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The new and ever changing skyline of Boston, your my home. Lived here for 36 years and the first 30 or so had little to no changes but lately the city hs explodes with new high rises going up almost daily.

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Trying to write some pretty guitar ideas for a new song that’s not super 7 string heavy haha. Here we go Featuring my now infamous BEE guitar. Someone give me a bee sticker to put on my pick guard 🐝 Using fractalaudiosystems & gravityguitarpicks for my sound photoshoot guitar music musician strandberg suhr berklee boston trumpet model motivation fusion ootd jazz rock love photooftheday style lifestyle menswear mensfashion instafashion fitness photography photo picoftheday black edge gearpassion gear

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Jazz Under The Stars

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ThrowbackTuesday to my last gig in Boston before heading out to the West Coast! Playing some hot jams with the onedropbobmarley band at the ICA they’re playing the same show again this Thursday, so if you’re in Boston go check them out 🌴🎸🌞 BobMarley OneDrop berklee boston reggae coverband bassist bassplayer bassguitar drums guitar vocals spanktheplank lottabass musician video livemusic inspirebass basshero instaofbass bassforward bassnation dailymusicians bassfeatured basstv baixonatural bassuniversity bassplayersunited cover

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Drakes hands when songwriting means an instant hit! 🤣 Make sure you bring your best pen to class at all time 👹

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Agnus Dei x Michael Smith Track produced & arranged by me. JulianWWilson Putting this arrangement together definitely made me do some reflection about myself as a creative (I literally hate that word but, y'know). Over the last several months, I've definitely been feeling dissatisfied with my playing because it feels like I've just been playing the same things over and over and over again every day. However, what I failed to realize during that stint is that God was chilling in the cut the whole time, sliding me opportunities that he knew would help me develop other facets of my musical skillset. My IG timeline doesn't even begin to showcase the many things that I've been able to do as of late, and that's a huge blessing because it's so easy to get into that mindset of judging yourself based on where others are. Am I satisfied with my playing? HECK no. But what I've had to remember is that the gifts that he gave me ain't even for me anyways, so I might as well get over myself and keep it pushing ImTiredOfPlayingTheLickThough ImReadyToGrow JesusBeAFertilizer BeAnOrganicOneThough Music Musician Piano Pianist Keyboard Keyboardist Producer Berklee BerkleeStudent Berklee23 Jazz Gospel Worship AgnusDei DMV Roland RD700GX Yamaha Montage Apple MacbookPro LogicProX ThatIsAll

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Textures 🎸

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From church this weekend 🤘🏽💁🏻

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You ever wonder how a musician gets their idea from a demo to a finished product? Stay tuned tomorrow as I release my first blog post all about choosing my musicians for the ‘Bleed Only Water EP’. Both btwbassofficial and krawallandi are monster players and I’m excited to be able to brag about how talented my friends are. Check out my website tomorrow and check out both their pages in the meantime

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Right before our awesome Joe’s Pub hit with the legendary Korean vocalist & actress Woong San (with Jiro Yoshida, Jamshied Sharifi and Steven Williams) korea japan nyc jazz berklee

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Repost from krithimusic ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Throwback to graduation back in May. For the last two years, the first waking thought I had everyday was “What am I going to learn today?” This morning, my first waking thought was I have awesome professional opportunities to work on, all thanks to the networking and skills I learnt through berkleeonline. 👩🏽‍🎓💪🏽✨💯🥁

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THANK YOU to everyone who joined us last night for a fascinating look at the Moon Landing and the legacy of Apollo 11 with Dr. Jeff Hoffman, MIT professor and former NASA astronaut (with 21 million space miles logged!) We learned about the geopolitical factors that drove the Space Race, the technological milestones that enabled us to go to the Moon, Dr. Hoffman's own experience as a NASA astronaut, and what's coming next in space exploration and research (here's looking at you, Mars!) What an amazing experience, and we're so grateful Dr. Hoffman came to share it with us. Our third and final stop on our Summer of '69 journey is one of the most important events in music history: Woodstock! This August, we're joined by songwriter and Berklee College Associate Professor Mark Simos for an exploration of the significance of those "Three Days of Peace and Music" through the music and counter-culture that spoke so clearly of the times. Join us! Click the link in our bio to register. neverstoplearning BCAE Boston BostonMA BostonEvents thingstodoinBoston SummerOf69 StonewallRiots Stonewall50 Apollo11 Apollo50 MoonLanding Woodstock Woodstock50 lecture lectureseries events history AmericanHistory musichistory Berklee TheWho GratefulDead JanisJoplin JimiHendrix peace peaceandmusic music

