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Don’t own rights to this song🔥🔥🔥 💈CLIPPER HANDS BARBER STUDIO 1810 TRAWOOD EL PASO TEXAS 79935 🇺🇸 MILITARY MONDAY 🇺🇸 HOURS:🕐 MONDAY-FRIDAY 9️⃣am-8️⃣pm SATURDAY- 8️⃣am-8️⃣pm SUNDAY- 8️⃣am-2️⃣pm ☎️ALCUTTA (602)363-0296 🏡HOUSE CALLS ☎️💲1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣📶 INTAGRAM : alcutta_ clipperhandsbarberstudio elpaso eptx elpasobarber barber clipperhandsbarberstudio alcutta 915 elpasotexas utep fortbliss elpasoproud elpaso915 chucotown elpasotattoo cutjunkies elpasolife eptx915 elpasofit uteproud utepbasketball fortblisshairstylist elpasofood elpasonightlife barberhub bestbarbbers elpasofinestbarbers 💯 fortblisslashes elpasobarbers elpasonightlife fortblisstexas fortblisstx barbershopconnect barbersince98 wahlpro sharpfade elpasotimes utep_miners barbersinctv elpasolive barber_ogs fortblissmwr roller_coaster_waves backninebar chucoboss915 malomcantina eptx_ babyliss4barbers barberstrong booksybiz wahlpro andisclippers booksybiz oakzeellc

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おはようございます‼︎ 新世界やっと読めた‼︎めっちゃオススメですよー‼︎ 漫画やビジネス書も置いてる床屋。 本日23日(土)はまだ予約に空きあります。カットされる方はお電話お待ちしております。 よろしくお願い致します。 ☆三重の老舗Barber Shop☆ ユミー TEL 0598-85-0113 営業時間 8:00〜19:00 〒519-2423 三重県多気郡大台町新田63-7 田舎暮らし barber barbershop arrows ユミー 大台町PR 床屋 東三国 三重県 大台町 美容室 ハイブリッドスパ デュアルライフ

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Mrs. Karen had been a real treat to work with, really been putting my shear work to work. Thanks for coming in and I’ll see you soon barber paducah paducahbarbers

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Corte de hoy para mi bro marcelo_echeverria11 🔥💈 Quería agradecer también a todos mis amigos y clientes que prefieren atenderce conmigo que an estado del minuto 0 apoyando 🙏🏽 por eso trato de ocupar lo mejor para ustedes para que se atiendan con un buen servicio 👍🏽🖤🔥🔥 barberiasdechile Fadegame bestofbarbers barberstance barberoslatinos  barbersinctv thebarberpost elegancegel elegancegel.chile barberobengie wester_barber arod23pr taylorcutz1 barbershop asapsebabarber barberlife barberos4life barbershopconnect barbering barbersinctv barberlove barberwork barberia barber barbers fade fadegame 100kbarbers thebarberpost sharpfade barbergang bookorview elegancegel elegancechile barbeiros barberoslatinos barberchile chilebarbers barberoschilenos barberworld whal chile quintanormal

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Clipper Depot thanks for always providing us with all our wants and needs. Quality barbering education, the best barber supply store in the nation, and the strongest COSMO CROSSOVER CREW in the land. Victor Godinez from fadefactorybarbershop956 is about to start our crossover program this coming Monday. We’re excited for you vick_blends Welcome to the ⚜️TBEA⚜️family. clipperdepot teamclipperdepot babylisspro clipperdepot hair barber barbershop cosmotobarber barberinstructor barberschool barberlife wahl andis oster laredo laredotx laredotexas laredobarber thebarbereducation thebarbereducationacademy tbea barbershopconnect barbersinctv tonsorialartist babyliss4barbers growlaredo sanantoniobarber austinbarber dallasbarber dallasbarbers houstonbarber

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Our call center is available 24/7 and our courteous staff of professional sales representatives and technicians are waiting to answer all your questions ATTENTION STYLIST, ASSISTANTS AND STUDENTS: Save up to 50% on selective WASHOU shears and Leftie KIKUI shears with FREE SHARPENING if you Donate at least $20 on your phone to the Red Cross or Any Charity of Your Choice on Monday at our office by appointment. You must watch a 10 minute basic sharpening demo for a better understanding of the process and daily scissor maintenance tips. All we ask is that you take some printed instructional brochures back to your salon and pass on any knowledge and information of what you were taught to your friends and co-workers. You may watch your scissors being serviced on close circuit monitors or inches away through an illuminated magnifying lens. You can even experience the process first hand on your own sharpening machine and practice scissors. Note taking and some restrictive pics and video is encouraged with permission! Warning: NEVER volunteer your coworkers scissors for sharpening when they are not present to inspect the work, especially when they mistreat and recklessly store their shearsGOOD KARMA PLEASE

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Trust and believe half what Shear Integrity tells you and Google the rest.  Never rely on a single source for your information.  You have 10,000 years of technology at your disposal in your smart phones. Please read this in the spirit in which it was intended. What happens when 90% of sharpeners WORDWIDE can't sharpen and 95% of stylist don't properly maintain their tools. PROOF: Simply compare all the sharpened scissors in your salon to the blades on a new shearGAME OVER! The situation has become Critical. In this extremely Toxic environment Shear Integrity can not only risk making any mistakes, especially by trying to repair an unqualified sharpener’s damages, but can't afford the slightest negative perception. Shear Integrity does not wish to malign honest and reputable scissor companies and sharpeners. Shear Integrity also does not wish to perpetuate or be part of the problem by adding to the carnage. Someone must go on record to help raise the bar and industry standards (set at ankle height). Most scissors WORLDWIDE are never the same after the first sharpening. 8 out of 10 sharpeners cannot duplicate or even follow a simple convex edge, so don’t be surprised when they ruin your dry cutting shears with the blades more complex geometry. STOP paying and rewarding illegitimate and unqualified sharpeners CASH to practice on and ruin your highly valued shears. Always make them take a before and after photo of your scissors being serviced and get a matching detailed receipt. What better PROOF and Protection when incredibly most scissors are never the same after sharpening! In a service that requires precision and accuracy anything less is inexcusable and unacceptable. What you put up with You end up with!

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We designed our polishing pads and abrasive compounds for medical sharpening of curettes and biopsy punches. These specialized surgical instruments need to be razor sharp each time without removing too much critical metal. Yesterday there were too many distractions and I got to experience what my customers have been telling me for over 30 years! Luckily I didn't need stitches like several of them! Some of our customers even met at the same emergency room! Please always be mindful in handling your sharp scissors at all times and keep plenty of band aides, tourniquets and Crazy Glue handy!

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RepostBy shearintegrity: "Crazy glue and masking tape is much easier than band aides when your too busy to stop. Make your sharpeners email you before and after photos of your scissors being serviced along with a matching receipt for your records. Don't pay and reward them Cash to practice on your shears. Have them compare your sharpened edges to the blades on a new shearGAME OVER! What better proof and protection when incredibly 95% of scissors WORLDWIDE will never look and perform the same after being sharpened! Your scissors are an extension of your very being and in your hands most of your working life. Make sure they come back to you after servicing with Pristine edges and perform 100% or better! What you put up with you end up with!" (via InstaRepost AppsKottage)