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The sestion was great 2 hours of back you need that brain food to continue ur day backday fishmonday

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Last week, I shared that I decided to start personal training with Mark from thefoundationfitness. I'm at the point in my fitness journey where I need something a bit more focused and tailored to me. While I am healthy and in shape, I didn't feel like I was progressing anymore or challenging myself enough. I've known Mark for some time now and I'm consistently impressed with how knowledgeable and dedicated he is to his work, which is why I chose to work with him. I've had two sessions so far, and each have left me feeling obliterated (the intensity is insane), but I feel so strong with the determination of becoming even stronger. I want that next level! Here's a barbell row tip from Mark: Scapular depression. Set your shoulder blades down and back, locking them in place and attempt to pull your elbows to your back with your lats. Once the shoulders come out of place, the lats disengage and won’t do their job effectively. Shoulders down. Elbows back and drive to the hip for a lat focused row. You'll be seeing a lot more of Mark and how he will transform my life - from exercises, tips on form, my physical and mental progress and hopefully a little inspiration. I can't wait to share the content we create with all of you 😊 If you're interested in training with Mark in person or online, hit him up at thefoundationfitness fitlife bbgcommunity lovetheskinyourein strongnotskinny seattleblogger petiteblogger seattle seattlefit seattlefitness girlswholift girlboss fitnessjourney highvibrations mindbodygram fitnessblogger everydaymadewell forthebooty bootyworkouts bootybuilding bellevuefitness personaltrainer barbellrows barbellworkouts backday

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Man when I look back to the start of my training journey till now, the results are definitely noticeable never satisfied though, never satisfied. 🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹 EMBRACE UNTIL CHANGE COMES AND BELIEVE CHANGE WILL COME SDGB Armzeveryday ARMZMONTANA bodybuilding betterbody gainz gymshark gym weights liftheavy builtphysique flex puregym liftheavy trainbiggetbig Aesthetics fitness fitnessfirst getbig bigchest benchpress dumbbellcurls backday Hammercurls puregym slimdudegettingbig puregymbirmingham ifbb leanactive slimdongettingbig slimdudemakinggainz EMBRACEUNTILCHANGECOMES

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These are the moments life is made for After having my , I have the same conversations with myself numerous times a week Be the Dad they can be proud of Be the Dad that will get mad at but be happy for it later Be their mentor And the one that needs daily reminder Be their example This day was a proud day for me as I was shoveling the mulch (shirtless of course) to see my little man shirtlessand pantless in his sandals with his snow shovel telling me he “wanted to help daddy” This guy helped me for almost an hour not quitting, getting dirty, and never letting me get one wheelbarrow full without him getting a piece of the action . To say it made my day is an understatement I learned a long time ago my work ethic from the men that surrounded me growing up. Between my father and my uncles, there were no harder workers and I was gonna be like them one day . If there’s anything I can pass on, it would be to always be the hardest worker in the room (or yard) and I am very proud to say I think this strong, determined little 3 year old is well on his way 1stphorm iam1stphorm proudpapa

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Unstable training that makes sense 👌🏻⁣ ⁣ 🤙🏻 Progressing exercises via instability doesn’t have to be complex. Something as simple as reducing the number of ground contact points can increase the demands of the working musculature while imposing an anti-rotation challenge on the core. This is an easy way to incorporate instability into your training without using bosu balls or turning your workouts into a circus act.⁣ ⁣ 🚣🏽‍♂️ Renegade row: when performed properly, you’d be hard-pressed to find another movement that targets the upper back, lats, and entire core as effectively as the renegade row. What you’re essentially doing is holding a single-arm plank while performing strict single-arm rows. You don’t have to go light - you should be able to use 80-90% of the weight that you typically use for 1-arm DB rows.⁣ ⁣ 📝 Pretend you have a cone on your back to keep a rigid spinal position, don’t bring your elbow above your torso, and row “back” to avoid dominating the movement with your biceps⁣ ⁣ 🌉 1-leg, 1-arm DB bridge press: Ben Bruno introduced this challenging press variation that requires full-body stability, a strong brace, and optimal pressing mechanics. You can use either leg to bridge, but this option ups the ante on the need for stability. This doesn’t require a significant reduction in loading - once you get the hang of it, you should be able to handle a weight that’s on par with your normal DB bench press ⁣ 📝 Maintain a solid bridge position, control the weight down, and brace your core to avoid any excess rotation⁣ ⁣ FunctionalTraining Muscle Strength StrengthTraining UpperBodyWorkout

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I like big butts and I can not lie, you other brothers can't deny, That when a girl walks in with an itty bitty waist and a round thing in your face you get sprung. babygotback backday gymkiller

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You want something you’ve gotta work. Don’t half ass it. Give it all you’ve got or don’t even waste your time. These rules apply inside the gym and outside. Be the best human being you can be. Love hard or don’t love at all, study hard or don’t bother, say something nice or don’t say anything at all. With that being said Happy Monday! Get out there and get shit done ✅. happymonday backday chestday lifestyle instafit gains cables fitgirls fitnessmotivation

