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Best crossovers from the 2018-19 season 👀 ( sportscenter)

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Thank you to everyone who came out for our first Wednesday night session last week 🙏🏽 If you missed it, two pieces of good news: 1️⃣ You can check out the highlights in the vid above 📸 2️⃣ We're running it back tmrw night. Sign up w/ link in bio 👊🏽

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6th Man like Lou Will 🔥🔥🔥

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Moment of the Year: Derrick Rose drops 50 🌹 ( sportscenter)

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. Saturday, June 22nd vs. 912made Oronte’ Anderson ( saucey.tay) lead his team to a victory against 912Made with 20pts. Anderson is averaging 17.2ppg this season.

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NBA awards collab with sixersunite and sixersplace 🔥🔥🔥 MVP: I think they’ll give it to Giannis, Harden deserves it more imo but Giannis was the best player on a 60 win team. Similar situation to Harden getting it over LeBron last year. • ROTY: Trae had a really strong second half to the season, but Luka was consistent all year long and has way better numbers all around. Gotta go with Luka here. • DPOTY: A lot of people think it should be Giannis, and to be honest he has just as strong of an argument as Gobert. I think Gobert gets this one though simply because of the insane defensive numbers and games he had, including completely shutting down Jokic. • MIP: It was close between him and D-Lo, but I’m going with Siakam here. While D-Lo led the Nets to a surprise playoff spot, Siakam didn’t have the luxury of being a number one option the way Russell did. Pair that with the fact that D-Lo was already expected to have a breakout year sooner or later as a top 5 pick while Siakam was a late first round pick. • 6MOTY: Harrell had better numbers, but Lou Will broke records for a bench player and was more impactful to the Clippers’ success in my opinion • COTY: In his first year coaching the team, Mike Budenholzer was able to lead the Bucks to an NBA best 60 wins and run one of the best offensive and defensive teams in the league. He was able to take the Bucks to the next level this year and was a big reason for Giannis’ MVP season.

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Top 3 Dunks of the 2019 NBA Playoffs 😤 ( nba)

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The Sixers have signed Terry Harris (Tobias’ brother) to play for their Summer League team. Welcome to Philly, terryharris15

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This is happening 💯

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Elton Brand says the Sixers draft night trades “will all make sense soon” 👀

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After an outstanding 12 years in Memphis, Mike Conley will now be a member of the Utah Jazz (🎥 houseofhighlights)

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Toronto has used some unorthodox defensive strategies en route to a 3-1 lead, but with KD’s return, Nick Nurse will have to find a new game plan to bring Toronto its 1st NBA Championship ( nba)

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♦️Back to Dame’s Crazy Reverse Layup♦️⁣ - 🔥💦👌👍😯⛹️‍♂️🏀🍇🌟🤔⁣ - Follow clutchness_city for more⁣ - Song: KYLE - Nothing 2 Lose🎶⁣ ⁣ ⁣