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millioninspire If you could take ONE person here, who would that person be? Tag them below! 🐟🐠⁣⁣ Surely this place has to be on everyone’s bucket list, it looks incredible 😩😍⁣⁣ Maldives📍🌎💙⁣⁣ 🎥: agrimisadventures⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ hotelgoals underwaterhousing hotelroomview clearwaters maledivesisland malediven maledives travelthroughtheworld worldtravelscapes travelbooks travelbook coupletravels maldivesresorts⁣⁣ beachsand fun landscapes couplegoal naturegram narureshots nature_lovers naturelove fantastic_earth getoutdoors

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finishing things i’ve started 🌾🌊

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sand+sea (Lake MI beach sand) necklaces and earrings have been restocked in my etsy shop - including lake blue studs and sand studs in matte and glossy! 🌾🌊

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IMPORTANT❗️❗️❗️ Have you seen this dog??? Her name is Callie and she is a 4 month old Shetland sheepdog. 🔅🔅🔅 She’s not lost or anything, I just thought it was important that everyone see her. 😊💛 psychiatricservicedogintraining psychiatricservicedogs medicalalertdog medicalertdogintraining allpawsondeck servicedog servicedogsofinstagram servicepuppy sheltie sheltiepuppy shetlandsheepdog shetlandsheepdogpuppy puppy puppyintraining dogmodelsearch beachdog myrtlebeach dogsthathike ptsdservicedog dogsonadventures beachsand sandypuppy

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dated and dated and dated and dated 🌀 . was like a tragic comedy show 😜 . then I met you 💍 . I didn't know 🦋 . relationships are meant to be fun and easy 🌷 . cause life is filled with curve balls and hardships💥 . and so many fun adventures too 😍 .  remembering our dream wedding day 🎉 . Happy Five Years 5️⃣❣️ . glad to be journeying with you 👣 . if you believe in nightmares, frogs, princes, 🐸 🎩 . fairytales or plain old real life, comment, "I do" ❤️

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A close up view at the new pair of earrings with sand from Cancale (Brittany, France): tiny sailing boats are hand carved from thin layers of the mother of pearl sand particles, lower layer of clear resin was tinted with blue pigment to create the waves, but the shiny pieces of shells were not dyed or altered in any other way. Initially I thought of drawing the boats with a thin brush or even carving the relief inside the resin layer, but using the darker mussel shell part for the hulls turned out so much better! seascapememories cancale bretagne dreamingshell

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An underwater birthday celebration! The sea snail has a present to give, the starfish is presenting the mermaid with her seaweed birthday cake and the fish brought her balloons. *I used sand I collected at the beach for the sea floor. *I thought a broken shell I found was perfect for framing my initials. beach beachsand beachcomber shells seasnail fish starfish mixedmediaart Underthesea oceanart mermaidlife mermaids mermaidart birthdayart buttonart buttons buttonlovers beads Swarovskicrystals mosaic seaglass seaweed mermaidtail fantasyart mythicalcreatures

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Gotta love holidays 👒

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Being at the beach has a calming effect.

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Floating Pebbles Showing westgallerythebarton 2 May – 9 June 2019 📷 Grant Hancock