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Enquanto a carne 🥩 grelhava, cozi os legumes da iglo_portugal e já tinha a batata doce 🍠 no forno pronta! Adoro quando tenho tempo para fazê-la assim. Fica no forno cerca de 30/35 minutos consoante a espessura que cortem, muito finas precisariam de menos tempo. Pessoalmente adoro mais a batata doce 🍠 laranja, acho-a a mais docinha e saborosa! e vocês? Mais nas histórias ✨ | ! bodybuilding beastmood esmagaquecresce tuquerestuconsegues workoutmotivation sexyisthenewstrong inkedgirls seamelhorversaodetimesmo trainlikeabeast tuquerestuconsegues traindirtyeatclean naraça newbennings foconofoco womenshealthportugal eusouwh humpandpump nãotreinarsuperioreséparameninos be_fit_in_portugal fitnesslove fitnessgirl fit

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Good morning babes! I finally started my list of models🙏🏾 It all starts will a vision✨

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CHEESECAKE 🍓 ⚠️ lembrando que qualquer possa pode fazer esta sobremesa inserida numa alimentação equilibrada e variada! - ingredientes: • 250gr de amendoins torrados (podem usar qualquer fruto seco); • 80gr de manteiga; • 4 embalagens de philadelphia; • 100gr de eritritol; • 2 ovos; • 200gr de doce de morango (baixo em hidratos, usei o da prozis) - modo de preparo: triturar os amendoins até ao ponto que de gosta mais. derreter a manteiga e misturar com o amendoim. colocar na forma e levar ao forno pré aquecido a 180 graus uns 10 minutos. enquanto isso, bater a philadelphia com os ovos e o eritritol. colocar por cima dos amendoins e levar ao forno uns 30 minutos. depois disso, deixar esfriar e levar ao frigorífico. quando estiver quase na altura de servir, colocar o doce por cima e voltar a pôr no frigorífico. gymgirl workoutmotivation healthylifestyle fitnessgirl sagafitpt portugalfitness fitfamily girlspower gymmotivation girlswhosquats prozisportugal fitnesslife befit bodybuilding ketodiet keto ketopower fitgirl fitnessmotivation ketofood esmagaquecresce seamelhorversaodetimesmo beastmood trainlikeabeast womenshealthportugal bereal loveyourselffirst realpeople digitalinfluencer lowcarb

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I would like to take a moment to talk about gratitude 🙏🏻 _ I’ve always been a dreamer since I was younger but a mistake I made was to put my happiness on hold until I reach my goals. The problem with that is that you close yourself to the possibility of experiencing happiness. I learned that it’s not the right way to do things. I am proud with what I’ve already achieved and I appreciate what I have but I will always try to better myself and reach the next level. When I’ll reach my goals I’ll not be content and settle, I’ll aim for more, always and always ! 💪🏻 Proud but never satisfied 🔥💯 _ _ _ _ teamshape muscu musculationfrance backday progresspic gainz gainz💪 fitnessfam bodybuild bodybuilding beastmodeon beastmood pushday alphalete bodybuildingnation australia fitfrenchies bodywork bodytech shreddedunion shreds fitness fitnessmotivation bodygoals bodybuilding

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STOP 🛑 AND READ❗️ I just wanted to show anything is possible & spread some words of encouragement to people currently on their fitness journey! Losing weight, gaining muscle and getting yourself in “shape” ➖ whatever that word may mean to you is HARD! Regardless of how you go about it ➖ weather you do IIFYM , yoga, bodybuilding, powerlifting, cycling, running, home workouts etc IT IS ALL HARD! Making a physical and mental change with food and your body takes time ⏰ It takes weeks, months and even years to develop the skills and find what works best for you and your body! It’s all about LIFESTYLE change! Not an overnight quick fix. ↪️ is it going to be easy? ABSOLUTELY NOT! But you owe it to yourself to push through the adversity and promise you will come out the other side so proud and happy you never quit on yourself! Just a little Transformation Thursday positivity for ya 👊🏼🙃 ❌ DON’T QUIT ❌ DON’T FORGET WHY YOU STARTED girlswholift fitness fitnessaddict instafitness squatgains gym healthylifestyle nutricion progress beastmood myfitjourney fitfam selfconfidence beatyourexcuse leangains gymlover buildthatbody balanceife challengeyourlimits flexibledieting dontgiveup strong dontgiveup upanddownweight weightloss

