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Twinkle, twinkle, little ‘moon…would you like to wear me soon? ✨🌙✨ If the answer is yes, they are hanging out waiting for their forever home in my EtsyShop (link in bio)! ✨ Have a wonderful Sunday! ✨✨✨ sundayfunday springfeels springfashion festivalfashion moonjewelry moonearrings bohostyles bohobabes gypsyvibes wanderlustcraftsandgifts madeinsandiego auraquartz quartzjewelry pacificbeach beachvibes beachgypsy beadedjewelry makersgonnamake etsyshops etsysellers gypsyearrings tribalstyle globalstyle silvermoon

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Enjoying what hours I have left in the sunshine of the French Riviera. Even though the President of China came to town and made us change our hotel last minute, we lucked out with Radisson Blu and its rooftop pool. lemonsintolemoncello frenchriviera

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before the storm III

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before the storm II

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A wise woman once said „fuck this shit“ and she lived happily ever after. ad exploring Egypt in alexanderwangny

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Hello my name is Stephanie and I am addicted to dips🙋🏼‍♀️ Yesterday we were invited to my friends house so the could all play. It always centers around dips because we both love them. At first I was like “well there goes my weekend and week of eating healthy” Chips, Dips, cookies, champagne punch oh my Then I remembered no it doesn’t have to be that way! This is a lifestyle. So good thing we were walking and the shop was on the way. I picked up veggies that I like to dip, a box o salad, red wine that I watered down and a bar of 85% chocolate because the would definitely be eating dessert. Ok so everyday on this nutrition plan shouldn’t include wine and bars of chocolate BUT this is a a weekend and the weekends we can still enjoy! I even have healthy recipes for spinach dip and onion dip for our group For more info about the nutrition plan tap the link in my bio! 👙🌴🍫🐚🍷

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Finding balance. I have things to grade, my lesson plans need to be tweaked, and I have work to print for tomorrowbut this morning I went out for breakfast and took a walk on the beach with my fiancé. I live here but don’t visit the actual beach enough. Gonna have to change that. selfcare firstyearteacher nofilterneeded beachvibes

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before the storm I

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She was life itself. Wild and free. Wonderfully chaotic. A perfectly put together mess.

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This is what my dreams have been looking like. Then to wake up and think I’m still in Puerto Rico. Feeling so happy to be home though. 🧡🧡🧡

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Beach vibes Vous voulez apprendre à préparer des : - cocktails -milk-shakes ( healthy and unhealthy) -Smoothies -Frappuccino -Latté art -Latté macchiato Et toute sortes de boissons chaudes Inscrivez vous rapidement à la prochaine formation de nisrine_zermani En collaboration avec nhlconceptdz Contactez nisrine_zermani pour d’avantages d’informations . catalinaisland descansobeachclub visitcatalina beachvibes drinks cocktails islandlife island beach beachdrinks beachcocktails islandgetaway 📸Laurenkris10 cocktails🍸

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Next on the List, Zumba 👈

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With the windows open and the sun shining down again, I’m dreaming of all the beautiful beach days we’re going to have this year

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We headed down to Seaside this week to check out the sights. We found a lovely Captain watching over Pensacola street, love the personality of each home. We also found the house from the Truman show (the movie was recorded in Seaside) and the super cute beach access points this town has. Cute, but crowded.

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