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15 minutes ago

Here are some before and after photos of the bathroom 🚽🛁🚿 I decided to keep everything simple and just make everything grey and white. At the minute it’s my favourite room in the flat! 😍🛀🏼 ————————————————————————————— bathroom bath shower sink toilet bathroomdesign greyandwhitebathroom bathroomdecor bathroomrenovation bathroominspiration bathroomideas bathroomgoals bathroomtiles bathroominspo homedecor homesweethome homeaccount homedeco interiordesign interior_delux interior_and_living

19 minutes ago

Naturally with the reno, I’ve got bathrooms on the brain. This transformation from my friend antoniadreaming is awesome! She’s got such a cool style that feels both refreshing and new. I’m also adding a bold tropical wall to my bathroom and I’m so excited to install it sometime next week. Lmk if you have any bathroom questions as I’m compiling them all. 🙌 bathroomrenovation

25 minutes ago

Okay y’all! To say I am obsessed with my bathroom transformation is an understatement. I still have to put polycrylic on the floor but it is basically done and I couldn’t be more in love with it. Thanks to cuttingedgestencils, peel and stick wallpaper, and inspiration from thecozyfarmhouse! Keep scrolling to see the before & go take a look at my highlights to see the process of the stenciled floor! • • • bathroomdecor bathroomrenovation bathroomtransformation halfbath halfbathmakeover halfbathdecor peelandstickwallpaper paintedfloor cuttingedgestencils shiplap shiplapbathroom wainscoting farmhousebathroom fixerupper fixerupperstyle bathroomremodel bathroomreno stenciledfloor farmhousedecor farmhousestyle diy diyideas peelandstick

35 minutes ago

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50 minutes ago

Check out my stories to see the end result of my hard work yesterday I still need to remove the tape from the ceiling but you'll get a good idea of the final result.

1 hour ago

PROGRESS so we are fitting a sliding door for the bathroom to guard as much space as possible both on the landing and inside the bathroom itself we didn’t want to make a feature of it (think black hanging rail barn door style) and luckily found a pretty cool hidden sliding system where the rail is cut into the door and the trolley wheels are on the wall, but are always hidden. Kind of hard to explain 🤷🏻‍♀️ we have been attempting to fit this door for the past 4 weekends in a row so the fact its up is major 🙌🏻 just a whole lotta decorating to do so it looks finished 😅 slidingdoor slidingdoorssystems bathroomrenovation victorianrenovation victorianrestoration victorianrenovationlondon diy chimneypants myhousethismorning

1 hour ago

Soap, shampoo, loofahthe gang's all here! 🧼 Tap the image to shop this spacious Bennington wall cabinet. SundaySpotlight

2 hours ago

I have struggled with the color that I would like to paint my bathroom vanities. I thought black and purchased Benjamin Moore Black Matte. After seeing this vanity the_argyle_house I think I might be making the right decision to go with black. I will use the Benjamin Moore Black Matte first and if it is too chalky I will go with the Benjamin Moore Black Satin. Which is what was used in this picture. I also love the gold hardware on the cabinets. 🙌🏻 ⬛️ 🗝 modern modernfarmhouse bathroomrenovation blackvanity cuttingedgestencils bathroomdesign diybathroom shiplap renovations betterhomesandgardens housebeautiful

2 hours ago

It is such a pleasure showering in the house now, two years ago {in the old bathroom} the hot and cold setting broke! It would only deliver you with painfully hot water. As we had plans to upgrade the bathroom we didn’t want to spend money fixing something we were going to replace. As a result this meant we had to keep our showers really short for worry of passing out in the heat or dipping one body part in at a time. It was admittedly much worst in the summer, winters were okay. Until finally, Alex thought to reduce the overall boiler temperature of our water supply which made a huge difference. Anyway it is safe to say I am much happier showering now renovationstories houserenovation bathroomdesign shower bathroomdecor showertime revovationlife bathroomrenovation newbathroom foresthill foresthillflat bathroomdecor

2 hours ago

One of the sophisticated examples of MINIMALISTIC BATHROOMS TILES: Shapes by Dune A countertop vessel basin along with table mounter basin mixer (faucet). A perfect example of the usage of minimal colours for the soft and serene look interior interiors interiordesigner architect architecture architecturephotography architectural bathroom bathroomdesign bathroomdesignideas bathroomdesigner minimal minimalism minimalist minimaldecor tiles homedecor homerenovation bathroomdecor bathroomrenovation serene calm sophisticated designsbyghkaria homedesign

3 hours ago

decision time! ❤️ seemless transition between bathroom and rest of the apartment. floor: solid wood + stone tiles, back wall covering: tiles! the question is which ones? 🤷‍♀️😃 bathroomrenovation

3 hours ago

We loved creating this space. Perfect to unwind & soak up the weekend &/or bath the . Double tap if you can spot the toys ☺️ bath bathroom asrenovations

