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Hung out at the Patriot Course with my girl today after catching a ride in a drift car! About to make the 12 hour trek back North. Next Race: NEFR 2019 20-21 July (Fri-Sat) 2019 Partners link_ecu turbotimenc _whiteline braidwheelsusa teamilluminata 5stardesign turtlegloves dccdpro ksportusa Restoration Race Works, INC., Impression Center Company, racethefirm nasioc girlswhowrench rallygirl rally rallylife carchick subaru BecauseRaceCar impreza gc8 meaneye cargirls jdmgirls subievixens usrally ralygrl Subaruladies rallycar eatsleepsubaru NASARacing letsrace chickswhodrivestick ladydriven savethemanuals FemaleRallyDriver WomenInMotorsports

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Coulthard and Alonso have a close call at the 2003 Nurburging GP 😲😲

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Individual Throttle Bodies. (ITB). This process is the calibration of each throttle, to be flowing equal amount if air into the cylinders. This helps with idling and cruise to ensure the balance of each cylinder is as equal as possible. This is a must with any ITB engine. Cant wait to hear this other 3sge beams scream using the Linkecu Monsoon with a panic wiring harness. 📋INQUIRES LINK  IN BIO. TEXT/EMAIL unrivaledtuning tuner tuning tuningcars dynapack trackcar becauseracecar apexi apexiusa proshopnoble knowledgemakespower knowledgeispower streetcar rivalautoworks plextuning pretune calibrations ae86 hachiroku trueno beams 3sge itb linkecu bringmealltheitbcars panicwire

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A huge thank you to these amazing people for helping at our Wodonga track day yesterday. In the pic are 1st apprentice students and teacher Trevor (at the back) from Motorsports Training Australia Tafe and our secretary Jess is on the right 😄 Also a big thank you to camsmotorsport for assisting with the day 👏🏁 alwayslearning thankyou ———————————————————— ✅ Track days ✅ Driver training ✅ Race car hire ✅ Observed licence tests ———————————————————— ✏️ Contact us today - 💻 📭 PO BOX 300 Picton 2571 NSW ———————————————————— Making Track Days Easy | trackschool toyotyres nulon newimagekitchens pitcherpartners v8hotlaps fyrc

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Had a blast at street_warriorz yesterday. Got a few runs in and saw a bunch of really nice cars as well. Looking forward to the next one. kleen_edition & street_warriorz put together a really dope event! You won't be disappointed if you attend! **Didn't get the mod list on the scat pack but it definitely had an exhaust and tire on it. • Looking for more speeds and more Mazda's? Follow: dmvspeeds Follow: mazda_lifee Follow: elitemazdas Follow: mazdaspeedclub Follow: spoolingupperformance • Looking for capital region car pages/clubs? Follow: modifieddmv_ Follow: stdreamscrew Follow: roguenation Follow: hiddenhatchsociety Follow: imperial_dynasty.dmv Follow: crofton_meet_and_greet • For my ladies go follow these pages for some beautiful female owned cars Follow: ladydrivendmv Follow: ladydrivenunited Follow: modified_chickscarphotography Nikon automotivephotography amazingcars247 carsofinstagram cargram photography jdmgram carswithoutlimits automotivelifestyle blacklist carlifestyle import jdm boosted turbo BecauseRacecar nikonphotography carporn freektune tunedbynishan cars mazdaspeed3 Mazda carenthusiast view static speed

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Not necessarily the day we were looking for. After a great start and first pit stop, the second driver had a massive brake failure halfway through his stint. Brought the car in, replaced brake pads and tires and I took the car back out for more diagnosis. The car felt awful so back to the garage and more digging. Turns out one of the front calipers had locked so we sourced a replacement set. The car went back out after the repairs, but the ABS and wheel sensors(which may have been the original issue) were still acting up. The car could still be driven, but we as a team decided to retire. It wasn't worth the extra risk after the time lost in the garage. But the doritos are safe, and will be better than ever at the next race! becauseracecar raceallthethings ladydriven shiftupnow aer19 aer19njmp mazda rx8 rotary braps

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It’s Official- TEAM Mountain Man Motorsports has a Logo Big Special Thank You to Nicole Marlett Beale from GEO Graphics that spend countless hours Custom Designing a logo for the team Next up will be T-Shirts, Stickers, Can Koozies plus more 🏁 TeamMtnMan Follow us at - ultra4 ultra4racing ultra4life kingofthehammers koh emc everymanchallenge justbecause sexy becauseracecar gofast jeep rockcrawler racerslife flex flantitifyougotit greenflag mountainmanmotorsports alien_4wd bartact factor55llc dirtylifewheels 4x4spod jeeperformance teammtnman aluminumjeep rockracer racecar racejeep letsdoit rockcrawling customlogo racelogo

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The power of Subie

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Bigger is better!