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Top set on rack pulls today. Heaviest weight I’ve done in a while and will soon be my back off set that I can promise you! However for the moment we’ll be looking at improving the execution of this movement whilst increasing the reps. Progressive overload can happen through more than an increase in weight or reps IMO. If the execution of the movement is improved through either initiation of the muscle or maintaining tension then that is still progression. Progress in technique, then reps until you’ve hit the higher echelon of your target number of reps then increase weight Own every inch of the movement of the rep and earn the right to increase load before you do it 💪. Rocking the themusclementors athlete hoodie so honoured to be even a small part of this group! Bands by pullumgymkit exerciseexecution progression fitness fitnessmotivation back motivation personaltrainer exercise changeyourbody instafit fitspo instafitfam health progress onestepatatime slow backday bodybuilding backtowork training hardwork consistency patience train backworkout learning deadlift muscle workout technique

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Back workout. -seated hammer strength rows -switched to single arm for a few -weighted pull ups -bent barbell row with close grip pull up as super set. back backday backworkout lats

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Here we goooo! Week 3 of our May Workout of the Week Series: Negatives - Adding negative sets to your exercises not only increases the workload on your muscles but it also helps you control the tempo, promotes strength, muscle recruitment and supports a stronger mind-muscle connection during your workouts. - Negative reps can be tagged onto your exercises at the end by either increasing the weight or staying the same but dramatically slowing down your ECCENTRIC or lowering phase of that exercise. - Complete 3-5reps at a 3-5second pace as you lower the weight. - These can tax your muscles pretty heavily so we recommend having a spotter if your performing compound exercises or utilize machines when performing your negatives! 👊🏼 - thrd_clothing - “justinv” - atlasnutritionofficial workout workoutoftheweek coach back backday

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i LOVE these🥰. Couple warm up sets of pull ups then these will get you a SICK pump. Drop a comment if you like training back. thepumpisthecure backday

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Through it all you’ve been by my side, for that I’m eternally grateful to you leo

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Back day 🏋🏼‍♀️ swipe right➡️

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Weighted pull-ups 11.25kg for 5 reps Last time I did 10kg of 5reps for 3 sets. So this week I wanna increase intensity a little bit, but in the second and third set I dropped to 10kg 😅 Remember the question in my previous story? It’s 11.25kg not 12.5kg 😂🤪 pullups weightedpullups strongback backmuscles fitnessgirl taiwanesegirl backday lats tonedbody weighttraining motivation 負重引體向上11.25公斤五個 因為上週做了10公斤五下三組 想說這禮拜來提高一點強度 但後來覺得沒力 第二第三組還是降回到10公斤 😅 引體向上 負重訓練 負重引體向上 台灣女孩愛健身 重訓 練背日 背肌

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🔺🔺MONDAY CHANGE UP🔺🔺 Are you having trouble with pull-ups? Try performing partial reps to emphasize the “sticky spot” of the movement🔝 When doing so, your body is adapting to the range needed to finish the full repetition of a pull-up 💪🏽 Once this movement becomes easy to perform, progressively overload it by adding weight or more repetitions. 🏋🏽‍♂️ athletetraining functionaltraining strengthandconditioningcoach strengthcoach pullups fitness functionalfitness gym gymmotivation fitnessmotivation mondaymotivation pushthrough backday

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หิวข้าวล่ะ รีบถ่ายรีบกลับล่ะนะ BackDay

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👀Miss Olympia therealfitnessbeauty using her Grey Titan Grips on her back day‼️💪 Repost therealfitnessbeauty • • • • • BackDay in my story from last night! Brutal but necessary focus on width and density. I definitely plan on bringing an even better package to the mrolympiallc stage while showing you guys the process in the mean time, more than I’ve ever shared. LETS GO! MsOlympia2018 YoungestPhysiqueOlympia Using titan_grips for better forearm strength and for even better targeting of the back muscle I’m working. 💥 Code: “MsO18”

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오늘의 운동 오늘도 찍은게 읎네요 요즘 매크로 맞춰먹는데 매크로보다 조금 덜먹으니까 힘이 안나오는듯 함 아 그리고 크리오로지 손목붕대 시킴✊ . fitness gym workout diet weightlifting exercise powerlifting backday muscle 🦵 💪 🏋️‍♂️ 다이어터 다이어트 헬스타그램 헬스 운동스타그램 운동남 운동 운동하는남자 운동하는여자 선팔하면맞팔 선팔 맞팔 소통 인친 환영 일상 daily

