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Trying out something different with my some different paint and medium brands globalacrylics globalacrylics to create this Galaxy Piece. Done on a 50x70cm Canvas sealed with liquitex gloss. Available for sale. Please DM me for more info. fluidartdaily fluidartgallery artofinstagram fluidartwork fluidart_daily australianartist emergingartist acrylicpour acrylicblog flowart pouringpaint galaxyart galaxy artistoninstagram acrylicpaintpouring acrylicart fluidartfinds vm_artcreatives acrylicpaint abstractart margaretriver margaretriverartist instart abstractart_daily

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I love a 1930’s glamour bathroom. I could live with that PC kellywearstler

9 minutes ago

Hi everyone, I’m spending some time doing a bit more on this piece today. Slowly building up the background, and painting in some of the shadows. What do you think of how it’s progressing? Let me know in the comments inthestudio studiotime nicoledebonoart artcollector australianartist artistoninstagram instaart emergingartist artforthehome originalart artforthesoul arttherapy calledtobecreative artforthehome wallart buyart artforsale wip workinprogress landscape landscapepainting watercolour watercolor watercolourpainting watercolorpainting commission

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Patience produces immediate peace because the immediate result of your infinite patience is peace - Wayne dyer

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Saturday fun day. 😆 . 🌿 I got so much done while still feeling slow and lazy 🐒 . Highlight is that I got back to the hook. I got to put the hook on the hoop! 🤣 . 🌿 Before discovered myself of embroidery artist. I am one of those who has so many projects. Crochet is one of them🌿 I got the crochet skill from my sister. She is the master! I remember playing around her. I am 7 years younger than her so she has to baby sit me while our parents went to work in the farm. She made beautiful flowering bed cover. So she passed on those skill to me 🌿 This lively hanging plant basket will give you so much joys. I will have few of them ready at The Little Pako Market Day, next Saturday the 30th 10-2. 112 Pakington Street Geelong Mark on your calendar as you may want to come to see and feel them ☺️🌿

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new stitch pattern experiment

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You win some, you lose some! Not thrilled with the results today, but I learned a lot 😊 This is the painting as it is now. 👉 is the original finished result, which I didn't like, so I experimented with my first ever swipe 👉 is during paint spread 👉 is the original pour, using up all my leftover paint I'll let it dry anyways and see how I feel about it in a couple days! abstractart acrylicpouring tasmanianartist

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Houses along the road - Driving back from Queensland last year we came across this group of old houses. I thought the setting was very beautiful and worth of a painting. Acrylics and inks on gallery stretched canvas - 40cm W x 30cm H This painting is part of the work I will be showing at the Parramatta Art Society exhibition from April 1 to 7 at Winston Hills Shopping Centre. More info on my website. Follow the link on my bio artlovers artworks acrylicpaint artist canvas winstonhillsmall parramattaartsociety artshow smallformatartwork contemporarypainting impressionism australianart australianartist semiabstract oldhouses roadtrip australianoutback farmhouses

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“I am not sick. I am broken. But I am happy to be alive as long as I can paint.” - Frida Kahlo

39 minutes ago

Here's a question for you, do you prefer to buy art online or at markets etc? I do love buying from the couch, in my PJs with a glass of wine in hand, although it is sometimes nice to meet the maker in person. And I personally love explaining about my products to my customers and being able to answer any questions they have then and there. So I guess I'm still on the fence 😂

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I did another 'Couch sleeper' sketch last night, my brother feel asleep again on the couch this time the position of the his arms were a little challenging. That's why it looks awkward. 😅😅 graphite pencil drawings artist art artwork australianart figuredrawing drawing sketch artstagram artgallery art_spotlight artshowcase brisbaneart artista artshow arts_help artoftheday sketches traditionalart artsy brisbaneartist artcollective australianartist lifedrawing lineart sleep figurative sketchbook

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Another beautifully framed nude! Swipe left for the custom male nude I created to make a set. The female is one of my earlier figures and it’s great to see her again. It was even better to be able to make her a partner. Do we need more male nudes or sets? Tell me. framedart customdrawing malefigure bodybeautiful femalefigure intheraw onlocation 👩‍🎨🖼 - drawingchallenge carveouttimeforart creativityfound homedeco originaldrawing drawing femaleart australianartist interiorart interiors classicstyle artkeepsmesane interiorideas wallart homedecor livebeautifully carveouttimeforart creativehappylife lmbdw etsyaunzgroup brendawillisart

