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Switching up topics; there are 33 players eligible to be voted into the baseball ⚾️ HOF in 2018 of which 19 are on the ballot for the first time. Edgar Martinez is one of the returning 14 players that remain on the ballot from prior years. This is Edgar Martinez 9th year on the ballot. Edgar is up to 58.6% of the 75% required to gain entrance into the HOF. In my opinion Edgar Martinez is one the 5 best right handed hitters I’ve ever seen on a baseball field. I know he was almost exclusively a DH and that hurts his candidacy, however, I’d rather have a guy who DH who was a beast at the plate vs someone who was a hack in the field and also hit great. For all intensive purposes a bad defender that can hit great should be a DH. Why do you think advanced statistics like WAR don’t like player who hit .250 30 homers and 90 RBI who’s is a liability in the field. Their offense can’t outweigh the negative impact their defense affects their teams chances of winning. I always tell my be balanced try to be great on both sides of the field or court and if your not you’d better be insanely great in one part if your gonna be bad at the other. Brooks Robinson is a HOFer almost exclusively because of his glove and there are others. Well Edgar was insanely great pure hitter from the right side and I think his bat belongs in the HOF even if he won’t bring a glove with him. I’d love to go in on all the eligible ball players for this years HOF ballot so drop a comment 👇🏼 mlb halloffame hof baseball edgarmartinez seattlemariners sportsondagram sportsonfb sportsntweetin

- 싱그런 잎사귀 돋아난 가시처럼 어쩌면 당신은 장미를 닮았네요 장현식 ncdinos 엔씨다이노스 kbo baseball

グラウンド使えるようになるまでどれくらいかかるかな🧐長いだろうなぁ。。春が待ち遠しい。 snow baseball white fff lfl l4l like4like いいね返し

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困った時見返すこの動画。 自分の原点でもある中村さんの型付け。 ゼットの型付けはセンター長の鈴木さんの型付け。 . 湯もみ型付け スチーム型付け どちらも 型付け メーカーによって 使い分け ウィルソン wilson 中村さん ゼット ZETT 鈴木さん もうすぐ4年目 選択肢 これから先 より高みへ 野球 baseball ⚾️

One of the most hallowed fields in baseball history, the Polo Grounds sat in Coogan’s Bluff, located in upper Manhattan. This unique and storied ballpark was home to many legendary players, championship teams and memorable sports moments throughout its storied history. The first Polo Grounds was located in the northeast corner of Central Park between 110th and 112th streets. It was home to the New York Gothams from 1883-1888. In 1889 the Giants moved to Coogan’s Bluff, where they would play for the next 7 decades. This second stadium (originally called BrotherHood Park) didn’t last long as it only lasted until 1891 when the new 16,000 seat stadium opened. Its main double decked grandstand arched around homeplate and down the baselines. Bleachers were located in dead center field and 7,000 seats were added in 1908. By 1911, the ballpark had a seating capacity of 31,000 and was the largest stadium in baseball. The stadium was built mostly of wood, it caught fire and burned while the Giants were out of town on April 14, 1911. The ballpark suffered $250,000 in damage and was a complete loss. The partially completed fourth and final Polo Grounds opened to the Giants. When completed it held 54,555 seats with a center field of 455 feet, a left field of 279 and a right of 257. Certainly odd dimensions compared to today’s stadiums. The Yankees shared Polo Grounds with the Giants until evicted in 1922. Leading them to build the greatest stadium in sports, Yankee Stadium, just a quarter mile south of the Polo Grounds. The Grounds hosted its final game in 1963. pologrounds newyork newyorkcity newyorkbaseball giants newyorkyankees manhattan stadiums architecture sports baseball iconic coogansbluff oldnewyork mlb

Did you know who start playing tackle football before the age of 12 are at much higher risk of developing behavioral and emotional troubles as adults, according to a new study Source Sports football soccer basketball nfl mlb baseball futbol footballseason quarterback touchdown kickoff footballgames yardline pads yards pass footballgame Healthylifestyle Healthyliving Health strong train nutrition exercise fitnessmotivation fitspiration gymlife

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I will not use these in batting practice or a game but intruders BEWARE. This is a big league little leaguers house, I will not strike out. baseball ballislife EM3 1Kings18:8

Going near and far. 🚐 ✈️ BatsToTheBigs

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- 나는 네가 웃을 때가 좋다 나는 네가 말할 때가 좋다 나는 네가 말하지 않을 때도 좋다 뾰로통한 네 얼굴, 무덤덤한 표정 때로는 매정한 말씨 그래도 좋다 장현식 ncdinos 엔씨다이노스 kbo baseball

The San Francisco Giants signed outfielder Austin Jackson to a two-year deal worth six million dollars. mets mlb follow followme austinjackson baseball team believe sports morning good photooftheday art sanfrancisco news

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Me and my cadre j chillin 😎. fabvocab baseball dingers by: matt marletta

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- 처음 올리는 듯한 선수님이네요 17시즌 수고하셨습니다 18시즌, 부상없이 말끔한 경기 응원합니다 스크럭스 ncdinos 엔씨다이노스 kbo baseball

Hoje lembramos ao 🇩🇴 Yordano Ventura uma grande perda do beisebol no 22 de janeiro 2017 ace30 dava gosto assistir esses arremessos! PratiqueBeisebolemBh Beisebolbeaga Beisebolbh belohorizonte bh beisebol beisbol homerun Baseball AquiTemBaseball ABSBH Softbol UaiBeisebolEmBH

If the measure of spirituality is how much emotion I can be made to feel in an hour’s time, then I’ve honestly had better church in smoky bars and overpriced movie theaters. So if “emotional” does not necessarily equal “spiritual,” then what are we doing wrong? [ link in profile ] QuitChristianity

Fenway Park — America’s oldest park in Major League Baseball. fenway boston baseball historic tickets redsox

Hiroshima stadium [201406] baseball hiroshimacarp

New glove para el 14 Samuel Torres baseball fundalara barquisimeto venezuela SS1441 rawlingssg

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요미우리자이언츠 바람막이 프리사이즈 비매품 구입문의DM 100~105정도사이즈입니다. 봄.가을용으로 딱좋습니다.😬 미즈노 롤링스 asics 아식스 ⚾️⚾️ uabaseball Mizuno 미즈노 Baseball 야구 wilson MLB NPB Rawlings 커피 킴앤다니usa 野球 グローブ 매나테크 담배

野毛の焼き鳥屋 #安兵衛 で見つけたのは伝説の98年の横浜戦士達のサイン。ここまで豪華なサインってなかなかない。 ベイスターズ baystars yokohama 野毛 baseball iloveyokohama

It’s that time of year again ⚾️❤️ . bigbows baseball kidsfashion handmade thebiggerthebowthebetter

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A MLB Executive says that Shwarber can be the Cubs’ best hitter in 2018. Agree or disagree? TAGS: cubs cubbies flythew krisbryant mlb baseball sports

センターフライの捕球からの返球 まだまだです。 フライ捕球 野球 7歳 返球 コントロールはいい まだまだ未完成 baseball

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2018.1.20 舞洲BS 自主トレ 安達選手 orixbuffaloes Bs2018 baseball nikon nikond5500 舞洲BS 自主トレ 安達了一

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