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💕One of the main aspects our patients are seeking when getting a BBL or Brazilian Butt Lift is addressing their hip dips and creating an hourglass result 🤗 What do you think?? 🤩 DM us with ANY questions or to schedule a free consultation! 🤗✨ Newport Beach, CA 949.416.0038 Ontario, I.E, CA 909-291-4900 skinnybbl bbl brazilianbuttlift hourglassfigure bodycontouring curvesinalltherightplaces fattransfer vaser vaserlipo vaserliposuction lipo liposuction liposculpture buttaugmentation bootyqueen bootyworkout bootygainz bootygoals plasticsurgeon plasticsurgery newport snatched snatchedwaist waisttrainer waisttraining cosmeticsurgery beforeandafterweightloss mommymakeover

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It's a slow process, But quitting won't speed it up. Awesome transformation Bek 💪

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It's a slow process, But quitting won't speed it up. Awesome transformation Bek 💪

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Getting closer to onederland 18 lbs to go

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heavily.motivated SHOUTOUT to ❤️ Erica ❤️ , who has lost over 100+ lbs! 💯+ 😮. What a cutie! She's looks AMAZING Be sure to follow Erica, and don't forget to FOLLOW US TOO! ✔️💜 heavily.motivated heavily.motivated heavily.motivated . FOLLOW US for your daily dose of weight loss motivation! 😎📣Want us to shout out your transformation? Tag us, comment, or hit us with a DM weightlosstransformations extremeweightloss naturalweightloss weightlossinspiration weightlossresults transformationthursday fattofitjourney wlsfam beforeandafterweightloss wlstransformation obesetobeast gymtransformation fitnesstransformation fatlosshelp beforeandafters fitandfab fitbodies transformations weightlossjournal fitandstrong wlssupport weightlosshelp bodytransformations wlsstrong fattofitjourney curvyconfidence curvyandfit

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Sound on. Today’s meal: My take on beef and broccoli. Didn’t have beef so I used pork and I added cauliflower, bell peppers and onions. With a salad of greens, cabbage, cucumbers and mushrooms god family intermittentfasting beforeandafterweightloss kettlebellworkout roguefitness transformation mexico qro idoitforthem gethealthy killweakness nutrition becomestronger noexcuses getfit workout bodypositive beard bearded beardsandbells intermittentfastingdiet fastingforweightloss if lowcarb keto garagegym strongfirst weightlossmotivation

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Reposted from lidia_inestroza - When you stick to your goals and you are consistent you will see the change, you will create a new Lifestyle, you will love it and there is no way you will want to go back.😏 weightlosstransformation weightlossjourney weightloss fitnessmotivation fitness fitnessgirl fitmom fitspo healthyfood healthylifestyle healthy beforeandafter beforeandafterweightloss fattofit motivation fitnesstransformation bodytransformation trainandtransform cleaneating weightlossgoals health lifestyle - regrann

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I’m still a work in progress, I’m just so thankful I made the decision to change my life. I really hope this inspires somebody to commit and make a change for themselves as well. I DREAMED of this. I never in my life thought this would be me. I still don’t believe it. - - - - - - vsg vsgbeforeandafter vsgjourney vsgsurgery gastricsleeve gastricsleevebeforeandafter motivation transformation transformationtuesday beforeandafter beforeandafterweightloss weightloss weightlossjourney journey fashionnova explore explorepage weightlossmotivation healthy healthylifestyle healthyfood goals fitnessmotivation fitnessgirl fitgoals viral

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This is what 5 weeks looks like! I have lost 5 lbs so far but I think I’m gaining muscle too. It’s so awesome to see actual results! ❤️❤️❤️

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🎶 Baby got back. 🎶 ⁣ ⁣ Now, it’s just in all the right places. 🍑

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Amazing results for Lana 💪🏼😍 Shakes 🍼 and Boosters 🍍 alongside our eating plans 📒 CONFIDENCE levels now through the roof 🔝 LOVE seeing how much the products are changing people lives not just physically 🙊❤ healthynotskinny individualresultsmayvary fitness fitnessmotivation excercise beforeandafterweightloss beforeandafter weightlossjourney weightlossideas weightlosstransformation mentally physical health wellbeing happy confident confidence wellness eatinghealthy foodplan detox shakes capsules boosters

