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Hope you all had a happy Easter! 🌸

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Can we just stop for a moment and appreciate the cuteness of these. I love each and every one I makea few more to go and this order will be done. Scented in pineapple, black amber musk and pink sangria. soapbear babyshowerfavors bear bears showerfavors babyshower gift showergift itsaboy itsagirl babyshowerfavor bathtimefun glycerin soap cocoabutter handmade smallbusiness ncr couponing extremecoupon couponfamily couponcommunity couponing socalcouponer couponing101 coupons couponwhore couponfamily couponmom extremecouponing

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Bears tied for 5th-toughest strength of schedule in 2019

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Time for a little chat between buddies 🌊🐻🐾😊 . Follow bearbaella For More

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A place middle of the forest best site for camping, what a great view 😍 Follow us beautifulearthers

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•••🧡 GIVEAWAY 🧡••• ••••••••••• For a little post-Easter fun we thought we would take you on a Bear Hunt and give away one of our bear sets. 🐻🐼🥳 You may or you may not know, but the littlest bear in our bear set is actually a mini version of my son’s favourite teddy, Lewis Ted. 🧡 To enter you need to play along with a little game 🤓 We’re Going On A Bear Hunt 🐻 The game: How many times has mini nesting doll Lewis popped up on the fox and the robin grid since we first started? How to play: •follow us the_fox_and_the_robin •Like and comment with a 🐻 (or whatever takes your fancy) each time you spot him •then like and comment on this post with your total number of Lewis bears you have found on your hunt ☺️👍 As always, tag a friend for an extra entry (🐻Tip: total number of Lewis Teds does not include any unfinished/blank dolls, only the finished product Lewis, and does not include Lewis in this post or any following posts🐻) 🧡 Competition open worldwide and will close Saturday 27th April - winner will be announced on the Sunday 🐻 Good Luck🐻 🧡 nestingdolls animalnestingdolls matryoshka matryoshkadolls babooshkadolls russiandolls russiannestingdolls bearnestingdolls bears polarbear brownbear pandabear spectaclebear teddybear nursery decoration nurserydecor woodentoys handmade handpainted homemade heirloom weregoingonabearhunt thefoxandtherobin giveaway

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Something caught his attention. He caught mine 😻

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We had an amazing easter easterweekend here at CRWBE! Black bears were a amazing, 4 different gangs of transient biggskillerwhales biggsarethebalance 002Cs today in Lewis Channel 090s 101s 102 and 124A2 and her two at the Head of tobainlet on Friday and 002Cs 18 and 19s off capemudge quadraisland campbellriver britishcolumbia yesterday with pacificwhitesideddolphin almost on the menu again! biggsarethebalance holds true this March and April have been incredible And we even stopped for some lovely starfish to😉❤️ tours whales bears dolphins

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Maude and I are currently binging on episodes of the new netflixseries—‘ rilakkumaandkaoru’ (it just premiered this past Friday)—and simultaneously experiencing adorablenessoverload!😍 From polygondotcom’s review “The premise is simple: a year in the life of a normal human woman and her three roommates, two of which are bears ( rilakkuma is the big brown one; korilakkuma is the smaller white one) and one a petchick, kiirotori. Told in lush, cozy stop-motion, there is an intrinsic warmth and delight to the show. But the show isn’t just cute. It’s also pretty emotionally impactful.” Yeah so far, wetotallyloveit 💖 It’s a supercute animated kawaii confection. 💕🐻🧸🐥👩🏻💕 And I love that it is in japanese with englishsubtitles. It makes it a much more authentic experience to watch. 😁👍 stopmotionanimation japaneseanimation animatedseries japan 🇯🇵 teddybear 🌸 cherryblossoms 🌸 weloverilakkuma kawaiicharacter sanx rilakkumaus rilakkuma_na

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Repost four_paws_international ( get_repost) ・・・ We all love having fun, don't we ⚽? Here is a best of video starring the animals in our sanctuaries playing with their enrichment. Thanks to the hard working local teams for everything they do to help them cope with their horrific past. ♥ bear_sanctuary_arbesbach , baerenwald_mueritz, bearsanctuarydomazhyr , dancing_bears_park, lionsrock_sanctuary, felida_bigcatcentre , bear_sanctuary_prishtina bear bears vietnam animals animal wild free safe place play joy happy fun wildlife humanity rescue nature beautiful peace animallovers cinta lucu bahagia habitat support crueltyfree

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So today was one of those life lessons where you get a real wake up call and a dose of reality. Thought a drive 100 miles or so up North to Algonquin would provide some amazing scenery and it didn’t disappoint. Wasn’t surprised to see some of the snow and ice hanging around with the lower temperature difference. All going great, exploring in the Jeep until we hit a snowy mountain trail where the road/ice kinda fell away to leave us stranded in a ditch in the middle of the wilderness. Won’t go into the drama and tears (Mel), but when there’s bears walking around the woods around you and wolves knocking around I was a little nervous lol as a Brit (new to me).Trying to dig my car out of the snow, with little success it brings on a new perspective. Waited 3 hours for the CAA to come up in the hills before a guy I flagged down 2 hours earlier, after hiking back along the snowy trail, came back looking for us when it was going dark. Gave him all my money in my pocket and I’m sat here writing this at 12am. That guy has my appreciation for life. What a day! wanderlust wilderness algonquin bears mountains lessonlearned exploring beautiful adventure

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First stop: Vancouver bears 🐻

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Team icebear, grizz, or panpan? Donut Try tag your friend if you same🖤 webarebears

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