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Crossroads by Millington. One take. Please be impressed. The sun was in our eyes, and it was windy, the dogs were barking, and a plane flew overhead, but life isn’t quiet! Also, it was in a weird key for me (“No, I sing in a different key.” I meant it in ‘Girl in a Band’ and I still mean it) and just plain, old SYLLABLE CRIMES (especially the bridge, ugh) tried to get me, we survived! We did it. And even after having listened to it 100x to learn [that darn bridge], we still really love the song because it’s good ¯\_(ツ)¯ Full video on YT, link in bio 🎶

5 hours ago

本日、タミー君のブランニューが発売!!過去の作品と共にヒアメショップにアップしたので、気になる方は是非是非^_^9月郡上でライブ開催します! Thamii backtothebeach トップ、プロフィールにあるこのアドレスから↓

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I’m giving away some WEEKEND PASSES to backtothebeachfest - turn on the post notifications so you don’t miss this rad contest in the next couple of days In the interim - please enjoy the set times. Who are you stoked to see the most? OCsellout backtothebeach westofcamden ocmusic socalmusic beachfest musicfest skafest punkfestival poppunksnotdead blink182 streetlightmanifesto storyoftheyear reelbigfish lessthanjake theused goldfinger theaquabats lowlives saveferris thewonderyears thestorysofar backtothebeachfest enjoytheshow

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We’re looking forward to seeing our good friends lessthanjake Sunday April 28th at this year’s Back to the Beach. It’s not too late to get your tickets. Head over to today. Just a little over a week away! LessThanJake BTTB2019 BackToTheBeach

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Finally convinces boy to come out and play ! backtothebeach

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Check out this VEGANFOODSPOT ‼️🌱❤️ Super cute plant based dinner last night w russellmonshaw 😍 in Huntington Beach at vegiliciousus 🌱 Kobe BBQ Bowl ➡️ Hamburger Steak Curry ➡️ Potato Wedges with Cheese sauce🥰 ✨✨✨Please go and support this awesome local little vegan restaurant! They are so sweet and have a huge dream to make the world a happy and healthier place by providing delicious plant based meals They may have to close down which would be super sad 😭 If you can, please give them a visit and support whether or not you are vegan! The food is wonderful and you can totally tell that it’s made with love💚✨✨✨ Swipe⬅️⬅️ to view their story✌️ vegan veganfood huntingtonbeach orangecounty plantbased plantbasedfood surfcity losangeles veganfoodshare crueltyfree ocvegan vegetarian animallovers veganmeat veganfoodshare backtothebeach backtothebeachfest veggies veganrecipes veganfoodpics

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“Just a boring old Maclain here.” . Just having a boring day here, how about yourself? Got anything planned for the weekend? I will be moving to my house, meetings and just keeping good vibes all around Remember to stay awesome and enjoy the weekend livewhereyoulove compasseverywhere intracoastal backtothebeach emptybeach lovethebeach sunsetswim aroundtheworld destination_wow instavoyage travelpassion instatravelgram traveljunkie travelphotography onthewater lookoutpoint costalliving shore coast bodyofwater scenery sand trip instatravel wanderlust

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Shhhh, can you keep a secret? Oh wait, this is on social media , right? No worries, I know I am amongst friends here. Recently I visited matissehairandspastudio for a treatment. No, it wasn’t a cut or color It was a bikini wax. You know it is about that time to get one, and if you never have before this is a must try. Now I am ready for the beach, I am ready for the pool, and I am ready for that bathing suit that came in from Amazon yesterday. There is nothing worse that trying on a suit when you are not “beach ready”. Matisse is my new neighborhood spot for this self care. Be it your first or thirty first time being waxed you are well taken care of by the team here. You can learn more about this neighborhood salon and even make an appointment through the link in my bio. Don’t wait as the racks of bathing suits are all out in stores and you really need to try them on the right way. 👙👙👙👙👙👙👙👙👙👙👙 bathingsuitseason norwoodpark edisonpark pampering sponsored

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It's been quite awhile since I've worked a show, last one I did was with Wu-Tang-Clan. I was really really sick, but when i got that phone call I couldn't say no. Now fast forward 2 years later I'm stoked to announce I'll be working load out for this festival. I couldn't be more excited to be doing this again, much love and thank you to ocml_safari for this opportunity. kroq backtothebeach

3 days ago

Days 314-317 It was a rough first three days back on the road. The small hills seem big and the big hills, well, fuk the big hills! On the third day I rode into La Placita De Morelos. It was a tough day. My whole body was tingling and my ass was not getting along with gravity or the seat. Found this awesome campground just south of town rancho_buganvillias_mexico . The owner Sandy is an American who has spent most of his life down here surfing and livin. He is in the process of building a sweet little oasis up on a bluff overlooking the ocean with access through a coconut plantation. Enjoyed playing with his dogs, sheep, and cat. All super friendly and happy. His girlfriend is a great cook. Scored breakfast two days in a row and pizza last night! Best pizza in Mexico! Took yesterday off and helped out with a couple electrical jobs around the new add on he is building. I could stay here for a week no problemo. But Sandy tells me over the next hill is a surf community with 50-60 surfers and hotties camping and partying. Soooo, I am off to check that out right now! ftwtour2019 lovemypeople backtothebeach surlyecr29ergoinsouth mascervesasporfavor

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Christenson Surfboards christensonsurfboards Ocean Racer 小波でも楽しめるOcean Racer スムーズとグライドがクセになります!是非、CC Speed Co.を体感してみて下さい🤙👍 Photo kazuhossy hossys_film christensonsurfboards christensonsurfboardsjapan christensonmoonlightfactory ccspeedco captaifin captainfinco backtothebeach becoolman catchsurf sanonofresurfco surfboardsbydonaldtakayama kiyomoinc お求めはお近くのキヨモ優良販売店、キヨモ直営店➡︎ONLINE STOREからぜひ! kiyomoinc

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Christenson Surfboards christensonsurfboards C-Bucket テイクオフからドーンといく感じが大好きなC-Bucket‼︎ CC Speed Co.を是非、体感してほしい🤙👍 Photo tatsuo_takei christensonsurfboards christensonsurfboardsjapan christensonmoonlightfactory ccspeedco captaifin captainfinco backtothebeach becoolman catchsurf sanonofresurfco surfboardsbydonaldtakayama kiyomoinc お求めはお近くのキヨモ優良販売店、キヨモ直営店➡︎ONLINE STOREからぜひ! kiyomoinc