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Ready for an amazing Saturday night concert? FUVLive brings you beck, spoontheband, CageTheElephant and SunflowerBean from ForestHillsStadium tonight, beginning at 5:30pm on 90.7FM, also streaming online at (link in bio). You really can't miss this broadcast — and if you can't be in Queens to see all four bands live yourself, the next best thing is hanging out with WFUV, listening to the show live on the radio with co-hosts actionali and hollandude. beck, spoon, cagetheelephant, sunflowerbean, summerconcerts nyc augustmagic

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Beck - Morning Phase The first spin for Saturday night is Beck's 9th album from 2014, which happens to be my personal favourite of his, and one of the best albums of this decade. Acoustic Beck (as opposed to funky pop Beck) always has the capacity to make songs that are simply beautiful. Morning Phase is like that from start to finish, full of sombe, thoughtful, yet ultimately uplifting songs. This is music for when you are sad or blissfully in love; for early morning musings or late in the evening contemplation; for sunrise walks or night time drives. It is perfect. It is also a modern folk-rock country tinged masterpiece, and an absolute gem of an album. beck morningphase folk rock country saturdaynight

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Colheita! Dois meses e 21 dias se depois, aprendizagem e amizades. Foi modesto, obtive 31g seco e 4g de trima. Mas creio q dá para arrendondar para 25g tirando outros galhinhos. Na minha região se eu conseguir ter acesso a compra de um de qualidade como a Bruce Banner auto vai sair para mais de 80 conto a grama, ou seja, 2.000 conto. E o prensado do contato sairia de 90 a 120, referência da minha região. Descartando o preço da infraestrutura, pois ela durará mt tempo, portanto dilui o custo, gastei com terra, adubo e fertilizantes algo em torno de 300, mais 33 de energia (proporcional, divido pelas plantas) nos 3 meses e 60 da semente. Q será diminuído, visto q o custo foi maior por erros. Arredondamos pra cima 400 conto total para 25g! Observamos q ficou 380 conto tudo, erva tua, sem agrotóxicos, fungo, barata e sabe se lá o q, mano só vai! Olha, por isso naocompreplante , nao tem jeito. weed cannabis cannabisgirls maconha maconheiro brisa umdois grow growroom grower plantarparanaocompra joint baseado beck fumin

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Some merch items I got to design for Beck. The skull with bolt eyes and Beck font were inspired by his first single ⚡️Saw Lightning⚡️ These are currently available at the merch table. Stay tuned for other items 😎

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Maconha começa a fazer parte dos esportes e Nate Diaz faz a frente no UFC . Nate Diaz fechou o treino aberto do UFC 241 em Anaheim, Estados Unidos, nesta quarta-feira, dando trabalho à segurança do Ultimate. O lutador – que encara Anthony Pettis no co-evento principal deste sábado – fumou maconha durante sua participação e chegou a passar para os fãs que estavam na arena. Na Califórnia – estado onde aconteceu a atividade – a maconha é legalizada para todos os fins, entretanto, o gesto do irmão de Nick Diaz foi reprovado por Dana White, presidente do UFC, através de um “emoji” de lamentação no Twitter. Sempre envolvido em polêmicas, Nate alegou que só tinha CBD – uma propriedade da maconha utilizada para fins medicinais e sem efeitos psicoativos – permitida dentro do código da Wada (Agência Mundial Antidoping) . maconha weed cannabis 420 ganja baseado legalize marijuana hemp thc marchadamaconha erva maconheiros maconheiras marijuana legalizastf joint weedlovers cannabiscommunity goodvibes love california brazil beck highlife rap reggae stoner smoke sativa indica

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Already missin my brothers and our family photos👨‍👩‍👦‍👦

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Beck’s “Morning Phase” (2014) is one of my favorite Beck albums. Together with Mutations and Sea Changes it shows the more folky side of this super divers artist.

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Guided discovery is a helpful process when working with clients in attempt to identify dysfunctional cognitions. This small excerpt is from Judith S. Beck's book, "Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Basics and Beyond," 2nd Edition, p.23. Even if you don't practice CBT as a therapy, the skills and techniques utilized and highly beneficial for every practice, and all levels of socialwork. socialworker socialworklife beck cbt therapy counseling mentalhealth socialworkstudent book education knowledge everyday daily practice work socialservices nonprofit humanservices cognitive psycholgy mind brain psych psychologist

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I’m a Looser Baby beck

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At least once a year I remember how much I love this album! An all time ‘overcast morning’ must-play at mustardseedla beck morningmusic

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Long or short, lash lifts can help anyone achieve lash lift heights! Book in profile 😉💕 💻 ☎️ 929-339-4530 . The images/videos shown in post are Lipa’s LLC personal clients and are shared with their consent. Individual results may vary. The content of this page is for educational and informational purposes. Results vary from person to person. No two lash lifts are alike. © Lipa’s LLC. Please do not use or distribute images herein without written permission by Lipa’s LLC lashlift lashliftandtint naturallashes yumilashlift yumilashliftandtint lashextensionalternative reallashes bestlashservicesny bestlashesny bestlashliftny bestlashliftqueens lashserum lashgrowth beauty mua femaleownedbusiness queensfinest hudabeauty beck lashlifting lashliftsny

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Beck, Odelay (1996). As a not so impressionable 16 year old who, unlike nearly all my friends, was looking mostly backward in time musically, I really found something contemporary that suited me in Beck. The genre-bending track “Loser” from Mellow Gold had reigned me in but Odelay was the first album of his that I really embraced. Going back to it so many years later I can still appreciate it for its original approach to making music. Sure he borrows a lot (a lot of good stuff), but you’d be hard pressed to find something that sounds anything like this album song-wise and production-wise. The Dust Brothers deserve tons of credit for that too. But if you don’t believe me listen to “Derelict” and tell me any song that has ever sounded remotely like it. I could go on but I hate typing on my phone and nobody reads this stuff on Instagram anyways. simianlifemusic vinyl music vinylcollection records nowspinning vinylcollector vinyljunkie vinylcommunity vinylporn vinylrecords instavinyl recordcollection vinyladdict lp nowplaying vinyligclub recordcollector droptheneedle dailyvinyl beck odelay

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OneMoviePunch - 566 / 2019 – “Echo In The Canyon” (2018) – 9.5/10 • Review: “A nostalgic reflection on Southern California folk rock.” • Critic: mrs.a.dobz Promo: bookofliespodcast • Podcast: • Blog: • Tagpack: FilmTwitter 365Movies EchoInTheCanyon AndrewSlater EricBarrett LouAdler FionaApple TheBeachBoys Beck JustineBennett JacksonBrowne BuffaloSpringfield TheByrds MirrorFilms GreenwichEntertainment CertifiedFresh Documentary Music

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