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Benefits of Chiropractic care during Pregnancy: . • Helps control morning sickness symptoms (especially in early pregnancy) • Reduction of labor and delivery time • Relieves neck, joint and back pain associated with carrying a • Helps maintain balance, which is usually thrown off by your growing belly • Helps prevent a potential cesarean section delivery (due to breech pregnancies for example) . The most obvious targets for chiropractic adjustments will be the lumbar spine & the sacroiliac joint, in order to shift the vertebrae back into alignment, which will help you feel your best. Adjustments to these joints may also relieve pressure on the sciatic nerve and help patients sleep more soundly at night. Adjustments also help you function at your very best postpartum Dr. Jill is certified in the Webster technique which is used in many pregnant patients Comment and tag a pregnant loved one or friend!

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Photography tip! The top photo was shot with only natural light. The bottom photo was shot using a 360 watt strobe mixed with natural light. Notice how the hat produces a pleasant shadow because of the added lighting under the hat and the light adds a catch light in the eyes. photographytips cartersvillephotographer bartowcounty cartersvillega

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Awesome day before THE DAY! We had about twenty vendors move in today and tomorrow will be even busier with the remaining 90 moving in throughout the day! We will be set up and ready for YOU from 5-8! Join us at the Bartow Saddle Club where you can buy tickets at the gate! $10 for Friday early bird shopping from 5-8 and $5 for Saturday and Sunday from 10-6! georgiajunkies41 springvintagemarket antiquesandinteriors vintage handmade bartowcounty cartersvillega shopcartersville supportsmallbusiness

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We love our clients! Mr. Kitty is a lovable boy who is curious and adventurous! He thanks his mom and dad for having a pet associate take care of him so he can stay home in his familiar environment with no stress of travel or boarding. ❤ cartersvillepetsitting cartersvillega cartersville bartowcounty bartowcounty cartersvillesmallbusiness downtowncartersvillega bartowchamber petcare petcareservices catsofinstagram blackandwhitecatsofinstagram petsitter petsofinstagram dogwalker pawsitters petsitterlife dogwalkerlife cherokeecounty cobbcounty pauldingcounty floydcounty petlover northga happycat

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A face only a mother could love. From prehistoric fish and the mouth of a megalodon to planetarium shows and interactive experiences, the Smithsonian-affiliated Tellus Science Museum in Cartersville, Georgia is blinding us with science this spring and beyond, link in bio for more. 📷: spike_africa] tellussciencemuseum cartersvillega exploregeorgia travelhistory travelsouthusa travelsoutheast familytravel familyfun springbreaktravel summerbreak dinosaurmuseum nwga northgeorgia sciencemuseum alwayslearning takethekids bartowcounty museumsarecool shegetsitfromhermama dinosaurfossils

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The Junkies arrived at the Bartow County Saddle Club at the crack of dawn and worked until well after the sun went down! We are ready for more of our awesome vendors to join whiskeyglitter, who began set-up tonight! This is so exciting Georgia Junkies 41 spring vintage market is this Friday through Sunday! Come shop with us! georgiajunkies41 springvintagemarket antiquesandinteriors pickin junkin vendormarket homedecor bartowcounty cartersvillega bartowcountysaddleclub supportsmallbusiness

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Casa A la venta!🏠 Por tan solo $199.900 197 Cline Smith Road NE Cartersville Ga 30121 Casa tradicional de 2 pisos, con 3 cuartos y 2 baños y medio, increible master bedroom,conveniente ubicacion, cerca de la 75 , proximamente sera pintada! ☎️Llamame o enviame un mensaje de texto para mas informacion 7703109198 casasenatlanta realestate cherokeecounty bartowcounty habloespañol housesforsale homesforsale daca atlanta woodstock kennesaw cartersville canton house home homebuyer housebuyer Houseitgoing dreamhome yourtargetneighborhood curbappeal investment homesweethome openhouse househunting location

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hamstringcurls , also known as legcurls , are among the few gym machine exercises that specifically target your hamstrings . But if you think that means you're workingout just one muscle , you're wrong the hamstrings are actually a group of three large muscles. Your hamstrings are made up of three major muscles: The bicepsfemoris , semitendinosus and semimembranosus . All three muscles provide the primary force to bend your legs at the knees, although individually they also assist with internal and external rotation of the knee. With the exception of one head of the biceps femoris, all three hamstrings muscles also extend your leg at the hip. bodyplexcartersville has three machines for performing hamstringlegcurls making your legday an event to remember. bodyplexstrong bodyplex plexnation cartersville cartersvillega bartowcounty

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Spring is here! The birds are chirping, the Dogwoods are blooming and our pet associates are shedding their jackets! We are ready to care for your fur (feathered, scaled, finned and hooved) family during your spring break vacation! 🏕🏖🌞 springtime cartersvillepetsitting cartersvillega cartersville bartowcounty cherokeecounty cobbcounty pauldingcounty floydcounty petlover pawsitters petsitterlife petsofinstagram petservices horsesofinstagram catsofinstagram petcareservices downtowncartersvillega bartowchamber happytailsrule rescuepetsofinstagram

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There will be ZERO laundry, or any other chores for that matter, getting done at my house this week! I'll be busy preparing for not one but TWO shows in Cartersville this weekend as well as prepping my booth at Queen of Hearts in Marietta for their amazing Spring Fling event this weekend! Busy! queenofheartsantiques queenofheartsmarietta springflingqueen georgiajunkies41 northwestgeorgiawomensexpo nwgawomensexpo clarencebrownconferencecenter bartowcountysaddleclub cartersvillega bartowcounty

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This sound familiar? Want your home organized but it’s the last thing you have time to do? THIS is just one of the reasons I’m here! I’d be happy to help to you 🙂 📸:

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Ticketsget your tickets! You have two options for ticket purchase! Buy online by clicking on your ticket of choice on our website at or purchase at front gate! Ticket prices: $10.00 Friday early bird tickets (good for whole weekend) or $5.00 Sat/Sun tickets (good for single day entrance). ❤️ georgiajunkies41 shopblondeberries springvintagemarket antiquesandinteriors vintage junkin pickin bartowcounty cartersvillega bartowcountysaddleclub supportsmallbusiness

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Chiropractors look at the underlying issues rather than just treating the surface symptoms. They also want to help and guide you to keep your body healthy and balanced to avoid similar problems in the future!