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What a way to close of the first week of our Summer Intensive; a surprise visit by the master himselfTero Saarinen came to the Contemporary Repertoire Workshop session which focusses on his work. This Workshop and the TERO technique classes are given by the wonderful teacher/dancer David Scarantino. Thank you Tero for giving this unforgettable experience to our senior participants! 📷 wiljac2109 summerintensive ooppera oopperabaletti terosaarinencompany terosaarinen terotechnique davidscarantino contemporarydance ballet baletti

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Swan Princess. 🦢🦢🦢🦢 . Crown by bijoubrigitte 🥀🥀🥀🥀🥀💔💔💔💔💔 . *Don’t use my photos without my authorization, thanks!* 🥀🥀🥀🖤🖤🖤🥀💔💔 eroticart delicate bjdart innocence femalebody eroticfemale bjddoll sensuality fairytale fancygoth_edit erotique dark_mania dream erotika darkart fineartnude artdoll _romanticdarkness_ ethereal oniric dark_infinity darkgrammer elaguacarte besteditpics_ bjddoll _fairies_in_dark princess fairytale ballet swanlake beautifulbizarre

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After Dinner stop by Yo Momma’s for some delicious truffle balls! Support our very own Miss Lisa! 🍬💕

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I learned how to cook some traditional Russian cuisine last week, which included Grechka (or buckwheat) with mushrooms 🍄, blini 🥞, which are similar to crepes, and these cool virgin drinks with live herbs that are similar to mint. Learning about another culture’s food was so cool! Not only did I learn what some of the main staples are, but also why. For example, ‘mushroom hunting’ is a real pastime. Also, Russian people tend to eat 3 bigger meals a day rather snacking all of the time like many Americans do. I also tried borscht for the first time this week, and it was amazing! - - - health ballerina wholefoods feedfeed dinner healthydinner vegetarian foodblogger foodphotography cleaneating foodstagram eeeeeats california fitness worldwideballet ballet buckwheat russia cheapeats carbs russianfood cooking ballerinadiet

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Não somos bailarinas mas tamo brincando ballet btsv bts Tear Singularity

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“Gracias por la publicidad “ “thank you for be advertising” -BCA- 本格的にバレーを習いたい子供達にオススメのバレー教室。9月からは、男の子の為のクラスも始まるみたいです! This ballet classroom recommended for who want to learn ballet in seriously. It seems that classes for boys will begin in September! aguascalientes muchogusto mexico ballet classicos niños balletclasicoaguascalientes

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La danza a temprana edad puede desarrollar diferentes habilidades como la expresión corporal, manejo del espacio, motricidad gruesa, disciplina, seguir instrucciones, memoria para recordar una coreografía, relaciones espaciales: subir y bajar, lateralidad, moverse a la derecha o a la izquierda, cordinación de piernas y brazos a la vez Me gusta formar parte del público para ver el trabajo de estas niñas y sus profesores, a los padres que las llevan a las clases y ensayos sin falta. El día del acto es importante porque superan el miedo escénico, esto les va a ayudar para toda la vida. Emocionalmente las ayuda a sentir confianza en sí mismas. Escuelas cómo estás forjan las bases para la preparación de los artistas. Desde pequeñas van conociendo distintos tipos de melodías y danzas desde el preballet, cómo el jazz y ritmos urbanos como el hip hop. Lo importante es que lo disfruten como una actividad complementaria divertida y fácil, que le guste para que desarrollen sus talentos y creatividad. danza ballet jazz expresioncorporal niñas talento loquemegustameencuentra

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1️⃣ MONTH COUNTDOWN Can you believe we’re less than one month away from the start of our ninth season? Purchase your season subscription today, and don’t miss a beat of The Big Muddy’s 2019-2020 Fortissimo Season! 🎵💃🏽 . Video excerpt thanks to our friends tree9films 🎥

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Take me to the sky. 🌈🌻 dance ballet

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☝🏼☝🏼☝🏼☝🏼☝🏼👀 LOOK This moment of kindness between my oldest two brought to you by diblasiballet 😉. It’s a good day. GrEaT jOb today dancers diblasiballet dance ballet

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it turns out, when you miss classes, you can practice even near the river in the sand . Когда скучаешь за занятиями, могут прийти необычные идеинапример, устроить тренировку возле речки и даже на довольно мягкой Земле балет люблюбалет пуанты природаукраины детимодели лето2019 простотанцуй танцуй мирпрекрасен детиактеры любимаядача лето каникулы nicekids smile ballet loveballett

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