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🥥🥦🌶🥗🥩🥓🧀🥚🍳🥬🥒🥑🥕🍅 One of the hardest things about gaining weight, at least for me. Was to see how my face changed right before my eyes. So much so that I hardly recognized myself. I had so many pockets of puffiness around my eyes, nose, and mouth. Starting keto that first week or so. I did not expect to see such a drastic change. And maybe I wouldn’t have noticed had I not taken photos. Nevertheless seeing the before and after photos gives me the motivation that I sometimes lack in order to keep going. Once I gained the weight I hated having my photo taken. For two years I made an effort to be the one behind the camera. I regret that so very much. Although, I have some wonderful photos of my and husband. I wish I would’ve told myself that my and my husband love me no matter what I look like. I highly encourage you to take photos! There will be times when that scale doesn’t show progress. Keeping track of before photos and measurements will be your motivators! ketogenic keto ketodiet waterweight waterweightloss beforeandafterweightloss facetransformation ketoweightloss ketobeginner weightlosstransformation weightlossjourney ledonnelife tammystransformation

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30 days in and I’m down 15 pounds. It has started with a plant based diet on the recommendation of my doctor. I haven’t done much physical activity other than a righteous game of kickball every Sunday with holycitykickball The next 30 days will be ramping up the workouts at the company gym, getting out in some of this beautiful (unusually chilly) spring weather and walking and riding my new bike. Also trying to turn my mindset of thinking about food as pleasure or a reward and instead thinking about it as fuel. This has never been a part of any diet or weight loss program I’ve done in the past. I’ve always just thought of my diet as restricting myself and it always lead to a point where the levee broke and I just binged again. Working towards making this a new reality. weightlossjourney weightlosstransformation beforeandafter beforeandafterweightloss fitnessmotivation fitness fitspiration weightloss weightlossupport weightlossmotivation weightlossinspiration diet diets kickball holycity holycitykickball fattofit

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I love life! So with that being said I’m going to do what it takes to add life to my life. I believe I’m Unlimited and as I change from the inside out, I prove to myself I can do anything with the strength of God. It’s challenging and hard at times but I know that the only person this is against is myself. It has nothing to do with anyone else. Me perfecting me! Me becoming the best I can for me! I care less what others think of me. Because only opinion matters is mind! Hard work pays off and a made up mind makes it easy to achieve your goals! Love you enough to say to yourself I can accomplish anything if I put my mind to it! And remember you owe it to yourself to become the best you can be! My transformation has been a journey but now I finally got the results I want! Check out my website and follow my blog to see details of my journey. imchanging weightlosstransformation dherbs fullbodyworkout fullbodycleanse inspiration tvhost actress beforeandafterweightloss melodytrice myjourney

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Guys i wish a Happy Holidays and a happy new year 🎉🎊 For all of you that want to join the 30 day vegan keto challange, this is your last chance to Kickstart in January 2019 🔥 LETS GET BACK IN SHAPE 2019 Join our Team 🔥🔥🔥 Link is in my Bio 🎆🎇✨ veganketo veganweightloss veganbeforeandafter pancakes hclf keto healing endometriosis cleanfoods vegan cleaneating weightloss beforeandafter lchf rawvegan vegangirl pms cleaneating glutenfree breakfast veganketogenic veganbodybuilding veganathlete beforeandafterweightloss bikinigirl

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Pada dasarnya sarapan pagi memiliki banyak manfaat penting bagi tubuh. Nah, bagi Anda yang masih sering melewatkan waktu sarapan ada baiknya baca 10 manfaat sarapan bagi kesehatan tubuh berikut ini. Memberikan Energi Lebih Tubuh memerlukan energi yang cukup untuk menjalankan aktivitas di pagi hari dan energi tersebut dapat diperoleh dari sarapan pagi. Hal ini membuat tubuh tetap fit dan tidak cepat lelah. Menyegarkan Otak Manfaat sarapan juga baik untuk otak Anda. Otak juga mendapatkan nutrisi dari sarapan sehingga otak Anda dapat berpikir lebih baik dan cepat. Menjaga Konsentrasi Sarapan juga diketahui dapat memperbaiki kemampuan berpikir Anda dan menjaga Anda agar tetap fokus dalam melakukan pekerjaan atau aktivitas. Mencegah Penyakit Maag Sarapan pagi membuat lambung terisi makanan sehingga dapat menetralisir asam lambung. Lambung yang terlalu lama kosong dapat mengakibatkan rasa perih di lambung dan berakibat sakit maag. Menyehatkan Tubuh Menghindari Makan Tak Terkontrol Sarapan pagi menghindarkan Anda dari rasa lapar berlebih. Jika tidak sarapan, yang terjadi adalah rasa lapar mengakibatkan porsi makan siang menjadi lebih banyak dan mengonsumsi banyak camilan. Dari camilan-camilan inilah dapat menyebabkan kegemukan. Menambah Nutrisi dan Meningkatkan Energi Tubuh Penurunan Berat Badan Tubuh Mengkonsumsi makanan sehat pada saat bangun tidur dapat memberi peningkatan metabolisme tubuh, jika Anda sedang dalam program diet, hal yang diinginkan adalah meningkatkan metabolisme tubuh untuk membakar lemak Mengurangi Resiko Stres Dalam keadaan perut kosong di pagi hari dengan aktifitas padat serta tekanan pekerjaan yang tinggi dan ditambah dengan kondisi cuaca yang tidak baik akan membuat Anda mudah stres. Maka, manfaat sarapan pagi itu adalah mengurangi resiko stres tersebut. diet dietsehat dietsantai dietkenyang dietalami detox detoxsemangka detoxsemangkasherentwilson realfood hidupsehat makansehat gayahidupsehat olahraga polahidupsehat beforeandafters beforeafter beforeandafterweightloss