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A quick glimpse from a section of 'MOMENTUM' One of the new artworks I have completed in the preparation for my solo Exhibition called 'RISE UP ' _ Darren Trebilco Open Studio 163 Glenview Road Glenview Sunshine Coast Queensland Australia OPEN Wednesday to Saturday 10am to 5pm

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Amid studying and reading, drowning in assessments and trials for university I chucked it all in for a few hours and had a play with portraiture again. Even though playing with gold leaf after this stage of the drawing didn’t work, it made me realise I need to somehow get back to what I love; drawing and portraits with an intricate and detailed technique. 🌿 Well, now back to uni assessments. - - - art drawing sketch graphite graphitedrawing staedtler staedtlerpencils smalldrawing detail detailed intricate artist arty dandenongranges australianartist

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Welcome to Her-Story, an exhibition of a wonderful group of women artists. They are: alexandraplim meredith_mallin wolfeandbrowne karennortheyart creativehardt fleur_stevenson_ mythinkingheart micheleowenart valeriekhoo danielacristalloartist and the whole shebang is being curated by the fabulous felicityoconnorartist. Join us for the opening, at 6pm in the 28th March artgalleryondarling with amanda_penrose_hart as guest speaker. artexhibition sydney balmain sydneyartists artcollector

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I have a new account which is for all of my non-fursuit art 😊 this is so I can keep this page soley dedicated to all this furry goodness but also have a page for all of the other art I make 😍 I posted a picture of my new account yesterday but I've since changed the name to hidden_treasury_art to make it easier to find me and know it's the same artist. 💜💙so please give my new page a follow if you are interested in seeing my other artworks 😍💚💛 fursuitmaker fursuiting fursuit fursuitmaker art artist australianartist artwork artistsofinstagram art_spotlight arts artlovers loveart inspire fantasyart fantasy digital furryart arty artsy craft make fun artofinstagram

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Check Out This Big Bad Boy! 😲 arachnophobia phonephotography So this is Larry, the lazy spider. He's set up home between my magnificent orange tree and washing line. Lucky Me Eviction notice has been given, hopefully Larry won't gather his spider crew for a bite fest this evening. 🕷️🕸️ This is part of living in Australia that you need to come accustomed too. I'm not a fan of spiders, I think most people are in my boat. I've not seen this species before, anyone know what type he is? As long as Larry is in the garden and not in my art studio then I'm OK with that. Hope you all are enjoying your weekend. If you're bug free then you're doing AOK! 😂😂🕷️🕸️ Had to share as I think it's a great photo. I know it's not Halloween. I do love my phone camera, takes the best pictures! photooftheday phonecamera photography spider spiders garden bugs instaphoto instaphotography macrolens photography📸 naturephotography australianartist artist australia australianwildlife aussielife mobilephoto mobilephotographyph gardenlife bestpicture halloween closeup wildlifephotography australianphotographer amandaspaintblushes amandathompson instaspider

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Taking a look back to the Gallery Showroom from darrentrebilco 's Open Studio. Loving the peacock called 'THE VISITOR'. _ Solitude Art Gallery 163 Glenview Road Glenview Sunshine Coast Queensland Australia OPEN Wednesday to Saturday 10am to 5pm

1 hour ago

I might be a little quieter on here this week as I finish off the final details for next weekends DROS19 but I can assure you the silence means lots is happening behind the scenes! Look forward to seeing you all at Studio 2 burrinja 10-5 next Saturday and Sunday! Feel free to bring me a redbull on your way in, I'm going to need it 😂

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So yesterday I had the opportunity to photograph the stunning ceramics of katarinawellsceramics. Her works complimented my Flannel Flowers so perfectly that these ceramics are now part of my personal collection. Thank you Katarina! I always love supporting other artists.

