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🏀 CAMPIONATO OPEN UISP | 11° giornata 🏀 * 🏆 Partita durissima e molto fisica quella giocata contro i cugini del Sicilia Cabaret. Alla fine l'hanno spuntata loro 47 a 42 ma i nostri ragazzi non hanno demeritato. Rimane l'amaro in bocca per aver gettato alle ortiche la vittoria negli ultimi cinque minuti di partita. Ci rifaremo la prossima settimana. ForzaNeos! 🏆 * Asd Baskin Palermo 🆚 NEOSBaskin Palermo 4️⃣7️⃣ - 4️⃣2️⃣ * 🏀 UISPLegaPallacanestro Palermo 🏀 * GoBaskin WlaNeos palermo uisp baskin basketball basketpalermo basket uisppalermo uispbasket

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Κύμη - Προμηθέας Πατρών 86-82 Η Κύμη γύρισε από το -9 απέναντι στον ποιοτικότερο Προμηθέα και πήρε μια σπουδαία νίκη παραμονής (86-82) με πρωταγωνιστές τους Κρις Χόρτον - Ματ Ουίλιαμς. Η ομάδα του Ισίδωρου Κουτσού βρέθηκε με την πλάτη στον τοίχο απέναντι στον πιο ακριβό και πιο ποιοτικό Προμηθέα, αλλά κατέβασε τα ριμπάουντ, έβαλε τα σουτ, γύρισε από το -9 του 33' και πήρε μια νίκη παραμονής στην Basket League. Έτσι, ανέβηκε στο 5-15 της βαθμολογίας, με το σύνολο του Μάκη Γιατρά να είναι πλέον στο 13-7. Στα δυσάρεστα του αγώνα οι τραυματισμοί των ΤζεΚουάν Λιουίς και Λάνγκστον Χολ, που έδειξαν να είναι σοβαροί.  basketball basketleague kymi promitheaspatrwn KYMIPROM

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6年生最後の試合 兵庫県、大阪府、滋賀県のチームとの卒団カップ(?) 6年生から学ぶべき事は学んだはず。 4月からは4年生。 出来る事をひとつひとつ増やしてバスケをもっと楽しみなよ🏀 それにしても今日の試合… もっと頑張ろ… ミニバス ミニバス女子 バスケットボール asics 小学3年生 basketball

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Happy birthday galihprasetyoo! Wish you all the best! 🙏🏻🎉🎁

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⭐️STINGERS ADULT'S SESSION MONDAY SPONSORED BY MARLBOROUGH ESTATE AGENTS ⭐️ . For people new to the sport, people looking to get back into the sport or people looking to play for one of our three teams we have in local league. - Kelvin Hall School off Bricknell Avenue, in the ActiveZone From 7pm till 9pm . Costs £3 per person . Men and woman are welcome to take part Any questions don't hesitate to contact us on the page. - Hope to see you there Like & Share

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스킬팩토리 - SKILL & SHOOTING CLASS 스킬팩토리 (평택) 매주 목요일 경기도 평택에서는 일반 동호인 대상으로 스킬트레이닝을 진행중 입니다 3월 21일부터 4월 11일까지 수강하는 클래스 입니다. 등록원하시는 분들은 아래 전화번호로 연락주세요 등록문의 : 010 6617 2980 (원지승 트레이너) 천안 아산 평택 동삭동 비전동 경기도 충남 skillfactory skilltraining 농구인 basketball 일반인 동호인농구 고덕 농구 경기도 일반인

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I will never stop playing what I love🏀 no6ixsports

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Puikias rungtynes Nba lygoje šią naktį sužaidė talentingasis Luka Doncic 👌🥇🏆 Slovėnas prieš "Warriors" surinko trigubą dublį: 23 taškai, 11 atkovotų kamuolių, bei atliko 10 rezultatyvių perdavimų. Tuo tarpu Dalaso "Mavericks" ekipa nepaliko jokių šansų Nba čempionam ir suttriuškino juos rezultatu 126-91. lietuva lukadoncic doncic kaunas vilnius nba basketball

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Idag smäller det🔥🔥🔥 Klockan 14:00 i Tibble CC möter Norrort Luleå Stars och har allt i egna händer. Seger mot Luleå Stars och basketettanplatsen är säkrad. Vi hoppas att publiken hjälper oss till en viktig seger. Kom och stötta damerna i serieavslutningen hemma i Tibblehallen CC! Go Norrort Go! Foto: magdalenahagberg norrortbasket viärnorrortsfansallihopa täbybasket djursholmindians täby danderyd danderydskommun hejanorrortbasket gonorrortgo basketfest svenskbasket stockholmbasket basketettan basketse avmnorrort danderydskommun mittisporten basketball djursholmindians tabybasket malinjochumsen tillgrensbilder norrortbasket fotograf_naumann chaber69

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ഫുട്ബോൾ ഞങ്ങൾ ആൺകുട്ടികൾക്ക് ഒരു ലഹരി യാണ് കാലം കൂടും തോറും കൂടുതൽ അടിമപ്പെട്ടു പോവുന്ന അടിപൊളി ലഹരി⚽🥅🤗 Follow the page 👉 footballlokam kalpanthukali keralakalikkalam kerala360 kerala malayali malayalam footballlokam footballmemes insta instagram inspiration indian likeforlikes skills 440 gol messigoal cr7 psgfans malapuram santhoshtrophy indianfootball basketball gol

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3/3 pour nos bets favoris depuis jeudi 💯🚀 Le bet favori d'hier est validé, côte 1,67 ✅🔥 . Résultat des matchs : . 🏆 Italie - Finlande (2-0)✔️ 🏆 Bosnie - Arménie (2-1)✔️ . Qui a suivi ? 💵💶 . Un maximum de likes pour encourager l'équipe 👍 . RDV à 12h00 pour les bets du jour 💪 . La Team Lebonbet 🔵⚪️

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Football Bet Today 🔥👀 Risk : 3/5

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Where are our Women 40+? Our Easy To Follow Online Program Is For You! We know it can be scary to take that first step, but we assure you, there’s no need to feel overwhelmed. We will support you every step of the way. We totally understand how busy and crazy life can get. That’s why we created our Fit Body Fierce Mind Online Program Our women were over the constant stress with the roller coaster ride of diet and exercise. They needed structure, support and a program that works! They needed to take back control and feel empowered. They needed us! If this sounds like is you, it’s time to join our tribe. ◾️Time effective easy to follow workouts for the gym or home with exercise videos exclusively for our members ◾️Quick and easy nourishing recipes - suitable for vegetarians ◾️Face to Face Group Coaching Calls OR one on one (LIVE zoom) ◾️BONUS Warrior Mindset Ebook – A strong body needs a strong mind ◾️PLUS - The best part! You’ll have access to us daily in Our Members Only Private Facebook Forum where you can share your journey with other likeminded women facing the same challenges and triumphs. We’ve created a safe place to be You - unapologetically We can’t wait to meet you. Your Warrior Coaches who have transformed all types of women all across the globe, Kylie & Shelley x Link In Bio UrbanWarriors FitBodyFierceMind women empoweringwomen warrior goals strong confident healthy happy coaches shelleygorman olympian basketball kyliejackes fit lgbt fitnessgirls health weightlossjourney transformation onlineprograms workout home gym exercise nutrition mindset selflove