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13 hours ago

Ruthless, my style as a juvenile Ran with a gang, slanged in the meanwhile

17 hours ago

A Lamborghini Urus looking almost understated in this dark green colour. I'm still undecided about the Urus. Unlike many car enthusiasts I'm not anti SUVs. I've owned them in the past. If selling SUVs enables Lamborghini to carry on building Aventadors and Huracans it's fine by me. It's just a bit OTT for me but, then again that's what you expect from a Lambo. fos fos2019 fosgoodwood festivalofspeed lamborghini urus lamborghiniurus lambo carporn carphotography automotivephotograpy nikon nikond7100

1 day ago

Hope your weekend is as bright as the M2 LED headlights 🔅| 2018 BMW M2 in Long Beach Blue |

2 days ago

I could sit and watch these sunsets every night. | 2018 BMW M2 in Long Beach Blue |

2 days ago

The Porsche 911 Turbo S with yellow break callipers - amazing detail in my opinion Full credit to: felixferro

2 days ago

The Porsche 911 Carrera 4S - a true beauty Full credit to: autohaus_seitz

4 days ago

Happy birthday you crazy Mf 🗿

5 days ago

Houston sunsets make a nice contrast with the always gorgeous Long Beach Blue metallic paint👌 | 2018 BMW M2 in Long Beach Blue |

6 days ago

Beautiful interior design, with a touch of f355miami to make it sexier. - Do you know what were the sexy touches?

6 days ago

BMW M Track Days cota_official was so fun! There were about 15 of us per group. We started with the drag race event, where you launch, grab 3 quick shifts, and then slam the brakes and the winner is the first to stop inside a small box at the finish. Got one pass in each car. X3M and X4M with the new S58 engine were super quick for their size. The m4 vert stopped on a dime, and the m850i launch control and exhaust sound were fantastic! Lost my first race in the M4 but won the next 3! More details about the other events coming, took lots of pictures and video!

1 week ago

I think it's fair to say that the DeTomaso P72 was a huge hit at Festival of Speed. All those lovely curves and even the gold mirrors and instruments (which are actually copper) are growing on me the more I see them. This is a car that, if you were lucky enough to own, you'd have to drive down a busy high street just to see the reactions of all the pedestrians. fos fos2019 fosgoodwood festivalofspeed detomaso detomasop72 carporn carphotography automotivephotograpy nikon nikond7100

1 week ago

Peep that foot 🦶 zlowboi honoring your challenges 🖤

1 week ago

Empty parking garages are my specialty | 2018 BMW M2 LCI | 6MT | Color: Long Beach Blue |

1 week ago

Absolutely loving these shots from our shoot with youknowitsmike 🙌🏼 swipe for some light streaks at the end 🌃

1 week ago

Defining the grey area between black and white 📴

1 week ago

The Ferrari FXX K at Festival of Speed. Unfortunately Ferrari always keep their cars taped off so that the public can't walk round the cars unlike almost every other manufacturer. It also makes it tricky to get a clear shot of the cars. Ironically you could walk to the paddock and walk all around Nick Masons gorgeous 250GTO despite it being worth around £35 million. fos fos2019 fosgoodwood festivalofspeed ferrari fxxk ferrarifxxk carporn carphotography automotivephotograpy nikon nikond7100