3 hours ago

Demo day arrived and I think I’ll have plaster dust in my nose for the next decade. I’ve never taken out plaster before, and I can say with authority it’s a freakin’ mess, but one that brings satisfaction as every hammer swing makes it crumble. Now that the walls are out (more than these photos), we need to rerun the electrical and plumbing and start putting this bathroom back together! bathroomdesign bathroomreno bathroomremodel bathroomrenovation diy bathroomdiy diybathroom demoday momlife diyrenovation

3 hours ago

Grout progress and shiplap mishaps. One of our biggest frustrations with DIY is the inevitable setbacks (at least inevitable in our house!). We didn’t decide until after the drywall was up to do shiplap wainscoting, and were planning to do MDF which is .5”- that didn’t work for some reason ( michaeljivey could tell ya) so he got regular shiplap instead which is .75”, which caused alignment issues with the window/door trim and the shower wall sill. Mike kept pushing along installing it anyway until I raised it as a real issue (it went over really well let me tell you 😩🤷‍♀️). we considered just leaving the accent wall behind the vanity and forgoing the rest, but he’s decided to take down the drywall on the bottom half to install the shiplap. Stuff like this happens a lot when you’re learning as you go. It’s hard not to get frustrated when you’ve been working a project for a year at this point but it’s important that we get it right! progressnotperfection loveandelbowgrease diyblog diy makeahouseahome renovationrealities bathroomrenovation remodeling

3 hours ago

~~ 𝒜𝓁𝓂𝑜𝓈𝓉 𝓉𝒽𝑒𝓇𝑒 ~~ After a couple of weeks of hosing down the little ones in the shower, we finally have a tub to scrub them in 🎉 There are still a few bits and pieces that need finishing off in the bathroom (we had a disaster with a shower enclosure that didn’t fit 😩) but I’m chuffed with the progress so far 😃 freestandingbath bathtub vanityunit lauraashley lauraashleytiles lofthousetiles bathroomdesign bathroomdecor bathroominspo instadaily igers myhouse bathroomtiles photooftheday bathroomrenovation instagood interiorsblogsloop tonsoftiles bathroomgoals decorandfriends recessedshelf niche bathroomniche monochrome renovation tiles tiledesign betterbathrooms lisbonbath

4 hours ago

HELP I bought this unit from IKEA last night to put in my revamped kitchen. The width is fine (60cm) however, due to a stupid slanted roof, it's too tall (100cm) 😭😭😭 I am very sad about this I've done a Google search to try and find something similar that's just shorter, so maybe a 2 shelf unit. But nothing is coming up! What am I supposed to type in!? Or does anyone know where I can find something similar? . instahome instahouse cottage cottagedecor cottagelife renovation homedecor instahome homestyling 2bed painting decorating homeimprovement cosy home interior lovemyhouse lovemyhome houseahome inspiration homedecoration housereno plaster bathroomrenovation bathroomgoals bathroommakeover shelves ikea shelfunit

4 hours ago

Loving this bathroom 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼 keystonetile ⠀ ⠀ REPOST⠀ ⠀ “ keystonetile One of my favourite and most time -⠀ consuming bathrooms, chevron pattern porcelain over schlutersystemsna heat going into a curbless shower with 2 linear drains in the back. 👨🏻‍🎨 chevron tileshower tilestilestiles”⠀ ⠀ ⠀ flooring floorlayer floorlaying commercialflooring tiler tilerspride tilingporn tilesetter screed bathroom bathroomrenovation showerbase waterproofing construction landscapedesign pooltiling tilingtools backsplash parquetflooring hardwoodflooring

4 hours ago

Sunday 🖤 . Yesterday we had a busy day so today is going to be a chill day I'm just giving each rooms one of my fiveminutecleans and then me and the boys will be doing some activities and if it gets warmer we may go in the garden 💚 What are your plans today? Have a lovely day 😘 bathroominspo bathroomcleaning bathroomideas bathroom bathroomgoals greige interior4you1 interior_design inspire_me_home_decor interior4all interior4inspo interiør interior_and_living hinched hincharmy imahincher brummitthome clean next sharewithnext prints candle cleanhomecleanmind cleanhousecleanmind fromwhereistand myview bathroomrenovation bathroomremodel home

5 hours ago

Happy sunday everyone. A gardening day today to enjoy this glorious sunshine. Wishing you all a lovely day 🌳

6 hours ago

This year for our birthdays, we didn’t throw any parties or do anything particularly ‘glamorous’ instead we decided to refocus that energy and tackle a few projects around our home. 💪👩‍🔧 It’s amazing what a coat of paint, some elbow grease and updated accessories can do. Now we just need to update the fixtures, chose a picture to hang on that wall (I can’t decide) the and the room will be complete. 😊 I’m so proud of what we’ve done so far, but lots more to go. I hope to show you more before and afters as we work our way through the house leaving each room more amazing then when we found it. Swipe ➡️ Before