not for an audience, he is just lost in the music. And this cuts deep into our hearts, the immensely talented and greatly missed Chris Cornell,’No one sings like you anymore’ 🎤 🎼❤️🎼🎤🌷 chriscornell singer musician artistforalltime noonesingslikeyouanymore songwriter vocalist poet humanitarian keepthepromise highertruth vickycornell soundgarden audioslave templeofthedog tonivasil1 Seattle grunge rockmusic nirvana pearljam aliceinchains jeffbuckley eddievedder mattcameron kimthayil benshepherd neverforgotten 🌷

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🖤 . Song: Stand Inside Your Love Artist: Smashing Pumpkins

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Neste Sábado, COVER PARY, com as bandas: - Cover audioslave . bandabeckpower - Cover planethempoficial . rocktopoficial - Cover raimundosrock . renegadesoffunkratm - Cover rageagaintsthemachine . Link do evento na Bio . ==================================== PROMOÇÕES: Entrada Promo R$10 até as 23h 50 Litros de Chopp FREE Dose Dupla de caipirinha até 23h Balde c/ 10 Devassas Lata: R$45 ==================================== Segurança dentro e fora da casa 2 Ambientes (1 Climatizado) Sinucas Fácil Estacionamento Aceitamos Cartões Débito/Crédito Acesso para deficientes ==================================== Abertura da casa: 22h Entrada Promo R$10 até as 23h / Apos R$15 =================================== correriamusicbar Av. Estudante José Júlio de Souza, 740 - Praia de Itaparica, Vila Velha (próximo a Embratel / final da orla de itaparica) 2Tel: 98116-3325 Se Beber não dirija. Chame um Taxi/Uber SIGA NOSSAS REDES SOCIAIS: beckpower bandabeckpower tributoplanethemp tributoaoplanethemp planethemptributo coverplanethemp coverdoplanethemp planethempcover planethemp planethempa luísantônioskunk skunk marcelod2 d2 bnegão blackalien hempfamily usuário oscãesladrammasacaravananãopara ainvasãodosagazhomemfumaça hempnewyear biografiadoplanethemp legalizejáofilme

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"If my wings should fail me, Lord please meet me with another pair" ~ Chris Cornell ~ 🐝 This post is dedicated to my wonderful friend djdbumblebee 🐝 ~ John Lennon was asking us to imagine a place where things that divide people did not exist. He felt that would be a much better place. ~ ~ chriscornell soundgarden templeofthedog audioslave songbook solo imagine johnlennon yokoono goodfriday easter eastersong song music live livemusic gonetoosoon gonebutnotforgotten rock memory classic ringostarr klausvoormann artist husband father

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|| 🖐 abrupt || . New like a baby, lost like a prayer
The sky was your playground
But the cold girl was your bed . Ooh, I said, poor Stargazer
She's got no tears in her eyes
But fool like a whisper
She knows that love heals all wounds with time . Now it seem like too much love is
Never enough, yeah, you better
Seek out Another road 'cause this one has ended abrupt . Say hello to heaven, heaven, heaven Photo credit Unknown. Altered chriscornell templeofthedog soundgarden voiceofourgeneration artistofalltime iamthehighway grunge loudlove alternative noonesingslikeyouanymore pearljam rocknroll audioslave hollywoodunlocked hollywoodmudic sunsetstrip westhollyood westhollywoodnightlife gibsonlespaul gibsones335 gibsonguitars gibsonguitarlover guitarlovers guitarlover guitarlove instaguitar visualcontent contentcreator

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In 3 weeks, we honor the voice of our generation. If you love Cornell, join us Thursday May 9th at hobhouston. We'll be playing 3 sets of his music, from his solo career, Temple of the Dog, Audioslave and Soundgarden. Get your tickets at live or contact us to get free general admission. loudlove chriscornell soundgarden audioslave

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O Vocalista “Corey Taylor” (Slipknot, Stone Sour”) tocou em um show solo a música “It’s So Easy” (Gun’s N’ Roses). No momento, o vocalista está fazendo alguns shows solos, onde ele toca alguns covers de bandas conhecidas como Black Sabbath, Gun’s N’ Roses, Kiss, Sex Pistols entre outros🤘🏻🤘🏻. Vocalist "Corey Taylor" (Slipknot, Stone Sour) played a solo show on the song "It's So Easy" (Gun's N Roses). At the moment, the singer is doing some solo shows, where he plays some covers of bands known as Black Sabbath, Gun's N 'Roses, Kiss, Sex Pistols and others.🤘🏻🤘🏻. F: deftones chinomoreno rageagainstthemachine rapcore rapmetal groovemetal numetal newmetal rock metal heavymetal alternative alternativerock alternativemetal hardrock coreytaylor slipknot ratm stonesour thrashmetal thrash gunsnroses linkinpark metallica megadeth systemofadown korn tommorello audioslave chesterbennington

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O “Disturbed” lançou o videoclipe da música “A Reason To Fight”, o vídeo traz um sentimento de conscientização para o problema das drogas e da depressão🤘🏻🤘🏻. Disturbed has released the music video for "A Reason To Fight," the video brings a sense of awareness to the problem of drugs and depression.🤘🏻🤘🏻. F: deftones chinomoreno rageagainstthemachine rapcore rapmetal groovemetal numetal newmetal rock metal heavymetal alternative alternativerock alternativemetal funkmetal disturbed slipknot ratm daviddraiman mikeshinoda thrashmetal thrash slipknot linkinpark metallica megadeth systemofadown korn tommorello audioslave chesterbennington

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I don’t think I will ever be able to articulate effectively what Chris Cornell’s music has meant and continues to mean for me. I know that many fans feel the same. What a beautiful human. Thanks so much reanimate_47 for creating this magnificent Chris Cornell tribute pendant for me It makes me so happy to see my most favourite meaningful elements from Soundgarden, (Black Hole Sun) & Audioslave (Like A Stone) (flame design from album) represented in such a magnificent way. Also, the iconic signature on the back. This will be something that I will treasure always Thankyou so much ChrisCornell Soundgarden Audioslave N

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Message I received From Nancy (Layne's mom) after I told her I named my oldest son Layne.

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Message I received from Toni Wood (Andy's mom) after I told her I named one if my sons after Andy.

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let us be so dead and gone.