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Twin Cities Reppin’🌽

5 minutes ago

This long downhill sweeper was probably my favorite section from this weekends rallycross! Top of second all the way around trying to make it through gates and then rotating the car to set up for the final straight section. Getting better everytime. 2nd out of the 6 people in my class. Thanks patburke for the photos. (Not sure if thats his IG) subaru subie wrx sti wrxsti impreza outbacksport cloutbacksport rallyarmour rally bcracing teincoilovers stoptech acceleratedperformance perrin invidia cobbtuning delicioustuning exhaust awd awdarmy brembo killerb manley weisco kartboy pnwsubies watervilleimports

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Here’s the main blight of my car rn. This rust has been evolving for years and I gotta take car of it soon 😬 as well as the nice crunch in the wheel arch 😪 as you can probably tell the tire rubs 24/7 now and I just can’t have that 🙅🏽‍♂️ a lot of static guys would be okay with a little tire rub but this shit literally sat perfectly before 🙄 A hair of space between the quarter and tire but no rubbing. I miss this shit 😭That fitment tho 😏 subaru impreza wrx sti boosted bugeye subie turbo boost awd slammed static bagged stance stancenation scrape lowered camber cambergang fitment bugeyefamily bugeyecrew rumblebros subie001 slammedenuff foreverslammed ricer slow budlight

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“It’ll fit.” -every car guy ever

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F1 lights available! Contact me to place your orders today! 🔥🔥 comes with plug and play harness. Modding the industry since 2008. Subimods offers only the highest quality performance parts. We pride ourselves in our outstanding customer service . ——————————————————————–— Bought this products from us? Want to support our local performance shop? Want to be featured on our pages? Dm, or email us pictures of your car for a feature at social———————————————————————— subaru subie subi subimods subienation subieaddicts instasubie jdm subarulove subielove subarunation 2015sti 2016sti 2019 sti subieflow subaru impreza wrx sti lgt brz AWD boost boostedi nasioc stancenation cambergang

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subiepau 🔥🔥🔥🔥 🔹🔰🔹🔰🔹🔰🔹🔰🔹🔰🔹 💎For Daily Features💎 DM! **** Subarusociety_************* ****♦️ S_Society **** Subarusociety ⚡️ SubaruSociety_ ™ ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ subie subaru impreza brz forester sti worldrally wrx rally awd boxer subienation subiegang subarusti subieflow subaruwrx subie001 teamsubiejapan subiecity subarulove subaruambassador CanadianSubies subieflow wrxsti slammed function turbo

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"I found God clutching a razor blade. He said look at the fucking mess they've made. They'd trade their hearts if they were made of gold. But they're as worthless as the souls they sold." -Nihilist architects

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Range Rover Sport ‘2014 4,4 дизель (340 л.с.) AWD 2 699 000 руб. Пробег: 44 992 км Комплектация: HSE Dynamic Основные опции: Сиденья с 14 электрорегулировками и функцией памяти (подголовники с 2 ручными регулировками) Система адаптации к дорожным условиям Terrain Response® 2 c автоматической установкой режимов движения по бездорожью Навигационная система с жестким диском (включает функцию внедорожной навигации, 025EZ голосовое управление, TMC - Передача сведений о дорожных пробках Мультимедиа InControl Touch Pro - уровень 3 - аудиосистема Meridian Surround мощностью 660 Вт 21-дюймовые легкосплавные колеса с 5 спицами Diamond Turned Style 507 Cдвижная панорамная крыша с электроприводом Обогрев лобового стекла в зоне стоянки стеклоочистителей Дверь багажного отделения с электроприводом открывания и закрывания Адаптивные ксеноновые фары со светодиодами и омывателем Система камер кругового обзора Подогрев и вентиляция передних и задних сидений premiumcarssamara premiumcars landrover rangeroversport car awd luxurycar supercar lexus mersedes audi porsche bmw автомосква автоказань автооренбург автосамара тольятти самара самарскиеавтомобили

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Last Tooshie Tuesday with the spoiler and a flat butt. 🍑

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Anyone else a Forster fan? mike_snikwah’s super clean Forester hit the rollers for a ProTune last Friday and left making 320HP/309TQ. tpgtuning tpgtuned

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A couple more weeks until big things happen 🤞😬.

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Another late night at the office 👨‍🔬 pleasantdriveautospa Just because it’s used does not mean it needs to look it. This rare first gen 2004 Infinity FX45 was and still is an AWD Beast powered by a 4.5L V8. Check back later for final shots of this laser red beaut!