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When you transform everyone in your life gets to as well. 💕 : Your , your partner, your family everyone. 🌎 ❤️ : I remember struggling with my body, my hormones, my mood and my energy levels EVERY DAY. 😢 : It was exhausting just to deal with it all on top of the problems themself. : Finally I had enough and decided to put myself first, realizing I DESERVED to do what ever it took, even making more time for me. 🆘 : I was scared that everyone would feel less loved but it was the exact opposite. ♻️ : The most amazing thing happened when I finally put my health and happiness as a priority : I lost: weight, inches, and self beat up.❌ : I gained: muscle, energy and happiness. ✅ : All based off of a decision to put myself first and learn how my body and mind worked so I could work WITH my body not against it. : And now because I created it within myself I get to show other women how. 🤗💕 : It’s already yours to have energy, happiness and a body you can maintain that you love everyday. : Now it’s your job to receive it. 🥰 : And if your having a hard time doing so, receive support and reach out 💕

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Today’s WOD was snatches with sprawls. I subbed in deadlifts for the sprawls because of my elbow. 5 rounds. 3 minutes per round. 25 sprawls, whatever time is left you do deadlifts. Did a 1 rep max of 235 which is really good for me. Also did 2 rounds of 35 wall ball situps. Great workout! 19.5 tomorrow! weightlossjourney weightloss weightlossmotivation weightlosstransformation fatloss fatlosstips fatlossjourney healthylifestyle healthyfood healthy healthyeating beforeandafter beforeandafterweightloss fitfam fitness fitnessmotivation fitforlife mealprep truth nutrition crossfit BetterEachDay fitness getinshape healthylifestyle wod getfit exercise fitnessmotivation trainhard noexcuses fitgoals follow4follow

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Sooooo awesome! 👏💪👏 lyndsaysfit 💪🤗👏 Credit : lyndsaysfit 👏 💯 👏 ▶ Follow ➡ weightloss.fatloss 😍 ✅ SHARE, COMMENT & GET WHAT YOU WANT IN ✔ weightloss.fatloss – 💪 Give your body the change it needs! 🆗 More information?🙌 Go my bio 👉 weightloss.fatloss 👈 click on the link 🔝 Because somehow you must start your transformation homeworkouts weightlosstransformation fitgoals noexcuses beforeandafterweightloss bbg body fitnesstransformation weightlossfood weightlifting weightlosshelp trainingday fitnessfood bbgmoms healthy transformationfitnation fat fitlifestyle fitmotivation beforeandduring fatlossjourney fitnesslovers vsglife exercises health workoutgirl bodyfat lovefitness fitnessfreaks bodychange

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🚨BELLY OFF! Pounds of body fat vanished from her belly success! Amazing!😍 💪Would you like get success with it? Visit the link in my bio: pounds.down and get some details about it - 💓It is not easy, but not impossible: Our diet works where other weight loss systems fail because it focuses on reducing cellular inflammation, which is the real cause of weight gain, and because it corrects the bad information dieters receive today. 📲Continue reading pounds.down in the page on our Bio. - 🌠If you dedicate yourself you will be walking around with 12 to 23 pounds of body fat gone from your waist, hips, thighs, belly and butt. 🌟💃Your clothes will be looser, you’ll look healthier and more attractive… - Credit 📷: gi_fitnyc . Congratulations👏 . follow health healthygirl igweightloss lifestyle losingweight photooftheday strong swole traininghard transformation fitnessaddict fitnessbody fitnessgoals progress bbg losingweight cleaneating weddingdress program deternation summer weightlosstransformation weightlosssupport beforeandafterweightloss wlsjourney extremeweightloss healthkick healthier weightlosschallenge