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Happy Monday but a not so happy looking Monday face apparently lol • But don’t let the face fool you too much. I had an amazing weekend with my friends which doesn’t happen often enough that’s for sure. Laughing, crying, good times. • Yesterday I had no voice this morning’s not much better. My workout was okay definitely nothing to write home about but sometimes those days happen as much as I would like them not to. But tomorrow’s a new day to be better • The last few weeks have been kind of a struggle not in the gym but with figuring out what I want to do with myself. I’ve been wrestling with the idea of trying to get certified to train and I’ve been taking in as much information from different sources along this journey • I just feel like I need to be doing something to help people and have more value and things to give to the world. We’ll see where these next 3-6-12 months take me. Stay tuned • • gym gymmotivation gym💪 weightlifting fitness backworkout fitnessmotivation onlinetraining instagramfitness bodybuilding onlinetrainer fitnesstransformation bodybuildingmotivation goals bodybuildingtransformation jymarmy results jym weightloss antidadbod childressfitness dadbod onlinetraining mondaymotivation dadswholift leanmuscle motivationmonday gains transformation backday

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Little physique update for this fine Monday morning 😁 • • This cut is going sooo well. I’m down about 6% body fat and my muscle mass is pretty much the same. I weigh 124.2 lbs now and my body fat % is about 19%. I’m excited to see how I look by the end of this cut Have a productive week! • • fitnessgirl motivation fitfam fitspo fitsporation bootybuilding deadlift legday workout upperbody pulldowns armday back backday biceps glutes lowerbody bootybuilder legpress hipthrusts hipabduction cablekickbacks kickbacks Gymsharkwomen

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Sunday back session. -lat activation: standing row with band -chest supported cable rows. 10 reps low row then switch to high row til failure -cobra rows back backworkout backday lats workout motivation

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Happy Monday y’all! I am sooooooo ready to be back home and be at my home gyms and be able to get back on my regime. I’m on my last nights out in Thailand and I’ll be back to the swing of things. motiv8performance got some amazing deals going on as usual. So here’s another chance to hop on and do some shopping if you’re running low on your supplement needs motiv8performance kinesiology muythaiboxing fitness fitnessmotivation fitnessmodel backworkout personaltrainer livefit fitspo fitsporation  fitlife fitnessaddict workoutmotivation workout Powerlifting LAtrainer fitfam backday bodybuilding motiv8 kinmajor onlinetrainer onlinepersonaltrainer personaltrainerlife sponsoredAthlete fitnessentrepreneur backexercise

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Kettlebell Bent Over Row. Some unilateral for both my arms combined with some core tension to hold position while producing movement. Emphasis on retracting the scapula (adduction) and shoulders back followed by pulling the weight towards the diaphragm. Key point: is to learn to retract the shoulders blades together and roll the humorous securely into the shoulder joint. Pause at the top for 2-3 seconds to emphasis scapula retraction. Promotes better scapula control and potentially prevents excess kyphosis of the Thoracic spine. personaltrainer trainer upperbody coach gamerfitness posture athlete training exercise esports fitness fitnessgamer backday arms

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Their will be a lot of trials and tribulations in life. How you handle them will help create your own path. Rise up each day and push forward towards your goals.

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تصميم رهيب من سجاد العتابي sj_2q عاشت اَيدك يا ذهب 😘

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Getting on to strength training after arm injury and a month break Have gained back some belly fat again A new workout regime and diet begins today Weight 35kgs In partnership and under guidance of pathiksfitnessfundamentals pathikj mondaymotivation workout workoutroutine workouts workoutmotivation gym gymmotivation gymlife transformationtuesday transforming transformation better gettingfit fitnessmotivation fitness fitnessenthusiast workout lift liftheavy training backworkout backday barbel dumbellworkout dumbell deadlift deadlifts legday legdayworkout legpress

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Sunday morning. Gym time. Back day. Planning to go rollerskating ✌️ Воскресное утро. Тренировка. День спины. В планах - покататься на роликах в Левобережном парке ✌️

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🚨Daily Warm Up🚨 After my stretches this is my go to warm up, 10 reps of wide grip pull ups followed by 10 reps of press ups This warms up all my upper body, ready for any shoulder, back, chest or arm exercises 🙌🏽 💾 for the next time you go for an upper body day and you never know, it might become your go to aswell 😉 Do you have a daily warm up workout? I hate when someone walks into front of the camera 😤 instafit  instafitness  workout  workoutroutine shredded  biceps  triceps  backday  motivation inspiration  gains  fitness  muscle  beastmode traininsane  ironaddict  cardio  gymlife fitspiration  crossfit  londonfitness  progress athlete  progressnotperfection  thegymgroup puregym  myprotein

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Kiedyś padło takie stwierdzenie "nie można bić rekordów co trening" Myth busted Odpowiednie programowanie+ bardzo dobra znajomość swojego ciała pozwala mi wdrażać autorska metodę krótkich makrocykli wypracowana na przestrzeni ostatnich dwóch lat. ➡️3 tyg progresji falowej na niskich pow ➡️ 3 tyg adaptacja cun do przeciążen na poziome submaksow ➡️ Tydzień deloadu ➡️ 3 tyg windowania wyników! Bicia rekordów i to z progresja liniowa co trening Na filmiku 330 kg bez pasa. Rekord pobity o 10 kg deadlifttillimdead bodybuilding powerlifting powerbuilding deadlift martwyciag backday gym muscles gymshark massive noexcuses nolimits motivation workout progress happy