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One of my favorite pieces from the new collections is off to its forever home 🧡 This gorgeous statement necklace features the warming vital energy of carnelian stone which accents the brass metal and up-cycled leather cord. The handcrafted brass bee pendant was made in California. roottoriseholistics artasmedicine savethebees bees pollinators

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At the moment dandelions are flowering everywhere, especially in our garden! But are they a weed? We don’t think so! Dandelions are packed full of both nectar and pollen. Flowering in early spring they provide bees and other pollinators with an important, early source of food. 🇫🇷En ce moment les pissenlits fleurissent partout, surtout dans notre jardin Est-il une mauvaise herbe? Nous ne croyons pas Le pissenlit est une fleur très mellifère. Au début du printemps, il est une des premières sources abondantes de pollen et de nectar pour les abeilles et les autres insectes pollinisateurs. 🐝🐝🐝 bees pollinators dandelion pissenlit wildflowers fleurssauvages pollinasateur abeilles gardening gardeninglife jardin jardinage countryside weeds mauvaisesherbes nectar pollen fleursmellifères lejardinperdu

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Love ❤️ bees

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Hello everyone I’m back! I’m sorry for not posting much these past few weeks, but I was out of town, since it’s spring break. I just got back and I’m working on my May cover page! In the meantime, here’s this weeks’ spread Hope you like it 🐝💛 (ugh I hate the quality and the fact that the first two pics don’t match up but it’s ok lol) - - Tags: bujo bujoinspo bujoideas bulletjournal journaling bulletjournalweekly bujospread bujoweekly april bee bees yellow theme honey stabilo staedtler lettering tombow

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Another flower that is great for bees These Welsh Poppies spring up everywhere in my garden I do my best to leave a good number for pollinators but at the same time make sure in certain areas they don't swamp other plants. They are stunning though, very hard to resist. Look at the contrast of that yellow and my big blue flowerpot in this morning's sun👌👌👌 if anyone wants some free seeds later in the year let me know and I'll post them to you!

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3 of the 5 hives in the meadow - always lively especially when the sun is out. Privaledged to be involved with a property keeping bees who truly cares about the environment and going above and beyond to work to create a sustainable future. Excited to learn more about the beekeeping side of this project. 🤲🏼🧡🌱😊🐝 SO MUCH TO BE EXCITED ABOUT 🐝please show some love and drop our Facebook page a like! 🌳drop us a message to be added to our free timber and compost list for local resuse! Or avalible for purchase if going further a field! 🙋🏼‍♂️We have space to take on new garden design and development projects currently aswell as basic garden maintenance get in touch 📸Always tag us in savethebees_uk or send in any pictures of your garden, bees or the environment we really do love to see it, learn from it, and share the passion some of us carry for our gardens and their inhabitants Sustainable♻️Garden🌱Solutions savethebees_uk savethebees Community Spaces (1) wildlife Timber Giveaways (5) recycle Garden Projects (15) garden Hotel Count (11) community Writing peices & podcasts from me 📖🎧 enablenewminds education blog education bee bees life earth green eco animals happy flowers craft natural living sun sunshine summer kent photo autumn seasons survival home gardening

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Hver gang jeg er i mine stader og se. Det har været 2 gange. Så kravler det ene stades bier både uden for, op ad inder væggene og mig. De er fredelige, men lidt svære og holde styr på. Men det andet jeg har er fuldstændig anderledes. Nu er der sat et magasin på til honning. De har susende travlt. De har bygget 5 tavler ud på 7 dage. Rimelig godt gået. Jeg blev stukket på hånden, men en alnok var nok. Epi penne blev ikke brugt. Vaccination virker og jeg har ikke reageret på den trods øget styrke. Bidragten funger bedre en min jakke. njordsbigaard bees bistader beekeeper beekeeping beekeepers beekeeperslife beekeeperlife beeswarm bee

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Don’t stay at home ! Move your body 😊 🙏

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Transfer of love ©️ “For the word of the LORD is right, And all His work is done in truth.”Psalms‬ ‭33:4‬ ‭🐝the bees were sure attracted to something on these flowers compared to the mass amounts of other flowers nearby. Anybody know?🐝 bees bee flowers flower flowery life love purple garden gardening beekeeping bee

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This lady decided to have an adventure today! I always have a quick look at the hive entrances before I go out on a morning, which (I presume) is when she decided to sit in my hair. Fast forward almost SIX hours and she decided to try shuffle down my face whilst I was on the bus, freaking out a few and the odd adult! buckfast bees beekeeper buckfastbees honeybees savethebees honeybumble bumble buzzbuzz beekeeperlife godsavethequeen honey honeycomb pollen beeswax colony workerbees dronebees