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⁣⁣ Shout out to my past self for making the life I live possible!⁣ ⁣ It wasn’t easy and it wasn’t always fun. I learned a lot, read a lot, worked a lot and lost a lot of sleep but here we are!⁣ And through what I learned then, I have a solid foundation to build on now. I’ve learned to make myself a priority.⁣ ⁣ Seeing what I accomplished physically in just one year brings me so much pride! While this years transformation is a little different, I have no doubt it will be just as amazing!⁣ ⁣ Reach for your goals y’all! You’ve already got what it takes 🙌🏼⁣ ⁣ By ketohappimess⁣ ⁣ bodytransformation motivationalquotes fitnessmotivation fitnessmotivationquotes weightlosstransformation weightlossquotes odessatx odessatexas midlandtx midlandtexas orangetheoryfitness otfaddict ketoweightloss paleo adkinsdiet whole30 dietsthatwork howtoloseweight fitpregnancy postpartumfitness healthyliving mindfuleatingtips weightlosstips wlscommunity beforeandafterweightloss weightlossinspiration weightlossmotivation fitspiration weightlosssecrets

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PINK KETO DRINK‼️ . Would you try this? 🍓 The regular “pink drink” at Starbucks has been a popular menu choice for years. Now there’s a keto friendly way to order it. Ask for a venti: . Iced passion tango tea (unsweetened) Heavy cream (2 oz.) instead of milk 2-3 pumps sugar free vanilla syrup Strawberries (optional, not included) . As for the keto dietit’s not a magic bullet. It can work. So can every other diet. The key a consistent caloric deficit. With that in mind, I’d rather eat real food than drink my calories. So I’m ordering the cold brew at the moment instead. ☕️ ——————————————————————- Tag 👤| Comment 🖋 | Share 📱 ——————————————————————- Follow 👉 calorie.hacks Follow 👉 calorie.hacks Follow 👉 calorie.hacks ——————————————————————- weightloss notadiet myweightloss healthylifestyle beforeandafterweightloss weightgoals weightlossjourney weightlosssuccess onemealatatime weightwatchers weightlossfood 100lbsdown fatloss weightlossbeforeandafter weightwatchersaunz weightlosstransformation fattofitjourney caloriecounter weightlossmotivation calorie mytransphormation losingweight weightlose tryingtoloseweight weight igweightloss fasted fattofit weighlossjourney myweightlossstory caloriechat

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There is a lot of yoga, running, strength training, whole foods, water, and treats between these two photos 😊✅ : : My fitness journey (and life itself) is all about balance ☯️ Between these two photos there is probably just over a 15lb difference. But this photo doesn’t capture all of the other positives that aren’t always visible like the incredible strength I’ve built (hello shoulders! pretty much all from yoga btw) 💪🏼 The ability to do yoga poses like chaturanga and crow, that I was unable to do before 🧘🏼‍♀️And the growth in confidence and assertiveness that I’ve gained 🙋🏼‍♀️ : : The 21daymealplan and the community that goes along with it is so supportive and encouraging. I feel empowered on this plan. Empowered to make good choices for both my mind, body & soul ✨

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Follow 👉 slimmer_body ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 💜 Love this post? Tag a friend! 📩 💚 Daily weight loss stories ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Via: fatloss.transformations instafitnesstransformations arianaomipi ⚠(Please DM for credit or removal)⚠ transformationthursday weightlosshelp weightlossdiary healthspo beforeandafterweightloss losingweightfeelinggreat weightlossdiet fitnessgirlsmotivation fitgirlsinspire healthynutriton weightlossstory bbgtransformation myfitnessjourney takecareofyourself bbgcommunity motivationmonday gymmotivation workoutmotivation fitgoals healthy

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Cheers to YOU Beautiful 🥂 . Beyond excited for those of you who have signed up for my 8 Week Program 💛 YOU have invested in yourself. 💛 YOU have invested in your health. 💛 YOU are changing your future I know how scary that leap of faith can be: . ✖️ You’ve failed so many times before. ✖️ You feel you’re destined to be over weight. ✖️ You can’t seem to find the program for you. ✖️ You’re sick of wasting money. ✖️ You’re tired of feeling defeated Thats why I designed this program. I’ve been there, I get it. 🙋‍♀️ . ✅ No Restrictions. ✅ Quick Workouts. ✅ Small Lifestyle Changes I will teach YOU how to change your life. I want to be your LAST coach I want YOU to be my next success story. ✨ Ready to take that leap of faith? ✨ Click the Link in my Bio for ALL the Details. ✨

