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HAPPY 10 MONTHS TO MY PRIDE & JOY 💖 sorry everyone we’ve been MIA, we’ll be back to our regular schedule posting we promise 😊💕

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Yury. This name can also be spelled Yuri or Yuriy. Meanings and history of the name Yuri: | Edit. Russian and Ukrainian form of George. Although often associated with the Russian name, Yuri is also a Greek, Hebrew, Japanese, and Korean name as well. In Hebrew, Yuri or Uri means "the light of God". babynamesuggestion babynamesuggestions uncommonbabyname babygirlnames

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Little Miss Dainty Jumper 💕 Check Out Our Girls Collection ! Use Promo Code Lulae341 Up to 25% OFF

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Alexandra is here 🌸🌱 cute as a button.

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33 weeks today with our little girl. 🌴 Yesterday we went for a night swim and it hit both _ryantenney_ and I that soon it will never be just us anymore. The next 7 weeks are going to be one of the most precious and intentional times of my life. The next bit time - (month of June) I have set aside for thinking and reflecting on life before baby. My experiences, accomplishments and failures. How God has brought me through times of uncertainty and loss as well as being absolutely present in the times of joy and excitement. I’ll let you know what Il uncover during my reset time but for now, one thing I know is life has not been what I thought it would be. I sure am happy that I am where I am right now. My soul is found in candor. 33weeks 33weekspregnant interiordesign wooddetails mood reflection babygirlnursery babygirlsroom babygirl babygirlnames islandhome islanddesign candorhome foundincandor morning morningmotivation morningthoughts

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Baby names on TV—risky or just like any other name? It's a question that was posed by fantasiaasia, musing about Daenerys⠀ ⠀ What do you think? Let us know in the comments

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Name Bank with a Twist! Choose names for the family from the name bank. You are encouraged to change/add/subtract one letter/sound from each of the names to make them more unique! Mom, Dad, Sons x2, Daughter Liam, Evelyn, Jacob, Madison, Grayson, Evett, Myla, Jaylee, Kingston, Athena, Cole, Marcus, Alaina, Presley, Holden, Clayton, Ada, Zara, Chance, Hayden, Louie, Amari, Kendall, Cody, Sadie, Juniper, Orion, Christian, Yumi, Sage, Hendrix, Nina, Kai funwithbabynames babynames babyname names babynameideas babyname babynamesuggestions nameinspiratio babynameadvice namefun babynamegame babynamelovers fun instagramgames instafun sibsets brothers babyboy babyboynames boynames sisters babygirl babygirlnames girlnames

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WOULD YOU RATHER name you son Bingo, Buddy, or Benji ? Inspired by yesterday's theme of TV & Movie Dogs BENJI x1000 💙💙💙 this name is so cute but I also imagine him to be playful and clever. funwithbabynames babynames babyname names babynameideas babyname babynamesuggestions nameinspiratio babynameadvice namefun babynamegame babynamelovers fun instagramgames instafun babyboy babyboynames boynames babygirl babygirlnames girlnames wouldyourather thisorthat benji bingo buddy

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Name of the day! Iverson - Norse meaning "Iver's son" This name has a fun feel but also sounds distinguished! It fits right in with the other suname names like Harrison. It also offers a few nicknames, like Iver, Ives, or Verse. A one syllable middle will round off this longer first name Iverson Cole, Iverson Wade, Iverson Jude What middle name would you use? Where did you first hear this name? funwithbabynames babynames names babynamesuggestions babynameideas babyname babynamelovers babynameadvice babynameguru boynames girlnames babyboy babyboynames babygirl babygirlnames nameinspiration name namedefinition baby pregnancy pregnant notd iverson norse norsenames son