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Having a great time out here on the road saw johnmayer drh3 sterloid play last night in Philadelphia 🔥🔥🔥 The tour rolls on: July 23 - Exton, PA July 25 - New York, NY mercuryloungeny July 26 - Boston, MA citywinerybos July 27 - Buffalo, NY July 30 - Rochester, NY July 31 - Kent, OH Aug 1 - Aurora, IL Aug 2 - Goshen, IN Aug 3 - Berwyn, IL Aug 11 - Copper Mountain, CO Aug 16 - Chattanooga, TN Aug 17 - Knoxville, TN Aug 22 - Fort Wayne, IN Aug 23 - Fort Wayne, IN Aug 24 - Newburgh, IN

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We’re still looking for a few more college students in the Boston area to share their mental health stories for our College Edition of This Is My Brave on October 10 at lesleyuniversity! Apply through the link in our bio!

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💫🎶Great crowd reaction to Trance after spinning a bunch of Techno🎶💫 . 💫Thanks again to all that came out this past weekend 49socialdowntown. I remember the nights when I would spin and nobody would be on the dance floor and to now having people dancing their arses off. Very inspiring to say the least🙏🎶💫 . 💫🎶Track ID: ibluestone - Noa 🎶💫 . 💫📷: dycedot 💫 Trance Techno ProgressiveTrance TranceMusic TranceFamily Rave Raver IlanBluestone Anjunabeats dj djs PioneerDj djlife boston bostonmusic ElectronicMusic producer musician ardao artists berklee starseed goodvibes

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now the heat seems to be (mostly) behind us, come on out tomorrow night to thecraic02169 in quincy and see us play with our friends in ansoniamusic! tell your friends, your family, your goldfish, whoever you want—you won’t wanna miss this one ⚡️⚡️.

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See us play in our hometown if LA because this is where Pearl & The Prayers was born. And playing thehotelcafe on August 10th at 10pm is what we were born to do. And this man is one of my best reasons for doing and being. What is one of yours? .Also can you tell when falaffle_waffle takes over the insta? 😂now I’m back on board 💕 ~ Pearl home la pearlandtheprayers pearlnprayers pearl prelude music instamusic instanewmusic instalive alternative electronic rock rockmusic rockband singer songwriter trio berklee musicians musiclove newmusic nowplaying livemusic artist musicartists musicproducers concert

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Amazing party hosted by my dear Jeannie Gagne yesterday. A great time: - seeing old friends and teachers 😀 - jamming with musicians 🎼🎹 - meeting and scatting with the one and only Bob Stoloff whaaaaat🤩 - singing- and-a-swinging 🎤 How was your Sunday?:) Супер-сумасшедшая вечеринка у моего любимого преподавателя, профессора Беркли Jeannie Gagné. Супер-возможность: - повидать старых друзей и педагогов - поджемовать с любимыми музыкантами - познакомиться и поскетовать с самим Бобом Столофф обалдеть - попеть и посвинговать. А у вас тоже было супер-воскресенье? Berklee berkleegang berkleehang berkleecollegeofmusic party improv scat bobstoloff meetinglegends happysunday talentedmusicians marinaginger

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Regresiones (2015). Tríptico para Ensamble Mixto Compositor: Salomón R. Durand I. Introducción a la mente II. Recuerdos III. Infancia Ensamble de Música Contemporánea Simón Bolívar Director : Alfredo Rugeles. Estreno Mundial. Centro de Acción Social por la Música, Sala Fedora Alemán. 21 de Febrero de 2017 (Concierto extra de obras seleccionadas del XIX Festival Latinoamericano de Música 2016). Caracas, Venezuela. 2016 Centenario de Antonio Estévez y Alberto Ginastera alfredorugeles FestivalLatinoamericanoDeMusica Regresiones Triptico EnsambleMixto ChamberMusic Music Musician MusicFestival Caracas Venezuela Sounds VenezuelanComposer Composer Festival BeethovenFest EnsambleDeMúsicaContemporáneaSimónBolívar Berklee Conductor Mind