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BeeS kumaoN 🇮🇳

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West Coast Buzz 🐝 One of the prettiest mason bee hotels I have ever seen. This massive masonbee habitat is situated in the heart of San Francisco. The bees are on a balcony surrounded by large glass windows, in essence creating an observation hive for the employees to safely watch the bees come and go from their lunchroom. And enable these lucky folks to learn about the plight of the bees 🐝💜 masonbees urbanbeekeeping sanfrancisco bringingnaturehome coffebreak buzzbuzz organicmanagement noantibiotics naturally savethebees womenwhobeekeep pollinators beekeeping localfood masonbeehotel plantaflower avoidneonics

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‌ 🌞 آفتاب_بخشندۀ_جنوب ما اینجا دقیقا چی کار می‌کنیم؟‌ ‌ ‌ در حین تعویض کندوها، قاب‌های کهنه با مومِ سیاه رو جدا می‌کنیم و می‌تراشیم. و بعد تصفیه می‌کنیم و موم خالصو با عطر خفن می‌گیریم و میدیم به زنبورا تا ببافن و برامون/براتون شهد بکر بریزنو حالشو ببریم.🍯‌ ‌ ‌ باشد تا کامرَوا شویم همگی. آمین!‌ ‌ ‌ پ.ن: کاش ما آدما به همین سادگی که تو ویدیو حرفش هست می‌تونستیم قابای کهنه‌ی دلمونو بتراشیم و جاش یه قابِ سفید و پاک بذاریم و فراموش کنیم خاطرات و آدمایی که قابِ دِلمونو کهنه و سیاه کردن.‌ ‌ سفر کوچ کندو کندوی_تمیز بیماری_زنبور سلامت سلامتی طبیعت زنبور_باشیم عسل_طبیعی عسل_هوم hive bee_hive health healthy_bee bees nature honey hoom_honey natural_honey beefrindly‌ ‌

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Lots of flowers are around at the moment including plenty of dandelions - they are often considered weeds but are actually really important for pollinators such as bees, with the flowers being full of pollen and nectar. They might also look a plain yellow to us, but the vision of most pollinators differs from ours and is shifted to see shorter wavelengths of light instead. This includes colours we see as blues and greens, but also ultraviolet light that we cannot perceive. Here’s how a dandelion looks with images taken under ultraviolet light only, a simulated ‘bee-vision’ image, and then to humans. Note the hidden markings in ultraviolet. The bee vision image is made by converting the image to the visual system of a bee using techniques in our lab, and then making the blue, green, and red layers of the images based on how the cells in the bee's eye detect shortwave ('blue'), mediumwave ('green'), and ultraviolet light respectively colsci sensoryecology animalbehaviour nature biology animals bees vision bee animalbehavior behaviouralecology weed ultraviolet science plants botany gardening uvphotography ultravioletphotography photography naturephotography scienceart plantpeople flowers spring plantsofinstagram

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Just resting! You learn something new everyday. in this case we learnt that this small bee, that had come to rest on Autumn's bag is called an Ashy Mining Bee. I've never seen one before. We've called it a Minecraft bee. nature bees

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Der Verschluss der Zellen ist die Aufgabe der baubienen . Sie produzieren Wachsplättchen. Das bienenwachs in Form der Deckel ist luftdurchlässig, aber hält Wasser und Wasserdampf draußen. beekeeping beekeeper beekeepersofinstagram jungimkerinnen imkern imkernmachtglücklich imkernmachtspass imkerei bees bienen honey honig saarlouis saarland morethanhoney savethebees beekeeperslife picoftheday beesofinstagram beegurus biodiversity biodiversität savetheinsects nature honigliebe imkerinnen carnica buckfast

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Honey bee soap.

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عسل ذوب بأنواعه المختلفة تشعر بفوائدهم العظيمة من الداخل 😍 ✅ نضمن لكم متعة الجودة وان تخوضوا تجربة فريدة من نوعها مع منتجات ذوب 🛑استثمر في صحتك الان للطلب و الاستفسار اتصل على ‏‭+965 99317176‬ . عسل_سدر عسل شهد نحل كويت الكويت نحال q8 kuwait bee bees honey kuwaitfood honeybee beekeepers honeycomb rawhoney apiary beehive organic organichoney localhoney عسل_سدر عسل_السدر عسل_طبيعي عسل_اصلي جمعية_الشامية_والشويخ العيد_الوطني_الكويتي هلا_فبراير_2019

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There has been so much inspiration this spring in growing our own plants 🌱. A week ago we planted Lavender and Echinacea (aka Coneflower). Both of these resilient flowers will help attract bees 🐝 this summer! It is so important to support one of the smallest apprentices to us humans!

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