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Nyhavn la V è muta!

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From CPH with Late! 📷

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I am standing at city center of Copenhagen. I must say if you are a shopaholic like me then dont forget to explore these shopping malls in Copenhagen. Its a little expensive but really fascinating. I miss walking through these small streets in Copenhagen, full of history and colors. Walking in these streets really brighten up my mood. _ copenhagen denmark k benhavn danmark travel visitcopenhagen visitdenmark europe cph nyhavn paris architecture scandinavia london r love ig photography sweden l art instagood copenhague travelphotography danish kobenhavn photooftheday

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Copenhagen, Denmark - Tivoli Gardens. Very close to the centre of Copenhagen these gardens & amusement park were apparently the inspiration for Walt Disney. So much to do here from concerts, admiring the views and enjoying the rides. - - - - copenhagen denmark tivoli visitcopenhagen visitdenmark travelcopenhagen traveldenmark copenhagentravel denmarktravel kobenhavn wanderlust travelinspo travelideas benhavn palace tivoligardens tivolicopenhagen amusementpark travelblog lovetravel travelphotography travelgram igcopenhagen

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My happiest ✨ . If you’re thinking of your next city break & want to go somewhere really relaxed & not busy yet still lively with varied cool events, somewhere with great history, majestic buildings & clean beautiful streets, somewhere you can just dip into the water on a hot day right in the middle of the city because its canals all around are just that clean, somewhere where most people smile to you on the street & wherever you go you are welcomed with a warm cosy vibe, somewhere you can eat some seriously delicious food, somewhere you can cycle around safely with drivers & other cyclists being patient & polite to you while you glide gazing around with a big tourist grin on your face, somewhere police officers are actually helpful instead of being arrogant d***ks, somewhere everyone speaks English & where you can have interesting conversations with people who are bright & open minded, somewhere you can escape the city vibe for a bit by going to one of the beaches or parks, somewhere you can enjoy a stunning amusement park all year round, somewhere you can just sit back & enjoy a beer or wine publicly without any worries, somewhere that is like nowhere else you’ve been - go to Copenhagen, you will love it 😉❤️ . copenhagen denmark europe visitcopenhagen k benhavn danmark bestcity beautifulcity hygge lykke happy relaxed love holiday travel traveldiaries travelgirl lithuaniangirl vegantravels travelhappy wanderlust summer smile livealittle dowhatmakesyouhappy

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The sunset on Amager strand park. I stood on the bridge for 30 mins, because I wanted to enjoy the sunset as it revealed colors. There is nothing more beautiful in this world than these sunsets, depicting ours lives as they pass on before our eyes like the shift sunrise to sunset and back again. I guess sometimes we think life gets stuck at a dead end, but the truth is you have to make it rise because after every sunset there is that burst of sunshine again. So keep going forward always! _ copenhagen denmark k benhavn danmark travel visitcopenhagen visitdenmark europe cph nyhavn paris architecture scandinavia london r love ig photography sweden l art instagood copenhague travelphotography danish kobenhavn photooftheday

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The controversial permanent sculpture "Zinkglobal, the key to the future" by THEZINKER at Nordre Toldbod in Port of Copenhagen, Denmark. A dark, thin, thinking man (probably inspired by Rodin's The Thinker) of greasy machinery parts, junk metal, and thingummies - sitting on a large shiny spanner ending in a sign of infinity - pointing to the Danish Royal Yacht anchored in the background. The sculpture focuses on the future and shows that Denmark and Copenhagen is a place of dynamism, foresight and great visions. The placing in a posh area of the port of Copenhagen surrounded by classic sculptures, high esteemed company buildings, and cultural buildings, mooring cruise ships and passengers, etc. - was controversial and criticized by some, especially the official arbiters of taste - and the sculpture was called a heap of junk metal that did not belong there. The artist has financed the installation himself. _ copenhague copenhagen denmark dinamarca visitcopenhagen kobenhavn travel igerscopenhagen igersdenmark danemark nyhavn visitdenmark k danmark architecture topcopenhagenphoto cph benhavn europe wonderfuldenmark danimarca copenhagencity instacopenhagen igcopenaghen ilovecopenhagen copenhagentourism igdenmark copenhagengram wanderlustcopenhagen bhfyp

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El siguiente destino es el canal de Nyhavn, en Copenhague 🇩🇰 El que fuese uno de los puertos comerciales más importantes del país sirve hoy de principal atracción turística de Dinamarca. Además de los numerosos restaurantes o paseos en barco que se pueden encontrar en Nyhavn, también se encuentra la tienda de tattoo más antigua del mundo 😎⠀ ⠀ ⠀ -⠀ -⠀ -⠀ ⠀ nyhavn nyhavncanal nikond750 copenhagen denmark travel europe benhavn visitcopenhagen visitdenmark danmark copenhague kobenhavn architecture photography travelgram wonderfulcopenhagen igerscopenhagen photooftheday kopenhagen scandinavia wanderlust copenhagenlife travelphotography igersdenmark dinamarca travelblogger art copenhagensworld

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« Who says that my dreams have to stay just my dreams? » -Ariel, the little mermaid copenhagen denmark 🇩🇰

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Copenhagen, Denmark - Little Mermaid. A short walk from the windmill at Kastellet (previous post). The statue, located at the scenic harbour, is over 100 years old and remains one of Copenhagen’s most popular tourist attractions. - - - - copenhagen denmark littlemermaid littlemermaidcopenhagen visitcopenhagen visitdenmark kobenhavn copenhagentravel travelcopenhagen denmarktravel traveldenmark danmark benhavn statue harbour kastellet windmill lillehavfrue denlillehavfrue wanderlust travelinspo travelideas sea kastellet kastelletwindmill thelittlemermaid

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Copenhagen i love you ❤️ “If Copenhagen were a person, that person would be generous, beautiful, elderly, but with a flair. A human being that has certain propensities for quarrelling, filled with imagination and with appetite for the new and with respect for the old - somebody who takes good care of things and of people.” ConnieNielsen copenhagen denmark k benhavn danmark travel visitcopenhagen visitdenmark europe cph nyhavn architecture scandinavia copenhague travelphotography danish kobenhavn photooftheday

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I don't feel at home easily. I just don't. And the last time I pined for a place was hikkadua, Srilanka. But I'll have to make an exception with Copenhagen. It really really has a piece of my heart.

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Reuniting with old friends, strolling through the port of Nyhavn in the rain, meeting my role model, and seeing the best concert of my life. Copenhagen has a new place in my heart.

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literally doesn’t even look real; one of the most charming cities I’ve been to! hygge

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The architecture here is amazing