1 hour ago

'RISE UP' Exhibition - Opening Night 30th August _ Darren is currently working on over 20 FRESH new pieces of Artwork for the Exhibition. Since the birth of his little baby daughter Aadya his Artwork practice has to completely be overhauled in how the Artwork is made, to when and of course influenced by her new energy.So visit the Gallery Showroom and witness the shift of energy in Darren’s Artwork first hand! _ PLEASE SHARE this Facebook event FAR and WIDE _ Where: Solitude Art Gallery – 163 Glenview Road Glenview Sunshine Coast QLD _ Opening Night: 30th August 6pm to 9pm Light snacks, tea and coffee and selected wine can be purchased. _ Then the Exhibition is OPEN during Gallery Hours OPEN Wednesday to Saturday 10am to 5pm Exhibition last day Saturday the 28th September. Entry is FREE _ *Note Private viewings outside of these hours during the Exhibition and can be arranged by contacting Darren on 0413 013 882 _ PLEASE SHARE this event FAR and WIDE

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Perfect contrast for your bright naturally lit spaces👌🏻 Follow the link in my bio to see the work bluethumbart

1 hour ago

Today’s setup. My “Chrysalis” series is hatching slowly. I’ve been recording timelapse video as I work on one of the paintings today and listening to thisamerlife podcasts. Have you listened to it? It’s a great series. Attaching my phone to a selfie stick which is taped to a microphone stand has been the best way I’ve found to be able to record good timelapse video! So lucky there’s a microphone stand where I’m staying. If you decide to try recording timelapse, try to set it up so you can have your phone plugged in to charge at the same time, or it may run out of battery and stop recording before you want it to. Hope you’re having a bright and colourful day. You can follow the birth of this series at rosewintergreenchrysalis artistlife studioscenes artiststudio paintingstudio artistworkspace artisttips timelapseart abstractfineart flamingabstracts processdrivenart paintinginprogress artforthehome acryliconpaper abstractpainting abstractartaustralia abstractexpressionism abstractexpressionist abstractart australianart australianartist australianartists melbourneart melbourneartist melbourneartists passioncolorjoy calledtobecreative abstractartmelbourne abstractartaustralia rosewintergreen rosewintergreenart

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I needed to reconnect with my heritage so I spoilt myself with a little order from thegrimfrost How wonderful is this handmade leather bound sketch (or note) book - and the little book of Runes, my ancestors the Vikings’ method of writing. It’s good for ones inner being to connect with ones history - well it makes me feel good anyway! 🤗😉🥰😁 vikingspirit lovetopaint🎨 melbourneartist australianartist australianartists lovetopaint lovetodraw💕 lovetodraw sketchbooks leatherboundbooks swedishartist swedishartists swedeinaustralia swedishartistinaustralia scandinavianstyle scandinavianheritage vikingheritage melbourneartists

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Pretty in Pink & Blue I’m so happy with new our Pure Linen napkins in pretty pastels and deep hues of blue 💖💙

1 hour ago

WIP ‘Lemonade’ 2019 (detail) it’s not finished but it’s been titled

2 hours ago

We’re open! Come and explore our Robert Juniper Private Collection, the grounds & current solo exhibition mikestaniford BOUNDLESS HORIZONS in Bob’s home studio gallery ☀️

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. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 This VIBRANT piece (scroll through for more images) oversees my massage room. It’s placed intentionally so my clients see it when I consult with them before treatment. It brings me so much joy when some clients, mid-sentence, are distracted by the painting and exclaim “wow, that’s an amazing painting”. I know in these moments that the energy in this unique piece is weaving its magic. There’s a story for everyone to be found within the brushstrokes.💕✨ . You see, I had this special piece commissioned and purposely created for my business, AWAKENED VIBRANCY. I trust the energy in it helps every person who enters my sacred massage space It was lovingly painted by the beautiful INTUITIVE artist carolyn_schofield_ of ‘Expressions of the Heart’. She is such an amazing lady. A passionate artist & gardner 🥕🥒🍓🌸🌼🌳🌳living on a beautiful farm in Nethercote, NSW. Carolyn meditates, tunes-in to the energy and paints what she sees and feels and lets the painting unfold onto the canvas. She draws upon oracle cards and calls upon guidance. She writes down all that comes through to her and gives you this guidance in written notes when she’s finished the painting I’m so grateful to have met Carolyn when I lived in the country and so pleased she painted this picture for my business.🙏🏻❤️Supporting Australian artists makes my soul feel happy. Check out Carolyn’s work on her Instagram page and more over on Facebook. Scroll through pictures for Carolyn’s contact details massageroom awakenedvibrancy intuitiveartist channeledart energywork intuitivemassage supportlocalartist australianartist massageinmelbourne