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Ahhh look how cute baby girl Ember's custom prints look on her wall! Thanks Mummy Rowley for sending these photos through. I love the clouds and plaster-pink walls [Don't forget absolutely everything from my Etsy shop can be customised to be however you'd like. Just drop me a message on there or on here with any of your ideas. See sandpaperkissesshop]❤️❤️❤️ x sandpaperkisses sandpaperkissesshop nameposter nameprint namesign babynames babygirlnames babygirl nurserystyle nurseryinspo nurserywalls paintedclouds cloudmural cloudnursery pinkwalls babyroom babyroomideas babyroominspo babyroomart nurseryinterior animalalphabets

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The evergreen phrase, Dhoom Maachle, is a personal favorite of Myrah’s. She never goes half-way, playing with everyone, and making sure she spreads her contagious laughter, she spends days by notoriously laughing and upto her regular mischiefs. happyevening happiness❤️ happyvibes styleoftheday instagoodl instadaily😉 babygirlmodel babygirlnames instkids dhoom dhoommachale enjoylife💯 enjoyments lovetodance❤️ lovelifequotes dancingdolls dancetime enjoyyourlife💕 quotesofthedays mastifffamily familymasti mysterybonner

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As you can see, I have a bit of a thing for leather bracelets, especially ones made for little people💕 I love making them and seriously how cute are these teeni leather bands? My almost 2 year old has not stopped wearing hers and it will become my keepsake when she grows out of it. Something to remember how little her wrists were So here are the details~ each one is hand cut out of natural vegetable tan leather and fastened with a solid brass closure. The ones we have listed are approx 4.5” in diameter, however we can make them to size I actually thought I only had a couple of names that I really liked but once I started to write them down, my list just kept growing😂 . Do you have a short list of favourite names or any unusual names or that you didn’t use but wish you had? leatherband leatherbracelet leathercuff leatherwrapbracelet idbracelet babybracelets kidsfashionindia kidsfashiontrends kidstyle babytrends kidsbracelets leatheraccessories babygifts babyaccessories leatherembossing custommadebracelet melbournemade melbournestyle melbournemakers leatherworker babynamesuggestions bestbabygift babygirlnames babyboynames babykeepsake unusualbabynames2019 theleathermanswife

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Sloan’s last day of 3 year old preschool 😭 She has grown SO much over this school year, I am grateful for her amazing teachers & wonderful preschool 🙏 Stop growing baby girl! swipe right to see how much she has changed ❤️

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S I X M O N T H S 🌱 . Army crawling, taking bites of our food, + says “mamamamamama” when she wants to nurse allday 😂 Still not a fan of a bottle or long rides in the car. Rolly + delicious + doted on by big bros + sister. We love you Briar Promise ✨

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What would you rename yourself to blend in (create a false identity) as: an Irish author? This is a bit of a tough one! I think I would choose Niamh, as it's simple and sweet, but not too hard to spell, hard to say Irish. As for a surname, I would choose Ronan, as it's another sweet and simple Irish name I love 💜 Niamh Ronan Does that sound like a real author? 🤪 funwithbabynames babynames babyname names babynameideas babyname babynamesuggestions nameinspiratio babynameadvice namefun babynamegame babynamelovers fun instagramgames instafun sibsets brothers babyboy babyboynames boynames sisters babygirl babygirlnames girlnames newyou newidentity

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Custom made Nursery Birth Poster. One Line. Custom Birth ART PRINT. Baby's birth custom wall art. Room Birth personalized name Poster New In our Etsy shop - only 16 dollars. Stay in minimalism with onelineprint babygirlnames babygift babygiftideas babygiftbox babyportraits nameposter nameprint kidsroom childrenroom childrenroomdecor nurserydecor nurserydecoration personalprint babyposter babyprint newbornphotography newborngifts personalityproduction etsybaby etsychildren wallart etsywallart birthposter

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Henry is one of the classic boys' names on the rise, now ranking at 16. Variations of Henry including Hal, Enzo, and Harry have also been garnering more attention.⠀ ⠀ What do you think of Henry? Would you use a nickname?⠀ ⠀ Image via lovelyindeed

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That little smirk

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I got it from my mama 👩‍👦👩‍👧 BabyPal

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