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Get Your Mindset Right. Success in any aspect of life starts with your mindset. Refine your goals. It's hard to commit yourself to something if your finish line is just a nebulous point off in the distance. Focus on what's important Hold yourself accountable. MAKE RIGHT CHOICES NOT FAVORS☝️ * MIND, BODY AND SOUL* YOUFIRST HEATH FOCUS FAITH GETBACK NOEXCUSE BEASTMOOD HUSLEMUSCLE GOOD HEALTH IS FOR EVERYBODY

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Being lost might be the exactly right spot to be found. Just make sure u better find yourself before adding someone else. 🤷🏼‍♀️💡 • • STRONG IS A STATE OF MIND 🤘🏻

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Que soy su nene que soy su bebé beastmood

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Girls that FIGHT together: growth, learn, work, push each other, support each other, have fun, and most important STAY TOGETHER 🙌🏻👊🏻 sparring day with this hell of a woman andresan_photo rocking the outfit by kinasportcasual • • STRONG IS A STATE OF MIND 🥊

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Mad Ting Mi Bredda djchrisrocka WehYuhSehBlood? ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ SOME BWOY TOO SHAKY, SOME MAN TOO SHAKY THE ANKHCEZTAZ A PREE DEM BLOOD > BeastMoodKingAliBabaPlasmaFrequency beastmode beastmood Gij,j=0 GAGUT GAGUT Seh It From Unnu Gut allghettoyouths💎🔝🔍SOME BWOY TOO SHAKY MA NOH NEED BLOOD MA'AT ) grmdaily dancehallmusic dancehalldaily dancehallshaderoom 148MAgic dotc9nnecti9nz CarbonWallstreetJamaica GAGUTIANZ We Are Here To Move Forward In Peace AllGhettoYouths Top Into Unnu Higher Self <●> From Devil To God 100%. SO ABOVE SO BELLOW ● FROM BATUM TO TOP ● MA'AT ● I AM GOD GENERATOR OPERATOR DESTROYER I.AM. > 50AUM 72KUNTA 72KuntaTunUp MA = INTELLIGENCE allghettoyouths💎🔝🔍 Let Go Fear Now. MekMoneyRecords4LyfE MA'AT

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Nuove sfide , nuove sensazioni , nuovi movimenti , nuovi stimoli 🤸🏽‍♂️una voglia irrefrenabile di dare sempre di più. ARteam athletemindset

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Trying to reach that next level 💯 _ A next level life will demand a next level you, understand that. If you want more, you have to give more. Simple no? I often hear people complaining that they still have another set or exercise to do in the gym but for me, I am happy when I have more to do, more reps, more sets , more exercises because it pushes me toward my goal! Keep the end goal in mind ! Be happy and smile that you have to put in the work because you know it’s getting you closer to your dream life 🔥 _ _ _ _ teamshape muscu musculationfrance backday progresspic gainz gainz💪 fitnessfam bodybuild bodybuilding beastmodeon beastmood pushday alphalete bodybuildingnation australia fitfrenchies bodywork bodytech shreddedunion shreds fitness fitnessmotivation bodygoals bodybuilding

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Find your 1RM cluster 💪

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Schmerz ist nur temporär, dass was du durch ihn erreichst bleibt ein Leben lang. Egal wobei wir an unsere Grenzen gehen, sei es beim Sport oder wo auch immer, wir werden überall dafür belohnt, uns ausgepowert und alles gegeben zu haben. Mach dir das immer bewusst wenn es unangenehm wird 👊🏼 nopainnogain gymtime pumpendiggapumpen forallofus fitgirls liftgirls bodybuilding fitfam sportmotivation strongissexy beastmood beautyandbeast tattoogirls lipstickandmuscles goforit fitx düsseldorf flingern mindset

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NOW ACCEPTING NEW CLIENTS💥 Mobile training available- The gym, apartment gyms, park, or even in the comfortability within your own home. It doesn't matterLets get those body goals together people. Contact me if you're ready to build muscle, shed body fat, tone and sculpt that old you into the NEW and improved you👍. Go to to book your slot. Overhead shoulder press: PR 205lbs. for 1 rep eliteflawlessfitness beastmode beastmode💪 beastmood nodaysoff lawrencevillepersonaltrainer lilburnpersonaltrainer duluthpersonaltrainer norcrosspersonaltrainer elite4ds eliteamazing underarmour snellvillepersonaltrainer bouldershoulders bouldershoulder snellvillepersonaltrainers gwinnettpersonaltrainer gwinnettpersonaltrainers gwinnettpersonaltraining trainer personaltrainer personaltraining personaltrainers loganvillepersonaltrainers loganvillepersonaltrainer shoulderworkout shouldergainz shouldergains💪 shouldergains ganiz