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I think this is the best picture in my life with these gorgeous people thank you, guys, for what you doing for us and for the whole world spreading the best music around the world❤️ berklee jazzmusic teachers jazzsinger jazzmusic

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So I listened to my bro varun_agnihotri beats like 5 minute before I filmed this and i literally asked him to send it to me, listened to it a couple times, and freestyled to it until I couldnt tell the difference between sweat and rain water! I love this so much! Trust me we’re both gonna be in LA the same time soMAJOR HEAT ALERT 🚨 Freestyle Artist Music Fun fact: a cop kept circling back to see if I’m doing something shady but clearly he couldnt see all I had was my camera and phone and the fact that I was DANCING Smh whatevsenjoy♥️ DrexelUniversity Drexel Boston Berklee BerkleeCollegeofMusic Philadelphia immabeast

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Hey! So as some of you may know, I'm currently attending berkleecollege's 5 Week Program! Well my band, called Pigeon Guided Missiles, is playing a show at 160 Massachusetts Avenue in Boston! It's at the Berklee Cafeteria in that building. We're playing a nice set of songs within the genres of rock and metal! If you fellow 5 weekers could share this around we would really appreciate it! A big turnout would mean the world to us! • • • pigeonguidedmissiles berklee5week 5week live shred guitar berklee guitarist metalguitar cover music band coversband guitargear guitarists guitarlove rock musician dean guitarporn ibanez jackson sterling musicman peaveyamps guitarcenter electricguitar guitarworld dadarriostrings guitarpedals

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stop worrying if your vision is new! let others make that decision - they usually do i still can’t quite believe i had the chance to study at the boston conservatory for two whole weeks. i know i am a better musician and composer because i went, and i am so proud of the work that i did there. many thanks to everyone who helped me along the way, no matter how small you think your role may have been. love you all 💙 hsci berklee bostonconservatory composition musictheory youngcomposer berkleesummer bostonconservatoryatberklee

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Don’t cry - Guns N’ Roses 🌹 Great songwriting and great solo composition🤘🏻👌🏻 “And please remember that I never lied And please remember How I felt inside now honey You gotta make it your own way But you'll be alright now sugar You'll feel better tomorrow Come the morning light now baby I'll still be thinkin' of you and the times we had ” -W. Axl Rose

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I’m through with love ❤️ Fun song in F, swipe for the music to learn it

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Ha pasado tiempo desde nuestro último contacto, pero esperen una sorpresa en todas las plataformas en Agosto 3 It has been a while since the last time, but there's something new available on all platforms August 3rd castilletemusic alyssabarkermusic mateohereiam diegobatero_ javiermusica1 newvideo newsong mars composer arranger postrockband postrock indie indieambient indierock berkleestudent boston berklee pianoplayer spotify colombia music applemusic itunes deezer streaming filmscoring berkleestudent berkleecollegeofmusic cdbaby bogota colombia mentaldisorders

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Festival BB Seguros de Blues e Jazz 5a edição - Trino Jazz Trio (guitarrista Flávio Trino) 10/8 no Parque Farroupilha, às 11:30 - Entrada Franca! festivalbbseguros adelamirneto claudiocalcanhotto flaviotrino trino Jazz Fusion bossanova LatinJazz JazzBrasil music musica guitar guitarplayer bluenote berklee berkleecollegeofmusic mi git patmetheny mikestern michaelbrecker johncoltrane charlieparker tomjobim rca bmg portoalegre riodejaneiro festivalbbseguros omaiorfestivaldebluesejazz

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📌 Dr. Justin Timberlake que orgulho ser sua fã não apenas por testemunhar suas vitórias mas por saber o tamanho da sua luta para conquistar tudo isso que aos olhos de quem não acompanha sua trajetória pode parecer fácil, afinal você faz parecer fácil por ser apaixonado pelo que você faz a tantos anos. Você é uma inspiração e exemplo de perseverança em acreditar e trabalhar por um sonho, você é o seu trabalho e por tanta entrega vc merece tudo isso e muito mais. Te amamos ‼️❣️🎓🎉👏🏽👑✔️💖 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ cwyliej📹 justintimberlake jessicabiel timberbiel jt popstar pop idol thetimberlakes musica popculture drtimberlake pop presidentofpop fame princeofpop tnkids berklee star music timberlake celebrity popmusic nsync taylorswift shawnmendes