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it finally feels like summer ☀️ husbands

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Lazy Sunday mood. Can’t wait for Wednesday! Should I also be excited about the Game of Thrones series finale tonight?

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How you get beach body ready is a healthy dose of masonscreamery. 🍦

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saturday and it’s wine o’clock ❤️ husbands

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Today is the international day against homophobia, lesbofobia, biphobia and transfobia. 🌈 Growing up in Brazil I was always afraid to let people know my sexual orientation and I was always trying to suppress who I am. I have been called names and made fun of several times. You see, I was never masculine enough and that bothered a lot me in my years. Later, I have started to accept who I am and that was never a problem to be delicate I know my country has a long, looooong way to go: we are still the country who kills more trans people in the world (Transgender Europe Report) and the new government is doing a really bad job (or no job if we can say so) to revert it I have met so many talented queer people that have gave me all the support and love and have taught me the importance on being visible: To show the new generation that it's okay to love who you want to love and that they are not alone. We are here, we are not from another planet and we are not ashamed to love And I know it's much easier for me to be visible here in Canada, but I still struggle sometimes. I know is a long process and I'm still learning This is a photo of my husband and I at Porteu Cove after a wedding photoshoot I was invited to participate with the talented alwaysmilingphotography ♥️ queer  gay  gayguys  instagay beardedmen  bearscubsandbeards bearscubsandscruff  husbear  gaysofinstagram  beardedgay  gayscruff   👬 beardedgaymen  LGBTQIA  husbands  gayguyswithbeard  gayigers  gayhusbands gaycouple gayvancouver vancouvergay gaycanada follow4follow followme

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A little thursdaymotivation for ya Don’t over consume. Spending your time in front of screens or buried in your phone leaves very little time for you to gain perspective of YOUR OWN LIFE. Alone time is good time. Spend some of your free time growing and strengthening your own perspective and mind. You’d be surprised at what YOU can do.

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I never thought I’d grow up to be an angel but here I am being all angelic and shit. wednesdaymotivation

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goodnight 💙 husbands