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I brought 2 of my dolls to school for a science project. We had creative freedom but the project had to be related to what we did research on. We had a list of topics we could do(all related to the ocean) and my topic was ocean plastics so I made a Scorpio doll to show how you can use old plastics like dolls and turn them into art. Scorpions are not water animals but in astrology they are water signs but I’m a Scorpio and I just wanted a Scorpio doll so I made it anyway. I brought the second dragon doll just for fun and more examples. I added on final touches the the dragon girl and I will make a post for her later. Follow cutiey_qween (me) for more cute dolls doll bjd dollcustom bjdcustom barbie target bjdsculpting doll mangadolls monsterhigh animestyledolls animedolls mangastyledolls sculpptor artist dollartist bjdsculpting dollhobby bjdhobby sculpting drawing bjdphot bjdclothes dollclothes prettydolls cutedolls bjdfaceups

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Hello friendly people Presenting: Barbies 35th Anniversary Doll What a fine way to celebrate Barbie's 35th Anniversary with this vintage reproduction of the original 1959 number one ponytail. This choice 35th Anniversary Barbie Doll captures the nostalgic essence of those early Barbie years. One fabulous Special Edition Barbie is sure to win a special place in collectors hearts. Take a moment to see our Barbie Dolls and all merchandise at: Now and Then Galleria LLC. Our offerings include a variety of collectibles, vintage, new, like new and fun items. Including action figures, cars, ceramics, dolls, figurines, games, porcelain, toys, tons of brand names like Barbie, Bing & Grondahl, Coca Cola, Disney, ERTL, Fenton, Goebel, Hot Wheels, Lenox, Lledo, Matchbox, Monopoly, PEZ, Precious Moments, Royal Doulton, Snowbabies, Star Trek, Star Wars, The Simpsons as well as handmade crochets by our mum "Mumsie of Stratford" and so much more. We have complimentary shipping available with code and all orders receive a surprise gift. Join us and sign up for our Loyalty Program to earn $$ and opt in to receive NaTG's Newsletter for first deals, sales and more. Please visit us here: Music 🎼 by: Barbie 35thAnniversary Dolls FashionDolls Ballerina Ballet TuTu CalvinKlein GoingHome Holiday MyFirstBarbie Mattel Collectibles ActionFigures Games Porcelain Toys Crocheted MumsieofStratford LivePDNation Magyar Love Specials 💡 Gifts 🎁 NowandThenGalleria

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Promenade in the Park Barbie is absolutely precious! I personally love her umbrella accessory! I love the high quality material they use for special edition Barbies at this time. So classy and sophisticated. She will be available in my shop soon! Stay posted! ebay barbie promenade specialedition forsale

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So honored to be a part of this amazing project with barbie and nickelodeon inspiring girls that we can be anything we want to be. 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚 repostbarbie Barbie and the Nickelodeon ’ Choice Awards are rolling out the Orange Carpet, inviting girls to dream big. Because when girls discover YouCanBeAnything it won’t be long until they’re running the show! KCA🎥 ✨

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Don’t forget to match your hair and highlight to your blazer

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No parent is supposed to go through this. Please people talk with your about how bullying is not right and how the affects of it hurts people who looses someone they love in this battle of words. We are all human we were born to a hard working life all from the start. There is all this rules around the society you have to follow and worst off all then there is this hell for some people where they don’t fit in anywhere. Imagine going to bed with thoughts that world is better of without me and waking up with a wish to continue sleeping instead of facing the demons out there. People who makes fun of you, picks on your style, tells you a lot lies to break your heart, makes rumors you come to believe in. Please be strong. Don’t listen Let’s fight against bullying for all our childrens sake and further future generations. I want this to be history may this poor little 9 years old girl rest in peace. Her aunt should have bought a barbie instead of a casket. Things like this makes me wanna grab a mick and scream my guts out. christmas lfl l4l fff f4f instagood instapic instagram school