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My birthday is tomorrow so issagiveaway 😜😜😜 Are you looking for a fitness belt to control and support your midsection during workouts? In honor of my 33rd birthday 3/22, I’m giving away a FREE Fitness Belt to, NOT 1, but 3 🎉🎉🎉deserving women Because my mission is healthiswealth I want to bless a few ladies with thebellesocietyig product I’m going to pick a winner based on the following ———————— ▪️Repost this flyer with the hashtag bellebeltbdaygift —▪️Tell us why you want the fitness belt in your caption— ▪️ Tag 3 friends that will hold you accountable ————-▪️Be sure to thebellesociety and thechicandsavvybelle in your caption and follow 💕 🗣ACCOUNT CAN NOT BE PRIVATE, can’t see private accounts That’s it The winners will be announced LIVE 3/23 on my page at 12pm Don’t forget the belts are on sale 33% off until midnight 3/22 Use code: bday33 to save ENJOY womenempowerment healthiswealth womensupportingwomen fitnessbelt bossbabe giveaway thebellesociety 100poundsdown fitnessmotivation blackgirlmagic weightlossjourney weightlossmotivation weightlosstransformation blackwomenarepoppin blackgirlsworkouttoo fattofit healthylifestyle vsg wls beforeandafter beforeandafterweightloss plussize bodypositive selflove wlscommunity vsgcommunity motivational mondaymotivation

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Face to Face Thursday 😱 2016 —> 2018 People are so focused on getting healthy for “something” For a wedding For a boyfriend For summer For that vacation But you know what helped me finally stick to this wellness journey? When I decided to do it FOR ME! I’m not on this journey for anyone else, but for me. ❤️ Short term goals are great, but if you’re not on this journey for the long haul, your results aren’t going to last 😉 personaljourney workingonmymind whileworkingonmybody athomeworkouts selflove selfconfidence knowyourworth communityovercompetition bossbabe girlboss goaldigger entrepreneur womenentrepreneurs minnesotablogger mnblogger empoweredwomen empowerothers wellnessblogger lifecoaching lifecoach growthmindset changeyourmindchangeyourlife transformation beforeandduring glowup superfoodshake unicorncrack🦄 transformationphoto beforeandafterweightloss

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Pic 1: "Babe take a picture of me with my cute new rain boots." 🌧️👢 Pic 2: "No babbbe, not that close!" 🙅🏻‍♀️ Pic 3: My new rain boots in all their glory. If you know me, you know I typically check out the shoe section before the womens. Why? Because I can fit in kid sizes and adults wear boring things 😝 Anyways I've had huge calves forever. Even when I'm a healthy weight I tend to have issues with boots. So I tried these beauts on a few weeks ago and sadly walked away because my calves weren't having them 😥 So today when I was back I couldn't resist the urge to try again because they are just so gosh dang cute and surpriiiissssseeee. They fit 👏🏻 (Goooo me) 📣 Also I am very close to fitting into the juniors clothing department and you won't hear me apologizing for "not dressing my age". Can't stop, won't stop 😎 Peter Pan is my muse. wontgrowup progress weightlossjourney weightloss weightlosstransformation caloriedeficit caloriecounting obesetobeast fattofit fitbit weightlossinspiration fitnessinspiration fitnessmotivation fitness fitbitforweightloss fitbit myweightlossjourney diet healthjourney nevergiveup beforeandafterweightloss beforeandafter 1200calories 1200diet workinghard workout workoutmotivation

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Yesterday I walked into the bank looking like this. I’m , I dress casually but don’t look like anything particularly special.🤷🏼‍♀️ There was a woman around 60 there, who in the first 5 seconds was rude to me, and spoke to me condescendingly. 🙄 From the second I walked in, in her eyes I was clearly beneath her and she didn’t shy from making it clear with me. I was there to pick up a cheque I needed forwarded to the Supreme Court relating to finances. She asked me if this cheque for $2060 was the worth of my entire estate. In which I was able to matter of factly respond, “no it’s the filing fee” 💁🏼 to which she had a small heart attack💃🏼 You can’t always judge a book by their cover 🤔 First impressions can be deceiving. My first impression of her was she was an assuming, belligerent old woman, but I never let her know 👌🏼 They say OUR generation has no hope, but coming from the generation of judgement and ignorance isn’t any better to me. You taught us how to hate but I have faith eventually my generation will find a better way🙌🏼❤️ . health fit fitjourney weightloss healthy strong strongnotskinny fitness workout gym training beforeandafterweightloss selflove weightlossjourney bodypositive weightlosstransformation motivate inspire fasting fitspo intermittentfasting fat2fitjourney inspire motivate glutenfree gains girlswholift legday girlgains bank sucess

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The only time you should look back is to see how far you have come ✌🏻💪🏻💕 21daymealplan

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This one was TOUGH