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Finally finished installing the aemelectronics CD7 in the evormotorsport cluster, HVAC panel and shifter panel. The fitment is about 95% perfect. Just had to trim a little for the armrest area to lay flat. Also needed to notch the steering column cover to clear the CD7 since it needed to be mounted so low to not be obstructed by the steering wheel. It's projects like this that make me question how "racecar" I wanna make this car. I should be stripping all this shit out but I love the look so I keep making compromises. Also the reality is this is just a track day toy, not a classed competition car. My logic is that the plastic stuff I'm replacing weighs nothing anyway so what difference does it really make, right? 😁 Anyways if you have been on the fence about evoR stuff I can say that it does indeed fit well darksideracing sakebombgarage speedelement speedsf fd3s fd3snation rxcheven rx7 norotors lsx lsswap cd7 becauseracecar carbonfiber evor

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Here it is! Lots of work the last few days / months and still a few touch ups to do yet but I am extremely happy with the outcome. 📸 vandenheuvelstudios ▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️ airliftperformance airlift averydennison focusst fordperformance ford focus ecoboost cobb becauseracecar hatchsociety airride bagged stance wrapped st st3 stancenation boost instacars brembo mishimoto cooledbymishimoto teammishi beeksdeepdishgrille

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Lucid Nights May 18th lucidallianceac detailgaragevirginiabeach 📸: chally_11_punish Official Chapters - 👑Forever Legends 👑 the_boss392 deybelikesmoove - StreetPredatorz DMV_StreetPredatorz StreetPredatorzJAX StreetPredatorzBFT StreetPredatorz_KY StreetPredatorzAL StreetPredatorzSD StreetPredatorzLA StreetPredatorzSOFLO StreetPredatorzFAY ——————————— .🔝TURN ON POST NOTIFICATIONS 🔝. 📸: 🔗: 📺: 🚩Partners 🚩. 🦖 Dinowax ⚡️ LightingTrendz 🏎 10secondracing Use “StreetPredatorzFan” for 10% off Interested in joining the family? DM for more information. Sp StreetPredatorz CarClub CarPorn Carswithoutlimits moparnation SquadGoals InstaLike Like4Like Instagood Speed carwrap dodgechallenger wicked_mopars carsofinstagram moparmilitia musclecar becauseracecar gang number1 best dodge dodgedemonofficial

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I almost had you 🤪👉

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Straight up drooled 🤤 over the New Porsche 935 when I saw it Rennsportreunion. What do you think? 👍 OR 👎

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Bit of footage from our mates 333racingaus while they were chasing (Jeep hunting) us through the hill climbs and Telecom Hill in Rd 1 of Aust4 Racing. Can’t wait to get back out for Rd 2 on the 21-22 of June aust4 jeep jeepjk jeepjku jeepwrangler jeepin jeepporn jeeplove racejeep dieseljeep foxshocks superiorengineering rcvperformance methodracewheels poisonspyder currieenterprises murchisonproducts evomfg bfgoodrich synergymfg 4x4 offroading flex becauseracecar racing motorsports offroadracing racecar jwora aussie

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Rene Arnoux in his Ferrari 126C4 at the 1984 Detroit GP 😎 Love how exposed his head is 😍

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Headed home after an amazing rally! Calvin and I both prefer technical roads and Ohio threw down the gauntlet! The stages were smooth, full of hairpin turns, narrow narrow roads, and flowed fast from bend to bend. We spent so much time sideways this weekend as an E30 should! 73 cars started the event, only 45 finished. We earned a 29th place overall. In our class Open 2 wheel drive there were 24 competitors. I'm so proud to say we placed 8th in class! We had some growing pains in the car with communicating notes as we were setting our fastest pace on stages yet. Calvin worked hard on nailing those slides and had a few close saves. We can't wait to share the in car video as it should be really exciting to watch. southernohioforestrally ara_rally r1_images coopertire sofr southernohioforestrally bmw E30 becauseracecar

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자동차를 좋아하는 내가 자동차를 싫어할뻔하게 만들고, 비속어를 전혀 안쓰던 내가 욕을 하게 만들고, 일찍 자는 착한 어린이(?)였던 내가 밤을 새게 만들던 자작차 대회가 드디어 끝났다. 결과가 아쉽지 않다면 거짓말이겠지만 그래도 모두들 최선을 다 했고, 디자인 이벤트 파워트레인 부문에서 역대 최고의 점수를 받았으니 그거면 됐다. 사실 완전히 끝난건 아니고, 8월에 있을 대회를 또 준비해야 한다는걸 생각하면 기분이 안좋지만 그래도 당분간 진짜(?) 휴학 라이프를 즐기려고 한다. 함께한 팀원들 모두 고생 많았습니다! \n 자작차 FSAE Michigan

2 weeks ago

From Korea To Michigan For 2019 FSAE Michigan! \n 전세계 120개 팀이 겨루는 대학생 자작차 세계대회 2019 FSAE Michigan 참가를 위해 오늘 출국합니다. 대회는 5/08~5/11이지만 출국 기간은 04/29~5/17인데, 전화랑 문자 안되니 연락은 카톡이나 페이스북으로 부탁드립니다. 다녀오겠습니다. FSAE KookminUniversity KookminRacing KSAE 자작차 Car Auto instacar CarlifeStyle instacars Cargram Motor Automotive Carinstagram Carstagram 차스타그램 카스타그램 Racing Race Motorsport BecauseRacecar instagood Photooftheday Picoftheday instadaily instapic insta 일상 LikeAll sunghoon_shm_park